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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. ”Chasing Bonnie and Clyde” (2019)


Saturday night again. And again thinking about what to watch from the films. And again we are right there with our timely advice. And today we will be recommending for viewing a feature film produced by Universal Pictures, Casey Silver Productions and Media Rights Capital, sponsored by the video streaming service Netflix and specifically produced by Casey Silver, Chasing Bonnie and Clyde.

The Legends of Bonnie and Clyde

During the depression, for some time, the population of the country considered Bonnie and Clyde to be almost new American heroes. In the United States, it is generally accepted to elevate criminals to the rank of national heroes, recall at least the same world-famous bank robber Jesse James. For a long time both Bonnie and Clyde were considered as such "avengers".


The people, exhausted by the economic "depression" and fueled by articles about a gang of criminals who decided to go against the authorities, bullying the citizens of the country, simply idolized Bonnie and Clyde, buying newspapers every day and hawai news about the gang like some kind of life series. p>

But as more and more corpses remained behind the gang, the attitude of the greater mass of the people towards the criminals changed dramatically, until, finally, it turned into a real storm of indignation that the authorities could not find and neutralize the obnoxious killers.

But to this day Bonnie and Clyde were and remain almost the standard of adventure love relationships, and until now their love is considered the purest and most sublime.

The truth about Bonnie and Clyde

In fact, everything was not so rosy. And in the gang itself at various times, not only Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow took part. For a long time, leaving their prisons, Clyde and the company hunted by stealing shops, roadside hotels and gas stations, although Clyde started, and it is common knowledge, with the banal stealing of turkeys from a neighbor. Also, the gang did not hesitate to steal cars.


Seeing that they get away with it all, they gradually began to become impudent and go over to bank robberies. Bonnie and Clyde met during this transition period. As it turned out later in the course of the investigation, there was no great love between them. Bonnie slept well with all the members of the watering gang, just like Clyde himself, being a homosexual, was not particularly discriminating in partners and partners.

The truth, too, was that Bonnie was never distinguished by that cold-blooded bloodlust, which they love to attribute to her. In fact, there is not a single reliable evidence that she killed at least someone during her entire participation in the gang. The same cannot be said about Clyde Barrow and his other accomplices.

Clyde was saving money for a massive raid on Eastham Prison as he vowed revenge on the Texas Department of Corrections. In the film, as we can see, everything has been completely altered.

Apparently, to make it both beautiful and interesting. Spit on the veracity of history.

True From Netflix

Netflix decided to voice its story of "how it was in reality", over and over again kicking the writers, so that they do not get out of line. And it was planned to show everything not on the part of Bonnie and Clyde, as was usually done in films dedicated to them, but on the part of the authorities and justice, which could not catch the elusive bandyugans, until they finally decided to resort to the help of the disbanded the time of the Texas Rangers and Captain Frank A. Heimer (Kevin Costner) and his teammate Manny Gault (Woody Harrelson) - in particular.


Netflix decided to do everything in order to show how really bad the criminals were, and what an idiotic cattle at that time a stupid and rabid crowd seemed, extolling the actions of criminals as something heavenly right.

What happened

And the following came out:

  • Bonnie and Clyde mostly acted as a couple.
  • Bonnie was still that thug who did not bend in her last days from the injuries sustained as a result of a car accident, but only slightly dragged her leg behind her.
  • She raided the penitentiary, thereby freeing her friend Clyde, although, amendment, he was released by law, and at the time of release Bonnie and Clyde did not know each other yet.

But it turned out more or less watchable. At least the picture is better than most of the cinematographic junk that has been coming out lately. And if we consider that the film was not shown in cinemas (only in the United States there was a limited screening for several days), but immediately quietly released on netflik paid video services, it thereby became even more valuable, since it did not turn out to be as hackneyed as all the premieres that in cinemas, and did not survive the cam-rip stage, leaving immediately in quality.


In general, this film, in our opinion, deserves to be watched.

On KinoPoisk this masterpiece was rated at 6.8, and we agree with this mark. The film is not enough for the soul to be rated as a drama for 8 or more. Neither does it shine with a super-duper script. But if the question arises: what to watch from the films on Saturday evening, then today we recommend it first of all.

After all, the Costner-Harrelson duo put together by the streaming service is definitely worth checking out!

Watching Bonnie and Clyde online

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