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Top 25 best time travel series according to KinoPoisk


We have already bungled the top best time travel films for you. Who cares, here is the first part, and here is the second. But if it included as many as 70 films, then the series, in which the storyline revolves around time travel, was not staged by the world cinema.

One could, of course, scrape together the top 70, but we decided to focus only on those franchises that have a rating on KinoPoisk higher than 6.5 points. And this means that any series presented in our top will be interesting to watch for any person, even if his soul does not lie in fiction.

And now we proceed directly to our top, in the first place of which is predictably ...

1. Doctor Who. BBC One TV channel (England). KP rating 8.74

11 seasons were filmed from 2005 to 2019, work on the series continues.

The current Doctor Who is the sequel to its predecessor of the same name, which thundered around the world from 1963 to 1989. He also has an exorbitant KP rating - 8.47, but we did not include him in our top, since there is enough of one "Doctor" here.

And the talk in the series is about a doctor not of sciences and not medicine, who always meddles in other matters and finds himself in the thick of things at the right time, but almost always by accident. From the weapon he has one sonic screwdriver with him, and he moves in time and space on a police telephone booth, which is called "Tardis" and from the inside looks quite different from the outside.

Over the 55 years of its existence, the Doctor has faced countless times with the hated, armed with plungers, Daleks, Snowmen, Bloodthirsty statues, Cyborgs and other evil spirits, every now and then threatening to erase our Earth into powder. He changed his body and face several times and blasted himself to the point that at the moment he is forced to drive in the body of a blonde beauty Jodie Whittaker.

And it seems to be doing nothing really, but constantly saving the planet and others. Here is a nimble doctor's nature. And what would we do without him?

2. Quantum leap. NBC TV channel (USA). KP 8.11 rating

From 1989 to 1993, 5 seasons were filmed. Series status: Completed.

You never know what these nerds have in their heads. Sometimes they learn something like something, so at least stand, at least fall. And Dr. Samuel Beckett is no exception. Well, all the guy turned out to be a lot, and smart, and looked out, and resourceful. But he took it and stepped into an untested time machine. What was I thinking about? Of course, if the experiment does not work, funding will be cut off.

Only now he has problems that are much more important than some kind of funding. Forced to wander in the company of a ghostly hologram for times and destinies, he constantly experiences fragments of someone's lives, but, alas, he cannot return to his body in due time.

Right! You need to think with your head before you do something!

3. Outlander. Starz TV channel (USA). KP rating 8.05

5 seasons were filmed from 2014 to 2019, work on the series continues.

Claire Randal, who served as a nurse during the Second World War, remains out of work at the end of hostilities. But she has no time to complain about life. She has a successful husband, a great life. But she still lacks something in this life.

Once, on a trip out of town, Claire and her husband stop near a place where local witches have a sabbath. Claire, who crept closer at night, sees how they dance, and everything would be fine. Yes, only the poor woman managed to go through the portal and move from 1945 to 1743.

There is a squabble between the Scots and the English crown, and Claire is at the very edge. To top it off, she is ranked among the witches and wants to be burned at the stake. But along with the problems on her head, the woman found true love here. And she no longer wants so much to return to her native time. But ...

4. Darkness. Netflix TV channel (USA, Germany). KP rating 7.98

The show started in 2017. The full season was filmed. At the beginning of 2019, shooting of the second season is underway.

The series is somewhat remotely similar to the American "Very Scary Things", only here muddies happen not with a parallel world, but with shifting in time. A couple of teenagers also disappear here, only the consequences of disappearance in this case develop more dramatically. In the wake of this disappearance, a bunch of dark secrets of several families living in a small town called Winden emerge.

But what about our missing kids? Will they be able to get back? Will they be found? We watch the trailer, and then the series itself. We guarantee you won't be dragged by the ears from the TV!

5. Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone. TV channels TNT and TV-3 (USA). KP rating 7.88

The show started in 2014. Until 2019 saw the light of day 2 seasons, currently work is underway on the filming of the 3rd.

What do you think needs to be done in order for the USSR to continue to exist, and the United States of America, on the contrary, to become the Disunited States of America? That's right, you need to take the local ancestor Pasha and send him to the past, on the eve of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, so that he somehow prevented this accident. And then everything will change and everyone will live a happy life.

Business that! Watching the trailer!

