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Films and TV series from 14 to 20 February


Finally, the cinematic sky has brightened a little. The long-awaited blockbuster by Robert Rodriguez "Alita: Battle Angel" is finally on the big screens. Among other things, domestic leaders of the film industry have also become active, who have gathered this week to throw out as many as 4 full meters for rental, not counting the duty cartoon collection.

Thawed on the serial front too. Four brand-new series premieres await us this week. But let's start, as usual, in order, with foreign full meters.

Foreign premieres of the week

At the beginning of the second half of February, even a tape from the Lebanese filmmakers got into the premiere schedule. But we will learn a little later about what the gentlemen from distant Lebanon wanted to tell the USA audience. First, about the most awaited fantastic blockbuster of the week ...

Alita: Battle Angel (Canada, Argentina, USA)

The fact that the film is being filmed by Hollywood based on Japanese manga has really excited the audience. The honest people were even more provoked by the fact that the script for the film was written by James Cameron himself, and the film was shot by Robert Rodriguez himself ("From Dusk Till Dawn", "Sin City", etc.)

The events in the film will unfold in the distant, distant future, or to be more precise, in about five hundred years. During this time, as can be assumed from the picture, humanity experienced a huge peak in its development, and the same low decline that followed after the destructive global war, now called the "Great".

As a result, the remnants of civilization were thrown back in their development in the Middle Ages, and even after 300 years, the surviving humanity was never able to wake up and reach even approximately the heights of technical development that it reached on the verge of war.

And now, digging through the trash, one of the cunning doctors of the future named Ido finds an ancient advanced military woman-cyborg. Named Alita, she, meanwhile, does not remember anything at all.

But, believe me, he will remember! And then hang on, you bastards!

Capernaum ( IMDb 8.2)

So we got to Lebanon. The film has already been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film nomination. All critics literally scatter in praise for this "masterpiece of Middle Eastern cinema". In the west, it has already been looked at and appreciated for more than eight. So the movie is clearly worth watching.


The tape tells about the difficult fate and life of a teenager in Beirut. At more than 10 years old, he already has to look after children (brothers and sisters, of which there are a lot), and work and much more. But it is so difficult to survive that it is simply impossible without crime. And now, as expected, the boy thundered for 5 years behind bars. And what to do?

Finally desperate, he sues his parents for having given birth to him at all. It turns out that this happens ...

Saint Agatha (IMDb 5.3)

The action takes place in the 50s of the last century, when there was still no mobile and cellular coverage in order to quickly call 911 and complain about hooliganism. A young woman trades in fraud. And not everywhere she goes smoothly, as a result of which the police constantly follow her.


That is why, upon learning about her pregnancy, she decides to “lie down” for a while in a local monastery. There, no one will look for her for sure. But by a devilish accident, leaving the police, she fell into the clutches of nuns who are far from nuns!

Will our heroine be able to get out of the gloomy monastery, keeping both the fruit and the head intact? We doubt it very much, but we will definitely root for her!

Gangs of Hindustan (IMDb 3.9)

A new masterpiece from sunny and cheerful India starring Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. To the common people, these names, of course, will not say anything. But they will delight fans of Indian cinema.


Events take place at the turn of the XVII and XVIII centuries, when the British firmly took up the colonization of the Indian subcontinent. Along with the ships, civilization, trade, and bad habits that were immediately adopted from Europeans by local cunning bandyugans came to Indian lands.

Led by the most cunning bandyugan Aazad, a handful of daredevils-hicks put together a crew and begin to pirate cleaner than Captain Blood himself in the Caribbean, putting hefty sticks in the wheels of the "enslavers".

Fans of semi-childish and naive militants, in which one blow of a fist can overwhelm ten people, can book tickets. But, at the same time, it is worth forgetting that any Indian film is almost three hours long. So, gentlemen who agree to follow a lady - lover of Indian blockbusters, to the cinema, must be fully prepared for the consequences.

An honest person (IMDb 6.2)

The French comedy melodrama was released back in September last year and has been reaching our screens for 5 months. This is why we love our greedy providers so much. While they are waiting for a drop in prices for the painting, we not only have the opportunity to find out what rating the Western contingent has given the tape, but also what critics say about it.


Judging by the IMDb rating, only inveterate fans of French cinema can go to the cinema. For an hour and ten minutes to watch on the big screen how idiot Abel, who managed to fool his love 8 years ago, will try to bring it back, only the most naive romantic will like it.

So don't waste your nerves, wait for the movie on torrents.

Love cannot be parted (IMDb 6.9)

The Argentine melodramatic comedy explores the importance of offspring for the preservation of marriage bonds. For a quarter of a century, Marcos and Anna lived in perfect marriage. But when their grown-up son grew up and, as is the case in normal families, flew away from the family nest (here I went to study at college), the couple suddenly discovered that some strange discord was outlined in their relationship. As if an important link that held them together for all these years disappeared overnight.


