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Breakdown of the plot: The Witcher. Part one


There is a trend associated with The Witcher series. The third part was played by almost the whole world, even people far from gaming in principle. The second part was played by many gamers as it is cool and was one of the best games of 2011. But first, only the most hardcore players gamble. And after going through the hell of strange management, they got a story that is in no way inferior to the vaunted Wild Hunt. However, many don't know what the first The Witcher was about. No wonder why this happened. CD Project Red deliberately created the third part so that people unfamiliar with past games could play it. And although the triquel continues the common story, its plot is clear.

So what's wrong?

Many people simply do not get their hands on in order to start the first part. And those who did this are forced to face the main enemy in the game - the combat system. The fact is that the combat system is as unusual as possible, especially today. It is based not on instant response, but on rhythmic mouse clicks and reactions.

At first, it is as inconvenient to play as possible, and it’s hard to drive in as it works. It took me four times to start the game to complete it. But for some it is enough to meet the management once, and they give up. Also, in the first witcher there were enough non-casual features, for example, you had to first read a book about a monster before attacking him, and where to get it is already your problem. Therefore, if you wanted to know what the first Witcher was about, but did not master the combat, you just don’t want to play it or you cannot, we will arrange an analysis of the plot of The Witcher.


The Wild Hunt and the Salamanders

The plot of The Witcher begins with the fact that Geralt of Rivia, presumed dead for five years now, unexpectedly appears in the forest near the fortress of Kaer Morhen. There he is found by other Witchers, namely: Lambert, Eskel, Vesemir and the youngest witcher Leo. Also in the fortress witcher is the sorceress Triss Merigold.

All this time, the White Wolf was in captivity of the Wild Hunt, and after returning to his native land, he completely lost his memory. Geralt is told who he is, his story, what his mission and memory are gradually starting to return. At this time, Kaer Morhen is attacked by a gang of "Salamanders", led by a certain Professor and magician Azar Javeed. They arrived at the fortress to steal the witcher mutagens. Mutagens are a sacred value for witchers, since they play a key role in mutation when a person turns into a killing machine.


During the attack, the Salamanders kill Leo, destroy part of the fortress, and also steal mutagens. After defeat, the witchers decide to leave the fortress and go in search of criminals.

In the footsteps of ghost wolves

Geralt falls out to look for Salamadr in Temeria, and he goes to her capital, Vizima. However, upon arriving in the city near the walls of the capital, he learns that Vizima is closed for passage due to quarantine, and in the very suburbs, people are terrorized by a spirit nicknamed the Beast. He summons at night a flock of wild ghost dogs of the Barghests who attack the city.


On the way to the suburb, Geralt rescues a boy named Alvin from them, who will play an important role in the plot of the game. He also meets his familiar doctor Shani. Alvin is the source. The origins in the world of the witcher have tremendous magical powers that most often cannot be controlled. Due to the shock of the death of his parents [they were killed by the barghests], Alvin falls into a trance and begins to retell Itlina's prophecy [it predicts that one day the White Coldness will come into the world and destroy it]. After this incident, Alvin was sheltered by the local witch Abigail.


During his stay in the vicinity of Vizima, Geralt first met Squirrels - members of a terrorist organization fighting for the rights of non-humans. We will have to choose whether to help them decorate the weapons or to resist. This will make us part of one of the biggest conflicts in the game.


It so happens that Geralt finds the trail of Salamadr and he leads to the local Reverend. As a result, under his patronage, the people of the suburbs revolt against Abigail, accusing her of being responsible for the attacks of the Beast. Geralt can both save her and leave her, but one thing will happen for sure, he will defeat the Beast and be able to get into the city. Alvina, by the way, takes Shani to her place.


Alas, Geralt catches the guards and throws them into prison.

Welcome to Vizima

We are thrown into jail, where we meet with the Professor. However, he is released from prison, apparently because of a bribe. The head of the prison offers us a deal: he will release us if we kill the monster from the sewers. Geralt descends into it, and meets Siegfried, the Knight of the Order of the Burning Rose, who is also looking for a monster. Together, they defeat the sewer beast that was the cockatrix.


We are released from prison, and leaning back, we begin to conduct our own investigation to find Salamadr. Private investigator Raymond helps us with this. The trail leads us to an alchemist named Kalkstein.


He asks us to complete tasks for him. To win him over, we agree. He wants us to help him get into the old tower of a magician who created clay golems. You can enter the tower only after collecting 10 magic stones.

In the process of searching for them, Geralt learns that Hazar Javed killed Raymond and uses him to open the tower with the help of the witcher. Gray-haired decides to play along with him. Our journey takes us into the thicket of the druids, where we are given a choice between humans and non-humans. Geralt meets the leader of the squirrels, the elf Yaevinn. He asks you to hand over a letter to the banker Vivaldi. You can fulfill his request, or you can give the letter to the guards - this will affect the end of the chapter.


As a result, Geralt falls into the tower, but at the exit he is met by Azar and the Professor. Geralt defeats them, but the Professor uses a bomb that knocks out the witcher. He wakes up already in Triss's house, in the merchant quarter. At this time, a clash of the Order and the Elves takes place in the swamps. Depending on our choice, one of the sides wins. If we accepted neutrality, then the Order will also win.


We will continue to tell you the story of the witcher in the second part of the material. There we will tell about how the confrontation between Squirrels and the Order ended, about Geralt's love conflict, as well as how he met the Wild Hunt.

Continuation of the parsing of the plot, part two

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