6. Life on Mars. BBC One TV channel (England). KP rating 7.87

In 2006 and 2007, 2 logically completed seasons were shown. The series is closed.

This fantastic series of British filmmakers was so successful (BAFTA and Emmy awards 2006) that American filmmakers, a year after its completion, started to play their eponymous version (Life on Mars. KP rating 7.72), which according to ratings and views in no way inferior to the original. Well, later, by 2012, domestic "filmmakers" pulled themselves up, who managed to adapt the western version of life on Mars to our USA realities (The Other Side of the Moon. KP rating 7.72).

This is the case when you can choose any of the versions, like in that restaurant: "Do you want French meat, steak or shish kebab?" Regardless of the variety ordered, if properly prepared, any dish will turn out to be delicious. And in this case, the dish called "Life on Mars" was prepared by the best "chefs". Therefore, it will be interesting to see any of the interpretations.

And the film will focus on a detective who so wanted to catch a maniac that he almost died and "fled" into the past. Sounds crazy, we don't argue. But, believe me, as soon as you start watching the series, this proposal immediately makes sense. Intrigued? Watching the trailer for the English version ...

Then the American version ...

Then - USA ...

And then download the torrent ...

7. Ashes to ashes. BBC TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.83

3 seasons were filmed from 2008 to 2010, after which the project was closed due to its logical conclusion.

Continuing the theme of “Life on Mars”, we will say that only the original British version has acquired a full-fledged spin-off, which, oddly enough, even in the KP ranking goes very close to the original.

Here we are talking about a woman detective who, after receiving a bullet, flies out of the present time (2008) and finds herself in the recent past (1981).

Then she gets the opportunity to deal with all the goats that prevent the British man from living normally!

8. 11.22.63. Hulu TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.81

The only season with 9 hour-long episodes aired from February to April 2016. Closed due to its logical termination.

It would be strange if grandfather Stephen King, in his old age, also did not try on a hard and already worn-out time machine chair under his skinny ass.

And although in his case the hero moves in time not by means of a machine, as such, but simply knows the place (the storeroom of a friend's store), where the movement, subject to certain conditions, occurs by itself, from this "travel in time" not time travel "does not become.

And the hero of Stephen King has planned something unkind. He decided at all costs not to let Lee Harvey Oswald kill President Kennedy. It will be possible to find out what the consequences will lead to by examining this masterpiece to the end.

Let's just say that sometimes, dear ones, it is better to leave everything as it is. Didn't the Butterfly Effect really teach us anything?

9. Remember what will happen. ABC TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.79

From autumn 2009 to late spring 2010, the only full season was shown, after which the project was closed due to low ratings. Therefore, half of the secondary questions remained open, but everything basic in the last episode fell into place.

Imagine a situation when the entire population of the Globe suddenly turns off overnight, that is, falls into a kind of faint. Yes, the mess is indescribable. After all, many at that time were driving, standing behind the machine, or even trying to climb a rock.

But, as it turned out, these are all just flowers. The people experienced a real shock when they realized that in these 2 minutes of blackout they saw their future, which should happen to them in a year and a half.

And then it began! Someone was satisfied with such a future, someone was not, someone did not see anything at all, which means that, most likely, in a year and a half he will not even be alive. Go figure it out in the mess that has begun!

But FBI agent Mark Benford will try. Believe me. He especially did not like what he saw in his "things passed out." Therefore, he will make every effort to get to the bottom of this global "eclipse" that has happened to all of humanity.

10. New day. ABC TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.76

The series was released at the turn of 2006 and 2007. 13 episodes of the only season were filmed, after which the project was closed due to its logical conclusion.

This is perhaps the only TV series shot in the spirit of Groundhog Day, that is, a time loop.

LAPD detective Brett Hopper, who is wrongly accused of the murder of District Attorney Alberto Garza, is stuck in it here. Each time he wakes up at 6:17 am in his girlfriend's bed, remembering everything that happened yesterday, but forced to live this day again, which means trying to avoid false accusations and, along the way, get to the bottom of the truth.

Looking ahead, let's say that the poor detective had to go through this day 47 times. Well, how he will manage to solve all the problems and get over the next day - see the series.

From now on, we will be shorter, since there are still many TV series, and the page is not rubbery. As, however, and your patience, dear readers ...

