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Valve is looking for developers to create new games


Ready to be part of the Valve team? For interested specialists, the corporation has opened an updated website, where we are encouraged to join the development group. And from time to time, you see hints about the priority of VR technology for the company. Are we on the verge of new announcements?

Have you ever visited the official Valve website?

It looked almost exactly like Steam: dark design, sliders at the top of the page, multiple flat tabs. Functional but without imagination. However, the company's website has now been transformed, and it is in no way similar to its "ancestor". The resource uses modern design solutions, such as playing video in the background. And on the start page we see a message about recruiting developers to the team. It seems Valve has set a clear path for development and wants to focus on gaming again.

Valve is recruiting developers

As you know, in recent weeks, the giant "sheltered" developers from Campo Santo (Firewatch), and also began work on Artifact, a card game in the Dota universe. But it looks like nothing will end with Artifact. The new website says: “We create games, Steam and hardware. Join us. We are looking for partners who are the best at what they do. Valve's capabilities include a wide range of activities in which we always engage in all positions. ”

VR and Valve

After a detailed look at the site, it's easy to see where Valve is heading. Many videos showcase VR technology in the background, and subpages of the resource subtly hint at the importance of virtual reality in the development of the studio. Thus, the idea is that the following game projects can be based on this technology. In general, many job offers clearly indicate the candidate's VR-related skills. Maybe Valve has prepared a surprise for us especially for the upcoming E3 exhibition?

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Author: Jake Pinkman