Further was not long in coming. Divorce and bachelorhood, everything is as usual. But soon both he and she begin to feel that here too, it turns out, not everything is in order. Is it really so bad for them in their good old marriage?

Natsume's Book of Friendship (IMDb 7.3)

A full-length anime filmed for fans of the manga of the same name. We are talking about Takashi Natsume, a guy endowed with an interesting ability: he can see the spirits that live among us. So that he is not considered crazy, Natsume is forced to hide his abilities from everyone. In this he is greatly helped by a strange artifact called "The Notebook of Friendship".


And everything could be released on the brakes and live in such a secluded, secretive way further, but only suddenly everything collapses when among the usual, sore ghosts, a new and very, very super-wretched ghost is discovered ...< / em>

Anna's Secret World (IMDb 6.8)

You may be very surprised, but while searching on YouTube for a trailer for this Mexican cartoon, the world premiere of which, by the way, took place back in 2017, we found that it was posted on this site for free, in excellent quality and with excellent translation. Well tell me, why then go to the cinema, paying money for viewing?


And the cartoon itself, to be honest, is some kind of repulsive. The animation of the main characters is too pretentious. People here are all kind of with sunken eyes, as if they are preparing for the End of the World day after day or are suffering from tuberculosis. Even the main character, little girl Anna, has dark circles under her eyes.

Probably, those who developed and drew images of the main characters, at this time were sick with a terrible flu. There is no other way to explain this approach.

Domestic premieres of the week

As already mentioned, this week the domestic film industry will present as many as 4 full-length films, one of which, by the way, was shown in the West last year. But, we will, as they say, in order, and start with a comedy ...


No wonder the Italian masterpiece “Ideal Strangers” was released last week. This was done specifically so that we could assess the quality of domestic adaptation of this story.


Yes, most likely, there will be other SMS messages, and the calls will be of a slightly different plan, but in general the essence will remain the same as in the film of Italian filmmakers. The same idiotic game and the same idiotic incidents.

Those who have watched Perfect Strangers are unlikely to learn anything new for themselves.

Seven Dinners

Some couples, having been married for several years, finally begin to think: what the hell did we need this for? The same thing happened with the heroes of this comedy tape. Having lived side by side for 5 years, they did not achieve anything good, they did not even have children. So is it worth then to continue the useless gray family life, in which the intensity of passions faded a long time ago?


The wife thinks it's not worth it. The husband categorically disagrees with her. He invites her to take advantage of a specially designed family restoration program called "Seven Dinners".

It is clear that every dinner will be "with bells and whistles." We will find out what kind of "bells and whistles" they will be and whether they will help our couple to improve the shaky relationship by watching this comedy.

Hayka (USA, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, China) IMDb 6.5, KP 7.05

Yes, it was this film that we hinted at when we talked about a domestic film, whose premiere outside the cordon took place a year earlier than in USA itself. Those who wanted to have already checked out the film on torrents for a long time, giving the film on KinoPoisk a rather high mark - 7 points.


But for a drama, 7 is a fairly low mark. And although Samal Yeslyamova, who played the role of Aiki in the film, was awarded the palm branch of the Cannes Film Festival for Best Actress, the film, to be honest, did not particularly suit our taste. Somehow everything in it is artificial and expected.

In short, a young mother, having arrived in Moscow in search of work, leaves her newly born baby in the hospital. But after that, she suddenly gets the idea that in fact she is not ready to part with him.

The script sucks, you say. The topic, they say, is beaten to holes. And we agree with you. I could only hope for some interesting and original embodiment of this plot, but ...


A domestic thriller, somewhat remotely resembling the American "Frozen" 2010 release. There was also a cable car, only with open seats for snowboarders and skiers. Right there at night a whole cable car gets stuck on the cable car.

The most interesting thing is that the action takes place just on the eve of the New Year celebrations, so everyone, including the ropeway attendants, absolutely spit on the guys who got stuck somewhere on the way to the mountainside.

How young people will manage to extricate themselves from the current situation, and whether they will be able to do it at all - we will see in cinemas. I remember that in "Frozen" it didn't end very well ...

CARTOON in the movies. Issue 91. Most loved!

The smallest moviegoers are looking forward to new editions of cartoon compilations, which tell about the further adventures of their favorite characters from the animated series “Katya and Ef. Anywhere-door "," Magic lantern "," Wood "," Fairy patrol ", etc.


The collection of cartoons comes out on the big screens of USA 2 times a month, and now is just the time to rejoice and rejoice! Be-be-bears, Leo and Tig and other heroes are waiting for our kids again!

TV series premieres

As many as four new series kick off this week. Hopefully each of them will be worthwhile and worthy of renewal for the next season. And, of course, special attention should be paid to the series ...

