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3 Android Apps You Can Make Money From


Most mobile apps force you to spend money to unlock premium features, extra game content, and more. How about making money with the app? It's safe and not difficult at all.

Completing simple tasks can make you real money. That won't make you rich, but you will get a small source of income to pay for your mobile needs.


This is essentially a lock screen that offers you content every time you pick up your smartphone. For watching you get points that can be exchanged for real money and withdrawn via PayPal or mobile operator.


You can earn money immediately after logging into your account. The application will offer a lot of interesting things - news, videos, reviews. To view a post from the lock screen, swipe left. Depending on its content, you will be awarded 1-25 points. Swipe up will reveal additional content, including ads. To go to control your smartphone, you need to swipe to the right (for this, a few points are also awarded).

Slide offers other earning opportunities as well. You can publish your own content. The more views and likes it gets, the more your earnings will be. There is also a referral system through which you can attract acquaintances for additional passive income. Points are awarded for using the Slide keyboard.

1000 points equal $ 1. You can start withdrawing funds when you reach 2500 points .

Quiz Rewards from CashQuizz

If you're looking for something smarter, try Quiz Rewards. The quiz contains over 45 thousand different questions from 16 areas. There are also 16 game types, including multiple choice questions, true / false, puzzles, riddles and more.


In your account you will see information about available tournaments. Those who get one of the three prizes will receive gift codes and in-game coins, which can cost up to $ 50. Other participants also receive a reward, but not so large. For daily activity for two weeks, a bonus of $ 5 is awarded.

It should be noted that the service allows you to participate in tournaments only twice a day. The restriction is lifted after viewing ads or making in-app purchases.

In addition to participating in tournaments, you can compete with friends or random opponents one on one. The winner receives 5-10 coins, and these coins are taken from the loser. You can exchange them for coupons or gift cards.

Quiz Rewards is a great way to test your knowledge in different areas, but you shouldn't expect big profits from it.

Earn Extra Income

If you are looking for a more or less constant income at home, the Earn Extra Income application will help you. Through it, you can perform various freelance tasks: sell your photos, clothes and other things, take online surveys, translate documents, work as a tutor, etc.


Of course, certain skills are required to perform certain types of work, but the good thing is that Earn Extra Income has a lot of offers. You will almost certainly find something that you can handle, and perhaps even establish contact with regular customers of services.

Another plus of the service is that all offers are carefully studied by moderators, and scammers are blocked.

We have also heard about the Clover application from the Vkontakte team in our editorial office, we will prepare a separate review for it a little later

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