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Top 70 best time travel films according to KinoPoisk. Part 1


In this extended TOP, we have collected for you all the most interesting films related to time travel, ranking them according to the rating of the audience. We did not take films with a rating below 5.0 by KinoPoisk, and therefore each of the films that hit the TOP deserves your attention and is not a priori frank bullshit.

The TOP did not include films on the account of temporary traps in the style of "Groundhog Day". We have published a separate TOP-20 about them. We also want to draw your attention to the fact that not always films with a rating of 5 or 6 with a penny are worse than films with a rating of 7 and 8. Often, they have a low rating either because they did not go to cinemas, or because of because they are rare and less budgetary. But for those for whom the main thing is not special effects, but an interesting plot, it is worth looking at everything. So let's go!

1. Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession (1973) KP rating 8.79

This film is familiar to anyone from school. And despite the fact that it was filmed by Gaidai back in the distant Soviet times, the comedy came out amazing, which is why it occupies an honorable 1st place in our rating and 10th in the overall rating of the best films according to KinoPoisk.

Ivan Vasilyevich accidentally wanders to Shurik, a neighbor and, in combination, a brilliant self-taught scientist who made a time machine right at home. During a test run of the car, due to an unforeseen coincidence, Ivan Vasilyevich changes his place with Ivan the Terrible himself. The real tsar is now in our time, and Ivan Vasilich, having changed his profession, is forced to temporarily take over the post of Tsar of All USA.

Ivan Vasilyevich would have disappeared, but here he was lucky. Together with him, the resourceful and perspicacious swindler, bandit and swindler Zhorik Miloslavsky, who will not let the temporarily acting tsar disappear into the past ...

2. Interstellar (2014) KP rating 8.59

Christopher Nolan's film is replete with paradoxes and scientific errors. Anyone versed in physics, of course, the whole film would only chuckle and shake his head dejectedly. But filmed at the highest level, and therefore the rating is transcendental. The traitor Matt Damon and the only person who visited the black hole Matthew McConaughey, who leaked from there into the future and survived, is worth seeing.

3. Back to the Future (1985) KP rating 8.57

The immortal creation of Robert Zemeckis, and still remains a masterpiece and occupies an honorable 2nd place in our TOP and 21 among the best films on the planet according to KinoPoisk.

Marty McFly has a friendship with a suspicious professor, about whom there is a rumor that he has long been moved by his mind. But it was not there. As it turned out, the professor just has an extravagant demeanor, which did not stop him from creating a time machine. But the fuel for it is uranium, which our professor stole from some militants. It so happens that the first test of the car coincides with the attack of these very militants. The professor is killed and Marty is forced to travel back in time. Will he be able to return and prevent the disaster?

The film was so successful that on this wave Zemeckis filmed 2 more sequel films, which are popular and interesting no less than the first part. Therefore, it's worth watching everything at once.

4. Butterfly Effect (2003) KP 8.17

At first, who guessed that Evan's daddy was not insane. He's just as much a time traveler as his son, who throughout the film will return to the past in order to set the course of events in such a way that everyone will be fine. Only now it turns out that every time he gets worse and worse.

5. June 31 (1978) KP rating 7.93

A very kind fantasy fairy tale-musical of Soviet production about how, by the will of fate, a simple artist Sam Patney (Nikolai Eremenko) throws him into the futuristic country of Parador, which existed during the reign of King Arthur. There he falls in love with the princess Melisenta (not to be confused with the formidable Melisenta from creepy tales). But in the past, not everything has gone smoothly for Sam. What can you do when you are “out of this world”, and therefore you are suspected of black magic and trying to execute you? ..

6. Radio wave (2000) rating KP 7.83

Only radio waves travel in time here, which is why police officer John Slivan gains the opportunity to contact his father, a firefighter, who died in a fire many years ago, via an amateur radio. Now the son has the opportunity to warn his father about the impending danger.

That's just to prove to an ancestor who does not believe in fairy tales that it is true he, his son. And it’s hard to believe in it, when the son is here he is, still a child and walks under the table on foot. But this is not the main thing either. The father, in the end, is saved. But now his mother is dead ...

7. Boyfriend from the Future (2013) KP rating 7.83

No, the guy is not from the distant futuristic future. He just knows how to return to the past to correct the current state of affairs. That is why for his girlfriend he turns out to be a "guy from the future" every time. Only she doesn't know about it ...

8. Deja vu (2006) KP rating 7.81

Danzel Washington does not shun any roles. Including those in which he is a policeman, in order to investigate murders (to clarify the facts) gaining the ability to return to the past. And, by the way, to fall in love with women, whose murder he is investigating ...