Umbrella Academy

February 15th. Series premiere (Netflix, USA).


The start of the LP promises to be intriguing. In some remote reality reminiscent of ours, where the 20th century is still going on in the yard, 43 women who are completely unfamiliar with each other suddenly suddenly give birth to children, although before that they did not show any signs of pregnancy.

It soon turns out that all these "strange-born" kids are endowed with supernatural powers. Some grim type, called Sir Reginald Harggreaves, goes in search of these children, but he manages to collect only seven of them. With them he founds a kind of "Academy", in which he teaches them the basics of mastery, which in the future may be useful for protecting the planet from evil.

Many years pass. The academy has long since disintegrated. Each of its former "academicians" leads his own life. But when new villainy looms on the horizon, they are once again forced to come together ...

And everything would be fine. Yes, only the eaten-up-overeating superhero theme is already starting to set sore teeth. Really, we have written a few interesting books on which you can shoot quite worthy serials?

Proven Innocence

February 15th. Series premiere (FOX Channel, USA).


Another detective series from the HBO studio, which is famous for powerful, interesting and, most importantly, high-quality projects. Here all the inconsistency of the current system, the prosecution and the legal profession will be exposed, due to the connivance and flaws of which many people are forced to serve their sentences for nothing.

The action takes place around Madeline Scott, a woman lawyer who was wrongly convicted as a teenager. Having become a lawyer, she gathers around herself a group of lawyers who will investigate the cases of those from which the current system has turned away, having found them guilty, without delving into their cases too much.

Doom Patrol

February 15th. Series premiere (DC Universe TV channel, USA).


Since DC Universe, it means superheroes again. This time, their company will include those who acquired their superpowers due to fatal accidents and accidents.

In particular, the new group will consist of a weird semi-schizophrenic scientist Niles Calder with the codename "Chief", Robotman, Mad Jane, Elastic Woman and Negative Man.

Well, for those who don't believe in saving a world without superheroes, welcome to watch. For those who prefer not to hide behind the backs of some strange loners, it would be better to pass by.

Ransom ( IMDb 6.9, KP 6.4)

February 16. Season 3 premiere (CBS, USA).


The tale of the valiant exploits of a group of negotiators led by Eric Beaumont continues.

And again the resourcefulness of the mind of our protagonist knows no bounds. And no wonder! After all, in addition to his main activity, he is special in almost everything. He is a hacker, a lawyer, and even a doctor! That is why he so easily manages to emerge victorious from verbal confrontation with criminals of all stripes over and over again.

Only in this series the criminals are all too indecisive and predictable. But ... Without some assumptions, omissions and omissions, as they say, there would be no cinema. Isn't it?

Last week's events with John Oliver (IMDb 9.0, KP 7.7)

February 17th. Season 6 Premiere (HBO, USA)


For those who enjoy watching coverage of the top news of the week with a touch of humor and a touch of cynicism and sarcasm when it comes to, welcome to this weekly program.

The team of international observer John Oliver will sort out all the problems on the shelves, digging to their very depths. Of course, the program mainly features news from the United States, but they also have more than enough international news.

It is always interesting and useful to know what people think about certain problems in the West.

PI Pirogov

February 18th. Series premiere (Super TV channel, USA)


Another comedy project from the Super TV channel will tell about the difficult everyday life of a modern domestic entrepreneur. And it is not without reason that our main heroine Vera decides to go to an individual entrepreneur. She was forced to do this by her own husband, whom she had to expel from the house for treason.

But what about? After all, a woman was completely financially dependent on her husband? No way. Am I a trembling creature, or do I have rights? It was this question that Vera asked herself and went to work as a confectioner merchant. Moreover, an entrepreneurial streak is in her blood.

The series will not teach any basics of entrepreneurial activity. Everything about him is naive and light. We hope that at least there is something to laugh at.

At home with Amy Sedaris (IMDb 7.8)

February 19. Season 2 premiere (TruTV channel, USA)


Celebrities come to visit Emmy Sedaris, with whom she not only cooks, but also discusses the painful problems of the past week. Sometimes it comes out very funny.

Documentary Today! (IMDb 8.1, KP 7.3)

February 20th. Season 3 premiere (IFC TV channel, USA)


"Documentary Today" is not documentary at all, if you think about it. Although, no, these are of course documentaries, but parody ones, made with special pretentiousness and hooliganism. Among them you can see parodies of the coolest and most sensational documentary projects that have ever been released.

And all of them are furnished with such black and, at times, idiotic humor that only have time to grab your belly so that you don't tear it with laughter.


On this for today, unfortunately, all, our dear regular readers. Next Friday our new schedule of premieres will be released, in which, we hope, there will be no less premieres and interesting films. In the meantime, all the best to you, and more cool movies and TV series!

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