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Top 10 Best Games of 2018


2018 has been an extremely prolific year for game releases. We admit that not all games have met our expectations, and some of them even want to forget like a nightmare. But let's leave the negative, because the outgoing year has clearly shown that despite the hysteria with loot boxes and microtransactions, developers are still able to produce not just good, but iconic games that will determine the future history of the gaming industry for years to come. We'll tell you more about them in the top 10 best games of 2018.

10. Assassins Creed Odyssey

Top 10 Best Games of 2018

Despite the incessant stream of criticism to Ubisoft, which continue to milk their own franchises at a Stakhanovian pace, it is worth admitting that the publisher manages not to stand still and rework the famous series in the shortest possible time. The best example of this is Assassins Creed Odyssey, which abandoned the boring conflict between the Assassins and the Templars, focused the plot on the emotional story of the protagonist's family, changed the setting to picturesque Greece and tried his hand at RPG.

Rare side quests will really make you worry when making controversial choices, the landscapes of Ancient Greece will surprise you with their scale and variety, and a huge number of activities offer over 100 hours of gameplay. Even despite the problems with the grind, the game can be seriously addictive, but Ubisoft did not succeed in another The Witcher 3. Nevertheless, it is felt that, in contrast to the piece play of the Poles, the new "Assassin" is primarily a conveyor belt, but at the same time a high-quality product.

9. Detroit Become Human

Top 10 Best Games of 2018

At 9th place is a new work by David Cage in the genre of "interactive cinema" - an exclusive for PS4 Detroit Become Human. And just a small note: despite the ambiguous name of the genre, Detroit Become Human is more a game than a movie. Non-standard gameplay situations, detective elements and stealth are presented as cinematically as possible, but due to the need to constantly make meaningful decisions, you simply cannot let go of the gamepad and will be 100% immersed in the gameplay.

There is another option - to treat the game as a 10-hour cutscene and press a gamepad key every few minutes while yawning. Such a scenario is also possible, but Detroit will take it into account and even the lack of action on the part of the gamer will entail large-scale changes in the plot. In the game, Game Over is simply impossible in the usual sense - the death of each character will not force you to reload the save, death is just another path that will open up new branches of an impressively non-linear story.

At the same time, we have a cliched story about the confrontation between people and androids, rare problems with character motivation and staging of some scenes in the spirit of USA TV series. But if you still manage to get imbued with history, then Detroit Become Human can become the most vivid impression of the year.

8. Forza Horizon 4

Top 10 Best Games 2018

The next part of Forza Horizon simply has to be in the top of the best games for two reasons. As proof that the arcade racing genre is still alive and well. And also because it is simply one of the best racing games in recent years. Phenomenal beauty of landscapes, global multiplayer for 72 characters, a varied fleet of vehicles and incessant doses of adrenaline to the accompaniment of engine growls and dynamic compositions - that's what Forza Horizon 4 is.

Do not forget about the typical Forza Horizon gameplay, which accumulates all the mechanics of other racing projects in the open world, rework them and generously dumps them on the player. It doesn't matter if you collect a fleet of 400 cars, upgrade cars, participate in a variety of races, look for treasures or collect your dream track in a local constructor, Forza Horizon 4 always keeps your attention and pleases with the elaboration of details. Of course, there were some controversial innovations and online problems, but even in this case, the game retains its status as king in the racing genre without any problems.

7. Hitman 2

Top 10 Best Games of 2018

Hitman 2 is a hostage of the fans of the series. The developers seem to be afraid to bring significant innovations to the familiar concept and simply masterfully fulfill the wishes of their fans. But it is in this safe approach to development that the main value of Hitman 2 lies - the gameplay worked out like a Swiss clock, which offers surprisingly varied and creative approaches to killing. As before, Agent 47 receives a basic list of targets and is sent to a vast sandbox, where even the most inconspicuous element of the interior can become a deadly weapon.

Hitman 2 leaves behind an aftertaste that rivals the best releases in the series. And even more, because the variety of kills and the size of locations have expanded significantly. The game allows with equal interest to get used to both the role of a butcher and a cold-blooded killer who, like a shadow, flickers through the levels and can arrange even the most brutal murder as a tragic coincidence of accidents.

6. Monster Hunter World

Top 10 Best Games of 2018

Like the bald assassin series, the Monster Hunter franchise is overwhelmingly focused on gameplay. A minimum of cutscenes, complex plot twists and turns, but only a gameplay unclouded by impurities, which is polished like a piece of jewelry with each release in the series. At the same time, Monster Hunter World says goodbye to annoying mechanics without regret, becomes many times larger and still remains the world's best fantasy monster hunting simulator.

For those unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter World series of gamers, it is easiest to describe it as a "sophisticated version of the Witcher." That's just not in the plot or role-playing mechanics, but in terms of hunting monsters. This is a rare game that does not make a fool of the modern gamer and provides a complex sandbox where multivolume monsters cannot be killed by the QTE series. The only way to win is to learn the habits of the monster, carefully prepare for battle and use your ingenuity. The overall gameplay concept is simple, but due to the abundance of possibilities, Monster Hunter World has an almost narcotic effect, forcing you to return to the game over and over again.

