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Mobile Warfare - Call of Duty: Mobile Officially Announced


The Call of Duty series is a rare worldwide franchise in the gaming industry that has yet to visit mobile platforms. Chinese publishers took advantage of Activision's lapse in the smartphone market by releasing low-quality copies of the popular shooter and luring players with Call of Duty-sounding titles. But all this is in the past, because the American publisher has officially announced Call of Duty: Mobile, which will be distributed as a shareware model, sports graphics of high quality by the standards of smartphones and leaves no chance for competitors.

The main goal of the developers when creating Call Of Duty: Mobile is to reliably transfer the gaming experience of the "big" shooters of the series to mobile platforms and provide the best multiplayer game on smartphones. First of all, it should be said about the graphics: the Unity engine does an excellent job of transferring maps familiar to fans of the series (such as Nuketown, Crash and many others) to smartphones, delighting with decent special effects and environmental textures.

Call of Duty: Mobile

At the moment, only multiplayer has been announced in three modes: "deathmatch", "free play" and "team deathmatch" with all the recognizable features of the series, such as an extensive range of equipment, advanced weapon customization and a killstreak system. Separately, it should be noted that in the final of the first trailer for Call Of Duty: Mobile, you can see footage from the battle royale, so we have no doubt that the Eclipse mode will visit the mobile version of Call of Duty. As further confirmation, it's worth noting that the developers are especially proud of the advanced physics of vehicle movement.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Official Trailer

The release date for Call of Duty: Mobile has not been announced at the moment, but it is known for sure that the game will visit smartphones running Android and iOS. The Chinese studio Timi is responsible for the development of the project, and today everyone can register an account on the official website of the game. And for fans of major releases in the series without discounts for mobile platforms, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the top of the best games in the Call of Duty series.

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