Pinkerton demands money from Take Twо, results from Valve and a little about the creator of Borderlands - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Pinkerton demands money from Take Twо, results from Valve and a little about the creator of Borderlands - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also in our digest you will find out how tofu and Resident Evil 2 are related, about the bosses in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice and the rapper who makes fake consoles.

Pinkerton believes RDR2 defiles their reputation and also misuses the brand

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the main characters of the game from the Van der Linde gang are pursued by two detectives from the Pinkerton National Investigation Agency - this is a real organization that operates in the United States to this day. Her superiors didn't like their name being used in the game.


The Pinkertons have specific claims to the playable characters Andrew Milton and Edgar Ross, the agency's detectives, who act as the main antagonists in the game. Allegedly, Rockstar is illegally using the agency's trademark (for example, when there is a Pinkerton icon in the frame), and these detectives also tarnish the reputation of real investigators with their evil intentions.

In general, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations (as the agency is called today) filed a lawsuit against Take Two with the aim of obtaining a large sum of money for this "damage". However, they did not contact that. The publisher, which has under the wing of Rockstar with its GTA series (who does not know, every part of the GTA and its publisher is constantly bombarded with heaps of delusional lawsuits), has already filled its hand in such cases and gave a good answer.

Take Two stated that the game is protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution on freedom of speech and the accusations in this context are not based on anything. Also, the game is a reproduction of the era of the Wild West, which means that references to historical events are an integral part of it. And in general, Pinkerton agency appeared more than once in other famous works of fiction (films, songs and books) as a reference, and he did not care.

Bottom Line, Take Two filed a counterclaim and charged Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations are about trying to cash in on the popularity of their brand.

Valve spoke about their plans for the future in the results of the year

Uncle Gabin's company usually does not report to the public and everything remains only within Valve itself. This time, they announced that the partners want to see the results of their work for 2018. This is how the public report was born.


Of their achievements over the past year, those who do not release HL3 point out that Steam today supports 40 types of currencies and monitors their rate fluctuations, and there are more than a hundred payment methods. The company has modernized the chat well and is successfully fighting toxic players. It is also highlighted that the network has learned to cope well with big data.

From the innovations in 2019 we will see:

  • Redesigned library
  • A redesigned event system to help gamers share their gaming activities more conveniently
  • A Trust Factor feature to help identify cheaters will be added to all online games
  • will be able to stream all games

Tofu Cheese is one of the playable characters in the Resident Evil 2 Remake

Сapcom confirmed that in the remake of the game, as well as in its original version, we will have two additional modes with bonus missions and heroes - The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor. In the first, we will play as special agent Umbrella HUNK. In the second mode, we have to play for a piece of tofu cheese in a hat, armed with a knife. In classic RE2, this mode was especially difficult, since we had nothing but a knife and a couple of medicinal plants.


That's all for now. How these two modes differ from the original ones and how they open is unknown. However, the developers have shared screenshots of this spectacle with us.

Gearbox is suing its former lawyer. He responded by accusing the head of the company of theft and pedophilia

The studio that gave us Borderlands sued their former lawyer Wade Callender last year, accusing him of fraud and breach of fiduciary obligations (abuse of his position). He filed a lawsuit in response, where he accused the head of the company, Randy Pitchford of such sins as:

  • Secret enrichment totaling 12 million
  • Lost Gearbox private data stick containing child porn.
  • That Pitchford hosted private parties where grown men undressed in front of children, thus entertaining him.

Ars Technica found a Gearbox podcast recorded the day after the ex-lawyer's lawsuit was filed. In it, Pitchford mentions the flash drive and says that the erotic video was there, but the girl on it was 18 years old.

The studio is about to file a complaint against Cullender with the Texas Bar Association for using legal language to hide his lies. A Gearbox spokesman also said that the Pitchford family never threw the parties that Callendera is talking about. And on those that were arranged, there were always many journalists and famous local cultural figures, records of the holidays can be found on the net.

Bosses in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice will be different from the classic main enemies in From Software games

According to Game Informer, in past games from the studio, such as the Dark Souls series, boss battles were limited and consisted of running around at the feet of a large monster and hitting its ankles. The reason lies in the fact that in the games of the series there are many archetypes of the hero (magicians, archers, warriors) and the chances of killing the boss should be the same for everyone, regardless of pumping.


In Sekiro, where the character's weaponry is already known in advance, arenas encourage the use of different abilities of the hero. For example, use stealth, a grappling hook or a different series of blows in a fight. This does not mean that every enemy can be killed by approaching from behind, you always need to look for your own approach to him. In general, battles with key characters will become much more interesting.

The rapper who produced fake Chinese consoles took over again

The rapper Soulja Boy has already tried to enter the industry, selling Chinese knockoffs of Nintendo handheld consoles under his own name. As a result, the company sued him, and he curtailed sales, but only in order to gain strength and release the SouljaGame Handheld - a fake PS Vita. The beats maestro stole the screen from the Playstation Portable. The description says the SouljaGame Handheld is a sophisticated build with a cool design and a reasonable price ($ 100).

Well, we are waiting for a lawsuit from Sony.

That was all the gaming news this week, if you missed the latest on Metro Exodus read our last digest.

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