5. Kingdom Come Deliverance

Top 10 Best Games 2018

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a game-precedent that proves that in our casual age, where money-hungry financiers in Versace suits often sit at the management of game companies, large-scale and atypical games for the genre are still possible. Created by the Czech studio Warhorse Studios, it is an inhospitable, even overloaded with realistic action RPG in an open world. The plot with a setting is also non-standard, where historical events in medieval Czech Republic are taken as a basis without adding demons, magicians, elves and other devilry.

Kingdom Come Deliverance was presented as a dream game by Daniel Wavra's studio, and it can become one for almost every fan of quality RPGs. After all, why do we love the role-playing genre? For the presentation of playing versatile heroes, a deep leveling system and non-linear quests - three whales, without which it is impossible to imagine an RPG. And the value of Kingdom Come Deliverance lies precisely in the fact that the game follows the precepts of the legendary RPGs and at the same time is not afraid to bring a bit of new ideas.

4. Marvel's Spider Man

Top 10 Best Games of 2018

Continuing our top of the best games of the year, another PS4 exclusive - the blockbuster Marvel's Spider Man. The developers decided that the "friendly neighbor" had been bullied over the past 13 years in the industry, releasing cheap fakes under a well-known brand, and created a reference superhero game. As befits any hit from Marvel, Spider Man looks and sounds amazing, and the local production of plot scenes will make the directors of all modern Spider-Man films burn with shame.

Marvel's Spider Man is very easy to fall in love with already for the thrilling sensation of flying on the web, a well-developed plot with adequate villains in the best traditions of Sam Raimi's trilogy and a huge amount of fan service. In addition, the game may not display the theme of cruelty, like Rocksteady in the Batman Arkham trilogy, but it does not descend into teenage problems. It's important to know that Spider Man 2018 isn't just for Spider-Man fans and superhero fans who are storming theaters during the premiere of another Marvel movie. But also for those who are indifferent to the next fighters for justice in multi-colored tights.

3. Celeste

Top 10 Best Games 2018

The next project in the top may cause a negative reaction from some gamers who sincerely do not understand how pixel indie could get into the best games of 2018. Moreover, not somewhere in the backyard of the top, but in one of the leading positions, leaving behind the big-budget blockbusters. Our logic is simple: the more the game aroused positive emotions, was recalled throughout the year and made with interest again and again return with interest to the virtual world you loved, the higher it is in the top.

And this is what Celeste is all about - in many ways a typical hardcore platformer that changes the mechanics of the game every hour. Celeste is simply the reference platform gameplay, surprising with new ideas right up to the game's finale. An additional plus is the soundtrack, which fills the entire sound background and heats up the excitement to the limit during the most difficult moments. But we admit that the main merit of Celeste is its plot.

A story about a girl who fights with inner demons and by overcoming the hardest feats trying to find her place in life will be able to cause a strong emotional response within the player. It is precisely these, complete metaphors, but to test simple stories on topical topics that the modern gaming industry lacks.

2. God of War

Top 10 Best Games of 2018

The relaunch of "God of War" was facilitated by a phenomenal success: impressive sales, passionate love of critics and the largest, to date, number of wins in the nomination "Game of the Year". It's easy to explain why the most highly acclaimed new PlayStation 4 exclusive is so successful. God of War combines both current trends and an always winning story about family values. We would even venture to say that no other project among games has been able to cover the theme of "Fathers and Children" as extensively as God of War.

But don't worry, the psychopath Kratos has just settled down a little. The developers do not forget the roots of the series and do not try to turn the game into a cheap analogue of a family melodrama. Krastos is harsh, laconic, in a fit of rage tears enemy carcasses to pieces with his bare hands, and then tells his son fables and teaches philosophy of life. An amazing balance that is extremely organically felt. Otherwise, God of War is perfect entertainment, offering metered portions of cutscenes, riddles, crafting, world exploration, and perhaps one of the best combat systems in the genre.

Modern Kratos is as strong as ever and with equal success cracks down on both the Scandinavian pantheon of gods and all contenders for the best game of 2018. Well, almost all applicants.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Top 10 Best Games of 2018

It's time for a winner. In our opinion, Red Dead Redemption 2 is not only the best game of 2018, but also the most iconic game project in the industry over the past ten years. Before us is an unprecedented case when the manufacturers of some of the most popular games on the planet have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the development of a project that is atypical for a modern gamedev project. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a deliberately slow, rubbery game. Every Rockstar gameplay solution is designed to deliberately stretch the gameplay and allow the player to feel like a playable character.

Another atypical decision in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to create a colossal amount of story-driven and expensively directed content that the majority of players will completely miss. The game often refuses quest markers and is ready to offer interesting stories in the most unexpected situations. For example, you play poker - an opponent gave a new quest during the game, or you came to the theater - you can suddenly become the main star of the performance.

This decision by Rockstar has a positive effect on the level of immersion, and if you can accept the rules of the game, you are likely to get not only the best game of the year, but also one of the most amazing gaming experiences in history. But note that RDR 2 is not perfect in many ways, it has a lot of problems. This is simply a case where the number of advantages more than outweighs the disadvantages.

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