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The whole truth about Android mining


Advertising bitcoin apps for smartphones makes you try. What if it's really possible - to mine a fortune when the phone is just in your pocket?

You've probably come across ads for apps that promise easy mining on your smartphone - Crypto Miner, ARM Miner Bitcoin Pro, DroidMiner, etc. Should you install them? Do they work at all? Let's figure it out.

These applications use the power of the mobile processor for mathematical calculations, just like this process happens on a desktop PC.

Will I be able to mine bitcoin?

Thoughts about mining Bitcoin through Android can be safely discarded. Bitcoin is the most difficult cryptocurrency to mine (computationally complex). Although it is the most expensive one, the reward for a solved block is no longer the same as before, and every four years it is halved.

Plus, if you mine as part of a pool, then your share will be very scanty, since there will be much more powerful computers than your android.

In general, the electricity spent on charging the phone will cost you such an amount that you will not pay for it with any mining. All of the above applies to Litecoin.

What about altcoins?

As for the numerous altcoins based on the CryptoNote and CryptoNight protocols, it is a little easier to mine from an android. Dogecoin, Quarkcoin, Mangocoinz, Bytecoin - it is better to mine these currencies and then exchange them for bitcoin in order to invest in exchange transactions and increase income.

How to explain this technically?

ARM processors used in Android phones are usually not capable of generating sufficient hash rates for mining.

The average speed generated by smartphones ranges from a few hundred KH / s to 1MH / s. To receive one bitcoin per day, you need 14 million such devices that work continuously!

However, some phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, have a powerful GPU and can generate speeds of about 2MH / s, but this does not give a good perspective either. The phone will heat up so much that you will not be able to pick it up, or even get serious internal damage.

What to do then?

If you still want to get hands-on mining experience on android, start with Mangocoinz. The value of one coin is close to 1 cent, and it can be exchanged for bitcoin.

A special application for mining this currency is available for android. It does not take up a lot of processor resources, its principle of operation depends on movement: the sensors of a smartphone register changes in its position in space and, based on these impulses, generate currency.

Another similar application is BitWalking. It can be downloaded from Google Play. Although you will not earn money for a new apartment in this way, at least you are moving forward.

Overall, you have a chance to earn some digital coins through your phone, but get ready for the battery to drain before your eyes. Mining altcoins is also more efficient on a desktop computer than on a smartphone.

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Author: Jake Pinkman