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3 RPG series worth replaying


Many gamers love RPG games. But, unfortunately, there have been few really interesting role-playing games lately (not at all, to be honest).

Therefore, RPG fans can only plunge into the already explored universes. So, here are a series of games that you should definitely replay:

The Witcher

Art by WojtekFus
Photography Art by WojtekFus

The action of this series of games takes place in the world prescribed by Andrzej Sapkowski, so it is recommended to read his books before playing (especially since they are quite interesting).

The main character in all parts is the killer of monsters Geralt of Rivia. Therefore, it is especially interesting to observe its development from game to game. I don't see much sense in describing this series for a long time.

I can only say one thing: Poles can play RPG. I recommend starting the walkthrough with the first witcher, because even though the decisions made earlier do not affect the game world, the story will be perceived more holistically.

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The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim by daroz
Photo by Skyrim by Daroz

The name translates as "The Elder Scrolls". These are artifacts that look like sheets of paper that contain ancient prophecies. Actually, the plots of all the games in the series somehow echo with these prophecies, which is a kind of hallmark of The Elder Scrolls. A well-designed world with a huge number of books describing its history is perhaps the main advantage of all games in the series.

You should start your walkthrough with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, because the early games, even for hardened oldfags, are already too outdated (after all, DOS is now a little out of use).

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art by inetgrafx
Photography Art by inetgrafx

A series of games in the post-apocalyptic setting. A great atmosphere, slightly diluted with madness (especially with the "wild wasteland" feature enabled), will make the player spend many hours of his life in this fantasy world.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game is the shelters, or rather, the results of inhuman experiments that Vault-Tec put on their inhabitants.

The best game in the series, in my opinion, is Fallout: New Vegas, although parts 1 and 2 are also recommended for passing, despite the fact that they are "a little outdated". Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, on the other hand, failed (mainly due to the fact that they were turned into just non-linear shooters).

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I hope I was able to convince readers to re-enter these universes, reliving key moments of exciting stories. Especially replaying the series of games "from scratch" is recommended for those who played only in the last parts. So jog on Steam and good luck!

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