11. Jurassic portal. BBC TV channel (England). KP rating 7.67

Aired from 2007 to 2011 (5 seasons). Status: Completed.

Out of nowhere, real dinosaurs begin to appear on the territory of Great Britain, and literally gnaw Mother England from the inside. To find the reasons for this given, a secret scientific agency is created, designed to deal with anomalies, find holes in time and, if possible, drive the evil spirits back.

Only evil spirits, as it should be in films, resists with might and main ...

We are watching a fragment.

12. Thresholds of time / Traces in time. PTEN TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.57

Aired from 1993 to 1994 (2 seasons). Status: Completed.

When all the criminals from 2193 begin to slowly but surely flow as if through a sewer pipe you know that in 1993, that is, as much as 200 years ago, expect trouble!

And therefore, after them, the brave advanced policeman Darian Lambert is launched into this "sewer pipe", who will not let the villains get down.

13. Continuum. Showcase TV channel (Canada). KP rating 7.48

Aired from 2012 to 2015 (4 seasons). Status: Completed.

Those who are dissatisfied with the "party policy" from 2077 are sowing confusion, and therefore they were caught and sentenced for bad behavior to a terrible punishment. Yes, only the dissatisfied managed to slip away these days. But together with them, the police officer Kira Cameron, who had already captured them, also infiltrated here.

Further, for 4 whole seasons, she will chase bandyugans from the future, along the way helping the ignorant current police uncover other topical crimes.

14. Forward to the past! NBC TV channel (USA). Kp 7 rating 44

Aired in Fall 2007 (Season 1). Status: Completed.

At some point, the usual extra Dan Wasser realizes that he is able to return to the past and change the course of events, slightly adjusting the time continuum here and there. And not always, as we know, this leads to positive consequences.

But Dan's efforts will be very interesting to watch.

15. Ministry of Time. TV channel La 1 (Spain). KP rating 7.28

Aired from 2015 to 2017 (3 seasons). Status: Completed.

Few know about such an authority. But those who serve in it are notorious daredevils and masters of their craft. They are designed to prevent the infiltration of uninvited "guests" from other timelines in our time, and indeed, to monitor the purity of the continuum, preventing the influence of the mentioned elements on its integrity and initial sequence.

One of these cool teams consists of our contemporary Julian Martinez, a woman from the 19th centuryAmelia Folch and a conquistador from the Middle Ages, Alonso de Entrerrios. Something motley team from "Stargate: Atlantis" reminds. Don't you find it?

16. Radio wave. KP rating 7.25

The only season aired at the turn of 2016-2017. Status: Completed.

The series, as it is now fashionable, was filmed based on the once sensational blockbuster of the same name with Dennis Quaid and James Caviezel in the lead roles. The film is excellent, but the series was somewhat modified, saturating it with other events. Also, now, during the unusual northern lights, the father who died in the fire contacts not his son from the past, but his matured daughter.

By transmitting information on the radio to her father in the past, police officer Raimi Sullivan is trying to prevent unwanted events that have already happened for her, and for her father - only in the future. Where will this all lead? You will need to take a look.

17. A man from the future. Hulu TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.25

Launched in 2017. Status: Break (start of the second season on January 11, 2019).

Played Josh Futurman (Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games) in his favorite computer game, played until he won. And then specialists from the future came to him, claiming that he is the only one who can save the world from an impending catastrophe.

Josh didn't deny. Of course, for the sake of decency he crumpled, but it is a sin to refuse to save the world ...

18. Travelers. Showcase TV channel (Canada). KP rating 7.10

Launched in 2016. Filmed 2 seasons. Status: Break.

People from the future have found a way to travel in time. Only the consciousness of people can only travel along the continuum. So they travel in this way, getting into the heads of people from our time and trying with their help to correct our being so as to avoid the terrible fate that awaits humanity in the future.

19. Terminator: Battle for the Future / Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. FOX TV channel (USA). KP rating 6.92

Aired from 2008 to 2009 (2 seasons). Status: Completed.

The plot of the series is a natural continuation of the storyline that ended at the end of the feature film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Those who have not watched this tape have lost a lot. In our opinion, this two-season franchise weighs more than all subsequent full-length films combined, including the blunt Genesis.

Yes! The actors are different, but the performance was excellent. And the plot with the terminator girlfriend did not disappoint. Watching the teaser.

