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Major Games December 2018 - Release Calendar


Autumn has been an unusually prolific season for game releases. Not all projects came out with the same quality, but every month gamers were bombarded with a stream of expected AAA games. But in December, the video game developers decided to take a little vacation, but don't worry, there will be plenty to play. For example, one major game is expected to be released, several smaller releases and a bunch of indie projects, which are usually said to be “looks simple, but with a soul”. We will tell you more about them in the selection of the main games of December 2018.

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden

Release date: December 4

The first anticipated game of December, Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden, will appeal to three categories of gamers: fans of RPGs in the open world, fans of tactical strategies like XCOM and fans of unusual settings. And if you fit into three categories at once, then consider that you hit the jackpot with a new project from the legendary Funcom studio. It is worth starting at least with a post-apocalyptic setting, which is in many ways different from the oppressive world of Fallout. Forget super mutants, in the world of Mutant Year Zero, radiation victims are mostly cute humanoid animals.

The presence of upright drakes already looks like a worthy reason to buy Mutant Year Zero, but the main marketing weapon in the face of upright cats, the developers, most likely, are still keeping it secret. But don't be fooled by the pretty characters. The world of the game, as befits any post-apocalypse, is rife with violence and will force the player to make ambiguous decisions more than once. After all, the most important thing is that the heart of the game is an isometric RPG with a combat system in the spirit of classic tactical strategies, so we definitely advise hardcore gamers to pay attention to Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden.

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Major Games December 2018

Just Cause 4

Release date: December 4

Just Cause 4 wins two awards from our top at once: the main game of December 2018 and the only real AAA project in the collection. If you have not played in the previous parts of the franchise, then all the releases in the series are easiest to describe as the largest anarchist simulations in the history of video games. And the quadriquel does not deviate from tradition, again sending players into a tropical setting (the exact location is the island of Solis in South America), and then introduces another dictator whose plans can only be thwarted by setting up total chaos, devastation and revolt on the island.

The formula of the game has not changed for the fourth part in a row, and the open world offers only outlandish entertainment from the category of "entertain yourself." But how can you complain about boredom in a game that features a grappling hook, 1,000 square kilometers of tropical landscapes, wingsuit and a few pounds of explosives that can demolish almost any structure? And if this is not enough for you, the developers of Just Cause 4 have added natural disasters to the game, from which it follows that trucks spinning in a tornado are a familiar sight for a resident of the Isle of Solis.

Just Cause 4. Major Games December 2018

Jagged Alliance Rage!

Release date: December 6

December is extremely fruitful for fans of tactical games. In addition to the extravagant Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden, the continuation of the iconic Jagged Alliance series is expected to be released. The new game with the sonorous subtitles "Rage" promises not only to restart the franchise, to be true to the origins of the series, but also to attract new players. For the sake of a young audience, the economic and construction systems were sacrificed. The innovation can hardly be called encouraging, but there is some good news. For example, developers will have more time to work out the combat system and an intriguing storyline.

6 of the most popular characters from previous games in the Jagged Alliance series will return to the ranks, including Kyle Simons and Ivan Dolvich, who is unable to shoot normally without constant drinking. As you might guess, humor will be one of the main gems that make Jagged Alliance Rage stand out! against the background of other projects in the gaming industry. Even the main innovation "Fury" can be used not only to increase damage, but also to roar viciously at your companions and force them to carry their fifth points to cover at triple speed.

Jagged Alliance Rage! Major Games December 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Release date: December 7

One of the most iconic games of December is the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from the Japanese company Nintendo. The game can be called a reference fan service for fans of Nintendo games, because Mario, the heroes of the Metroid series, The Legend of Thelda and the inklings from the shooter Splatoon can converge on the same arena. In addition to the usual cartoon characters, Solid Snake and Bayoneta from the Platinum Games game of the same name are expected to appear, so if you are a fan of Japanese gamedev, then the question of whether to buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate shouldn't be at all.

In addition to the vinaigrette of familiar characters, the fighting game offers unique gameplay, in many ways different from the same Mortal Combat. Up to eight people can come together in one arena at the same time and the main tactic for victory is to weaken the enemy and throw him out of the arena with a well-aimed uppercut. The Super Smash Bros series is beloved by critics and gamers alike who line up kilometer-long lines in front of stores on the day the game is released. So it shouldn't come as a surprise when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will appear in the top games of 2018 with enviable regularity.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate December 2018 Top Games

Kingdom Two Crowns

Release date: December 11

If you are not allergic to pixel art, we recommend you pay attention to Kingdom Two Crowns - the sequel to the hardcore strategy Kingdom. The game takes place in two stages: during the day, when the player is building his own kingdom and exploring locations, and then night comes, where the main task is to survive and protect the castle from hordes of evil spawn. On paper, everything is simple, but thanks to the abundance of mechanics and the inability to load the save in case of failure, the game makes you think wisely about arranging your kingdom and generates horse doses of adrenaline at night.

On the day Kingdom Two Crowns is released, players will have access to two campaigns: the scenario already familiar for the first game in the setting of the European Middle Ages and the construction of a kingdom in the setting of feudal Japan. In addition, multiplayer elements have finally appeared. You can go on a visit to the kingdoms of other players, and join forces by joint efforts to build an impregnable fortress.

Kingdom Two Crowns December 2018 Grand Games

Insurgency Sandstorm

Release date: December 12

Another project in our top of the top games in December 2018 is the shooter Insurgency Sandstorm, which continues the tradition of the original 2014 game. The game can become a real outlet for gamers who miss hardcore multiplayer shooters. Forget about regeneration or elephant health, in Insurgency Sandstorm you can go to the forefathers with a single stray bullet in the stomach. The emphasis on realism is evident even in such small things as the lack of a cartridge counter and voices. For example, you will be able to hear players on the opposing team talking if they are nearby.

In such spartan conditions, the only way to survive is to use your ingenuity and use an extensive fleet of vehicles and drones to destroy opponents. Just remember that the scale of Battlefield ala is not expected. The cards hold only 16 people. And outwardly, the game, even when using the Unreal Engine 4, does not reach modern standards, but the graphics are the last thing you pay attention to when playing such niche shooters as Insurgency Sandstorm. As always, gameplay is key.

Insurgency Sandstorm. December 2018 highlights

This concludes the top main games of December 2018, where you can comfortably spend time on frosty winter evenings. Also recall that at the end of November, though imperfect, but damn exciting Red Dead Online was released, you can read more about it in our review.

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