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Detailed Guide Final Fantasy VII Remake - Characters, Combat, All Mini Games


Final Fantasy VII Remake can rightfully be added to the pantheon of the best remakes - this is not just a familiar game in a new wrapper, but a full-fledged rethinking of the legendary classics, bringing tangible innovations to the familiar plot and gameplay. Some updates to the gameplay formula may come as a surprise even to veterans of the series, so this Final Fantasy VII Remake guide to introducing the basics of the game might be useful for both experienced gamers and newcomers to the JRPG genre.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters

First, let's look at the main playable characters. The new version of FF VII is far from the easiest game, so it won't be superfluous to find out the advantages and features of the main characters as early as possible in order to use them as efficiently as possible in battle.

Cloud. The main protagonist, who takes on the role of a tank, rushes into the thick of the battle, takes most of the enemy's damage and inflicts devastating attacks on opponents. Cloud has two combat stances that change by pressing the triangle button on the gamepad. When starting a battle, we recommend giving preference to the Punisher stance, from which our protagonist receives a significant bonus to attack and movement speed. But the main advantages of the "Punisher" stance are the ability to parry enemy attacks and the ability to instantly cover huge distances, which is especially useful when opponents have long-range units.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters Guide

Barrett. Another tank that acts as a sponge to absorb enemy damage. Barrett is able to restrain enemy units, knocking down their attacks, so even with a large supply of HP, do not forget to feed him first-aid kits, or use his special healing ability. The main feature of the character is the Overdrive attack when pressing the "triangle". Also, don't forget that pressing the key multiple times will recharge the ability. A small tip in Final Fantasy VII Remake on tactics for playing as Barrett - due to the transient and numerous attacks, he is great for overwhelming a group of opponents.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters Guide

Tifa. An incredibly strong character whose effectiveness directly depends on the player's ability to use special attacks in time. Otherwise, Tifa, due to her low health reserve, may seem like ballast in the group. When at least one ATB scale is full, activate the Unbridled Power skill, which enhances the Whirling Uppercut ability, then wait for the ATB scale to fill up again and activate Unbridled Power again. Tifa can now deal staggering damage to the enemy. The best bossfighting tactic in Final Fantasy VII Remake is to use Unbridled Power twice and then finish off the enemy with Starshower, Overpower, or Divekick.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters Guide

Iris. A battle mage and healer who, like Tifa, requires careful control from the player for maximum effectiveness. Try to keep Iris as far away from opponents as possible due to her tiny health pool. It will also be useful to equip Iris with Attack Materia, since the increase in the indicator of magical damage equally increases the amount of health restored with the help of healing spells. Among the abilities we note the offensive spell Tempest, which, when holding the "triangle", deals significant damage and Arcane Ward, which allows you to use spells twice.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Characters Guide

Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat System

Combat in the game successfully continues the ideas laid down in Final Fantasy XV and offers a symbiosis of action games with an abundance of tactical solutions inherent in the turn-based combat system of classic JRPGs. We warn you right away that despite the battles in real time, evasion and high-speed maneuvering around the battlefield in the manner of the same Dark Souls should not be taken as a panacea. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to dodge or block off some of the attacks, so the most promising tactic in the combat system in Final Fantasy VII Remake is to monitor the accumulation of the ATB scale and activate special abilities in a timely manner.

In reality, all actions in combat, be they normal attacks, movement or dodging, serve only one purpose - to fill the ATB meter. Pay attention to the sound signal indicating that the ATB scale of one of the characters is full.

Final Fantasy VII Remake combat system guide

Against bosses and standard opponents that have an impressive health pool, it is best to use the following tactic - concentrate the regular attacks of the squad on a high-level opponent until he is stunned and falls to the ground. A stunned enemy has at least 160% increased susceptibility to damage, which means now is the time to unleash all charged special attacks on them. Repeat these steps several times in each battle and completing Final Fantasy VII Remake, even on normal difficulty, will be much easier than it might seem at first glance.

To further simplify the battles, we will suggest another life hack - go to the game settings and raise the Camera Distance: In Battle value to 3, which will allow, due to the increased view of the camera, to better assess the events taking place during the battle. And one last, all-important piece of advice on the FF VII Remake combat system - during the third chapter in Sector 7, you will meet the character Chadley, who will share the Assess Materia item. Insert matter into active slots, after which you can rate enemies from the command menu. Evaluate each opponent you meet to find out their weaknesses and use them to your advantage.

Final Fantasy VII Remake combat system guide

Minigames in Final Fantasy VII Remake

As befits the tradition of the series, the PS4 remake of Final Fantasy VII has tons of mini games to suit all tastes. They can be used both as an additional way to diversify your leisure time, giving you the opportunity to take a break from the battles and the epic storyline, and purely for practical purposes - you can count on generous prizes for winning mini-games.

Final Fantasy VII Remake mini-game guide and where to find them:

  • Darts can be played in the slum area of Sector 7 when you first visit the bar. We advise you to practice your darts skills and break Wedge's record. When you have to go to the Sector 5 Reactor, do not forget to play a game with Wedge again, for the victory in which the player is awarded the Luck Matter;
  • In front of the Rector in Sector 5, you can complete an additional mission offering a motorcycle race;
  • During the passage of the mission in the Reactor there is a mini-game with switches for opening the door;
  • In the slums of Sector 5, you will be able to find a mini-game Whack-a-Box, in which Cloud has to break towers from boxes. Remember that the boxes for which the most points are given are broken with the help of strong blows, it is best to use light attacks against small boxes, having previously equipped the hero with the Deadly Dodge Materia item;
Final Fantasy VII Remake guide all mini games
  • Once in the slums of Sector 6, do not forget to try your hand at several mini-games at once: squats and pull-ups in the gym and a rhythm game that can be found in the Honeybee Inn location;
  • The final minigame in Final Fantasy VII Remake is in the Collapsed Expressway area. In it, the player is asked to move Iris with the help of robotic arms.

Finally, a small guess for those who want to play Final Fantasy VII Remake in USA. The Square Enix JRPG is distributed as a PS4 exclusive throughout the year, after which the game can be expected on other platforms: PC and Xbox One. Together with the PC release, we hope for the release of USA localization, which completely repeats the Final Fantasy XV scenario, in which the developers added a translation into the great and mighty only after the release of the game on PC.

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