20. Terra Nova. FOX TV channel (USA). KP rating 6.85

The only season aired in 2011. Status: Completed.

Without further ado, the series came out excellent and thundered at that time on all fronts. But due to the excessive cost and incorrect location in the program grid, the project lost views and the channel's management decided to first freeze the project and then close it altogether.

And the essence boiled down to resettling the population of the decaying planet in the past 85 million years ago, at a time before the worldwide cataclysm that caused the death of dinosaurs. The idea was superb and quite watchable. But ...

21. Gloria's Gold. TV company "Cinemafor" (USA). KP rating 6.85

The show's only season has been released on DVDs since May 21, 2013. World premiere on TV took place on December 24, 2014.

Unlucky treasure hunters discover records that once from port "A" to port "B" a ship called "Gloria" sailed, whose holds were filled with gold. And they were lucky to find out two things, firstly, the area where the pirates who robbed the ship hid this gold, and, secondly, that no one has found it yet.

Four friends go to Cuba in the Caribbean Gulf, but as they approach the crash site, they suddenly realize that in some devilish way they have moved into the past, at a time when pirates ruled here, in whose clutches they immediately and fall.

But the main question that torments the treasure hunters is the following: before the robbery of Gloria, did they find themselves here, or after?

22. 12 monkeys. SyFy TV channel (USA). KP rating 6.82

Aired from 2015 to 2018 (4 seasons). Status: Completed.

In the future, namely in 2035, all of humanity is forced to hide underground, since a virus is raging on the surface in the atmosphere, for which there is no cure. It is known for certain that a certain organization called "12 Monkeys" is behind the spread of the virus. And in order to find out who they are, these "12 monkeys", with the help of a time machine, kind of "volunteers" are constantly sent to the past.

The series, as well as "Radio Wave", is based on the film of the same name with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt in the lead roles. In general, it turned out well, but a little longer.

23. Out of time. NBC TV channel (USA). KP rating 6.73

From 2016 to 2019 filmed and shown 2 seasons. Status: Break.

Speech in the franchise is about the ongoing pursuit of a special group for the criminal genius of all America Garcia Flynn, who stole a new model of a time machine from the developers.

It is clear that Flynn is plotting evil, and in order to prevent changes in the future, specialists (Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), SWAT Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) and scientist Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett)) must at all costs catch Flynn before he gets the job done.

In 2019, the final cut-down season is expected to be released, consisting of only 2 episodes, so that the project finds its logical conclusion.

Policeman in time. SyFy TV channel (USA). KP rating 6.51

The only season aired in 1997. Status: Completed.

An attempt to build on the success of the film "Time Patrol" starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. It turned out not very well. Somehow everything was sluggish and uninteresting. When viewers began to give preference to other projects on other channels, the shop had to be closed down and seriously took on projects such as "Stargate" and other things.

But, still, you can take a look.

25. Temporary space. FOX TV channel (USA). IMDb rating 7.60

The only season aired between 1966 and 1967. Status: Completed.

We conclude our top series, unfairly deprived of the rating on KinoPoisk. No, “deprived” does not mean “low” at all. It's just that a picture is rarely rated in principle, since they do not know anything about it. And therefore the rating is completely absent. But in this case, the IMDb rating will suit us, which is even too high for such an old picture.

Meanwhile, all subsequent "Quantum Leaps", "Sliding" and other franchises, which developed into the current masterpieces, really began with this tape.

And the tale here is about two scientists who, as a result of a failure in the experiment, fell into a temporary labyrinth, and now, like the main character from "Quantum Leap", are forced to fall out into reality either on the sinking Titanic, or somewhere else, barely hoping for a return in due time.


This is an amusing top-25 for us. Many may ask: "Why did we not include our Guest from the Future, Stephen King's Langoliers and The Wizards of Australian-Polish origin in the list of time travel series?" We answer. The miniseries "Guest from the Future" and "Langoliers" were included in the Top 70 Best Time Travel Movies, as they are 317 and 180 minutes long. respectively. We thought they could easily pass for one long film.

"The Wizard" also hit the top with feature films for pull. On what? Let it remain a secret.

It is on such a "secret" note that we say goodbye to the new top, in which we will discuss the best films based on "memory loss". Until then - all the best to you, and more cool movies!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and in the future it will definitely count towards you!

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