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The best TV series of March 2020: Premieres


Last week we discussed the best TV shows of March 2020, which will have sequels in the first month of spring. Now we want to talk about new projects, those for which the premiere of the first season is still ahead. From among many, we have selected the most promising ones, which we will discuss here and now.

1. Messages from Another World (AMC)

March 1

The pilot project of this masterpiece came out a little earlier, after which AMC decided to give it the green light. First of all, the series is tailored for those who like something incomprehensible, surreal, mysterious and intriguing.

This is a story about loners. Those who have nothing new in their lives, those who have nothing to strive for, but, for the most part, do not want to strive for anything. For them, all days are gray, of the same type and are like two drops of water similar to one another.

And this is also a story about those who decided to mock or play with these loners, set up an experiment, etc. - it is not yet clear. One fine day, employees of a certain company go out to them and begin to recruit them, after which employees of a certain society, supposedly an opponent of the old company, go out to them and begin to recruit them. They cobble together poor singles into groups to give them some tasks in the future. What these tasks are for, and where all this leads - is not yet clear.

Hopefully the following episodes will clear things up. At least partially.

2. Developed (Hulu)

March 5

The next series in March is a fantastic detective story in which Lily Chan, a computer engineer working for a certain company Amaya, in San Francisco, is trying to investigate the disappearance of his programmer friend who worked here.

But exactly - "trying", because everyone here seems to have conspired and cover one comprehensive truth, part of which, as it turned out, is infa about what happened to her boyfriend. Everything goes to the fact that in the company, among other projects, there is a secret division hidden from everyone, which, of course, will not be legally involved. They're experimenting with digital technology and software that can impact the lives of people in the ordinary world.

The unit is called "Devs", and it was there that Lily's boyfriend went one fine day, so that later he would not return to the "world of the living". I wonder if the pushy Lily will get a one-way ticket too?

Probably not. Well, or, not right away. Because otherwise there would be nothing to tell.

3. Amazing Stories (Aple TV +)

March 6

The next series in March is a kind of restart of the 45-episode project of the same name, which thundered in the 80s and lasted for two whole seasons. The series was invented and produced by Steven Spielberg himself, which gave the project even more "acceleration". The first episode was shot by him personally according to his own script.

The current one will not be so much a "restart" or "remake" as a continuation, since this is not a modern rework of old stories, but completely new plots and adventures.

Also, like that time, these will be separate films, not connected in any way with each other, filmed in the genre of fantasy or fantasy thrillers. Some may be outright horror, some lean towards drama or comedy. The first season will consist of 10 episodes, the names of the first five are already known:

  • 1 Breach
  • 2 Scary Night
  • 3 Dynamo and Volt
  • 4 Basement
  • 5 Signs of Life

It is difficult to judge by the names of the plots. The trailer is also not very informative. Let's wait for the show itself.

The current project has done without Steven Spielberg, although they are trying to shove his name in trailers, in advertising articles and posters. Yes, he is the author of the idea itself, the producer and director of the first "stories". He has nothing to do with this project.

4. And fires are smoldering everywhere (Hulu)

March 18

Reese Witherspoon herself starred in the next series in March.

There are ladies in towns, suburbs and other residential locations who set the tone for the entire area in which they live. Reese Witherspoon's character, Mrs. Richardson, is one of those. She is meticulous, scrupulous, moderately persistent and moderately stubborn when it comes to pushing her views and other, most often, conservative views on what life should be like in the local area.

Everything and everyone suited her in everything until a new resident appeared in the district - Mia Warren, who liked to live the way she wanted, but not the way the local psycho-bitch "demanded" of her.

This was the beginning of the war between the two women, the result of which, as the creators of the mini-series assure, will not disappoint anyone except the characters in the picture itself.

5. Manufacturers (FX)

March 12

If anyone was interested in where the performer of the role of the most important hobbit of New Zealand Bulba Sumkin, Martin Freeman, went, then everything is all right with him. In the near future he will start filming the second part of "Black Panther", but while there is still time, he decided to star in the comedy series "Parents" by Chris Addison and Ben Palmer.

The English title of the series is "Breeders", which can be translated as "Breeders" - here - livestock, or "Breeders" - here - pets, which equates parents to both, but in the role of livestock or pets " producing "and" breeding "their own children.

And it is very difficult for them. Children at all times have been a constant headache, and nowadays, the days of smartphones, the Internet and other advanced "things", their upbringing is becoming more and more laborious.

Let's follow this case on the example of Paul (Martin Freeman) and Ellie (Daisy Haggard), who have a couple of spinogs, which, no matter how they are brought up correctly, constantly strive to "educate" the wrong way. em>

Here, the problems of parents are extensively covered, for whom all their free time flies away to raise fidgets. After all, no personal life. Family only. And you start to devote too much time to yourself, like - Wham! The children again got out of hand and again begins to "self-educate" in a free channel, from which everyone and everyone will only get worse.

6. Homeland: Fort Salem (Freeform)

March 18

Next on our list of the best TV series in March is a kind of hypertrophied superhero tape about witches in the service of the fatherland. Everyone knows that in our universe, the persecution of witches came to naught by the middle of the 18th century. Most of the advanced countries adopted the "Laws of Witchcraft" in one interpretation or another, after which it became almost impossible to prove witchcraft and its harmful influence on accusers.

In our country, people themselves have come to the point that they are doing indecency, hanging redheads and other women just because they, in fact, were born red or someone just thought something wrong about them.

But in one of the parallel universes, everything developed more idiotically. They decided to leave the witches alone only after they agreed to work for the military, as a result of which any army acquired a kind of "witch regiments", in return for which they were allowed to conjure in the law, but only for the good of the homeland.

Even sounds crazy.

The tale is about witches in the service of the armed forces of North America. But not all girls give themselves up to "fortune-telling for the good of the motherland" without a trace. Some conjure on the side and in their personal interests.

It's not entirely clear what is new here? Invisibility, levitation, lightning strikes, telekinesis, mind reading, hypnosis ... We've already seen this somewhere. But where?masterpieces by Marveland DC, of course. In the same "Heroes" there are a lot of such people, but for some reason no one thought of calling them witches. Please tell me, how are superheroes with their superhero abilities different from witches with the same superpowers? Do not know. We don't know either.

Apparently, the fact that superheroes are called witches here should give the series a spin. Well, let's take a look at the result of such an "intricate and quirky" marketing move.

7. DIY: The Life of Madame C.J. Walker (Netflix)

March 20

Our "collection" of the best TV series in March ends with a biographical four-part project about the life of Sarah Breedlove, known to the general public as Madame C.J. Walker, the first African American woman to become a millionaire.


Few people thought about the question, but where did the famous in the 70s "afro" hairstyles go? Okay, let's say they are out of fashion. But where did the finely curly hair go from the head of every African American? Well, yes, most people now prefer to wear a bald head. But, after all, not all the same! But why do the rest of the current "black" hair have become straight?

And all because of this woman - the heroine of the next series - Madame C.J. Walker, who managed to develop and patent a remedy for straightening African curly-curly hair.

But her path to the heights of the entrepreneurial Olympus was long and thorny. As well as personal life did not allow to unfold. But in the end, Sarah succeeded in everything, which the filmmakers wish you and you, and what is clearly hinted at in the title.


This concludes our roundup of the best TV series of March 2020. The first month of spring will not be marked with anything particularly outstanding. At least at first glance. Our biggest hopes are for a Freeman comedy and a weird superhero story about witches in the military.

In the absence of the opportunity to film what we want on our own, we will see what they give. The harsh reality of being. All the best, and more cool movies and TV shows!

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Author: Jake Pinkman