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Games in 2018 that will prepare you for the end of the world


From Death Stranding to Fallout 76, this article compiles 10 upcoming games to help prepare for the apocalypse.

The reasons why the topic of the apocalypse is so popular and has not exhausted itself in computer games for a long time:

is a source of comfort in cautionary tales of a dark future ahead;

- in dark times, real heroes appear, stories about which you can come up with endlessly;

- players love to roam the wastelands in search of mutated creatures and fight them.

Whatever the reason, catch up on 10 upcoming games to help prepare for the end of the world.

Fallout 76

It is symbolic that we start the list with this particular game, since it truly clearly and reliably reflects the problem under consideration. In the Bethesda universe, we've always roamed the wastelands "alone," and November's Fallout 76 will make the experience more fun and bring multiplayer to the game.

Activities such as clearing the wasteland with friends, creating temporary shelters, and launching nuclear warheads look amazing. The main thing in all this, so that the innovations do not scare away the old picky fans of the series.

The Last Of Us: Part 2

The E3 2018 trailer showed us the dawn of an interesting post-apocalyptic story. Watching Ellie, who defines for herself a kind of morality, happiness and love in a dilapidated world, players are completely immersed in that atmosphere and empathize with the main character.

But there is also the second side of the coin: there are difficult trials ahead and blood that will have to be shed to achieve the set task. The release date of Last Of Us 2 has not been determined.

It is unknown how long it will take Naughty Dog to release this sequel, but we hope that the announcement will not take long.

Death Stranding

Kojima is a genius! And geniuses make only brilliant games. And yes, we also don't understand what the game is about.

It's pretty difficult to say anything about this game. We're actually not entirely sure what the hell Death Stranding is about from Hideo Kojima. However, the way Norman Reedus transports the messiah child across barren landscapes suggests that something strange has happened to the world.

Contrast this with the invisible Cthulhu, which appeared, apparently, after a powerful atomic explosion, and be sure that this game is associated with the apocalypse.

Resident Evil 2

There's no shortage of zombie apocalypse games we have in the Resident Evil series. That is why we are so eager to be back in a place called "Raccoon City". Fortunately, the developers have announced a remake of Resident Evil 2.

The first 20 minutes of the game showcase Leon Kennedy's terrifying descent into hell with incredible lighting, scarce ammo, and some of the most terrifying zombies we've ever seen in games.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

While many of the games on this list focus on the rambling zombies, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider project is looking at a "mythological" apocalypse.

In the third part, Lara will have to deal with an insurmountable jungle, creepy tombs, military, and striving to kill the main character, as well as the "impending Mayan apocalypse".

Rage 2

Before the leak that took place before the start of E3, none of us could have imagined that the announcement of Rage 2 would take place. Regardless, Bethesda is betting heavily on the game, putting all the power of id Software and Avalanche Studios into development.

Unlike some of the darker games on this list, the "version" of the Rage 2 apocalypse is more like a mix of Mad Max: Fury Road, Borderlands and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

The game looks a little different than what we're used to playing from Telltale Games. Most likely, something similar to Left 4 Dead will be released, as people who actively worked on Payday are putting in development efforts.

The Division 2

Ubisoft's grim vision of a world turned into "hell" this time has to do with Washington, DC. As with some of the aforementioned games, interaction with friends is essential here in order to survive the post-apocalyptic chaos and help restore order to the country.

Wasteland 3: In Development on Fig

Wasteland 2 is one of our all-time favorite RPG titles, and a sequel seems to have every chance of repeating the success of 2014. The project under development has made great strides on Kickstarter, reaching its funding target in just three days.

This sequel promises a high level of tactical combat as well as player freedom.

Days Gone

Finally, we have Days Gone, the highly anticipated zombie apocalypse survival game from Sony Bend Studios. We were interested in the unique setting of the Pacific Northwest, combined with the huge number of "freaks" present in the game, but the project will have serious competition on the day of the game's release, February 22, 2019. Metro Exodus and Anthem will appear then.

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Author: Jake Pinkman