9. Pleasantville (1998) KP rating 7.81

Here David Wagner (not to be confused with the composer) and his little sister, turned on the guys, act as a time traveler. How he would like to get rid of her, for example, having gone far away. And fate gives him such a chance! Thanks to the magic remote control, which the TV master "forced" on him, he finds himself in the past, in the 50s of the 20th century. Plus, he ends up not somewhere, but in the town of Pleasantville, about which they filmed an amazing show in his 90s.

Everything, it would seem, is delicious! Here's just the catch. Together with him, his "preoccupied" sister has also leaked here ...

10. Lake House (2006) KP rating 7.81

In this variation, people do not travel in time and, even, not radio waves, but ... Postal correspondence! And the machine for moving correspondence in time is nothing more than a mailbox near the lake house. It is he who brings the hearts of two people together - Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) and Keith Forster (Sandra Bullock), who live in this house with a two-year time difference.

Will they be able to meet live? It would seem, what's wrong with that, passed the address and set the time of the meeting, waited a couple of years, and that's all. Only everything turns out to be much more complicated ...

11. 12 monkeys (1995) KP rating 7.79

Here, as in the original version of HG Wells' Time Machine, people live underground. Only this is not a distant future, but 2035, and the reason for the descent underground is a banal virus, from which people on the surface are dying like flies from dichlorvos.

And Bruce Willis will not move forward, but back into the past, in order to find those who became the culprits of the spread of the virus, that is, those who call their organization "12 monkeys".

12. Jacket (2004) KP rating 7.76

Another option for time travel. And this time even more extravagant. The ability to travel in time, it turns out, condescends to psychiatric patients, wrapped in a straitjacket (here - "jacket"), and tucked into a dark corpse box in the morgue.

Iraq war veteran Adrian Brody thundered into a psychiatric hospital not for the reason that he was moved by his mind. But Dr. Becker does not know about this, and just like on others, he tries his "methods of treatment" on him. As a result, Jack Starks finds himself in the future, collides with Natasha Portman there, finds an evil doctor and makes a bunch of "movements" that are very interesting to watch ...

By the way, the film is also interesting because here you can meet the notorious James Bond - Daniel Craig in the guise of a psycho who claims that he killed his own wife. How do you like this?

13. Minority opinion (2002) rating KP 7.75

Spielberg also decided to release his version of time travel. In his "Minority Opinion", Provoy (that is, seers) are engaged in this, who notify the special services of future murders.

The hero of Tom Cruise worked as one of the chiefs in this special department, but only until the provs saw that he himself would soon commit a murder. How to be? "To do feet", of course! And it's also good that he was the first to know about it. But where are you going to hide in the future, where cameras and walking devices that read the retina are everywhere? ..

14. Man from the Earth (2007) KP rating 7.75

Here, in the role of a kind of time traveler, the professor acts, who claims that he has lived on Mother Earth for 14,000 years. For those who are interested in what we had there before our era - you are here. Can you learn something new for yourself! Although the film, of course, is not about that. But very interesting.

15. Langoliers (1995) KP rating 7.74

“Everyone thinks of their own about time travel. Why can't I come up with my own four-thread? " - thought Stephen King, and got down to business. And it turned out well. In the spirit of inadequacy, but very watchable.

Here people fell into the past, but not the way they are portrayed to us. It turns out that there are no people in the past. According to King's version, all living entities move in a single stream of time, and only inanimate objects remain in the past, which are then devoured by the Langoliers. There, in this silent and gloomy past, the plane with people gets. Not all, of course, more than half of the passengers "evaporated", only those who took a nap at the moment of moving survived. And will they now be able to return to the main time stream on their plane, which, by the way, is already running out of fuel ...

16. Midnight in Paris (2011) KP rating 7.73

Actress Rachel McAdams is not the first time to mess with men who jump in time ("Boyfriend from the Future", for example). Here, Owen Wilson is also a noble traveler, every midnight he is transported in an incomprehensible way to Paris of the 20s of the 20th century. There he meets anyone! In general, he is having a great time. Until those around him in our time, and, in particular, his wife, do not begin to think, where does it carry him forever at night-midnight? And that's where the difficulty begins.

By the way, among the celebrities he met in the past, the famous writer of those times, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, represented by Tom Hiddleston, better known as Loki, Thor's brother in The Avengers, also turns up.

17. Planet of the Apes (1968) CP rating 7.71

Here, as in that poem of Marshak: “He shouted: - What a joke! I have been driving for the second day, but I came back and arrived in Leningrad! " The spacecraft flew, flew, flew, flew, and flew (or rather, crashed) all the same on Earth, only after thousands of years, at a time where people were degraded and monkeys rule.

The author must have smoked well before writing this! But in the meantime, the Hollywood writers managed to inflate this story into a whole franchise with a subsequent relaunch these days. Although already without time travel ...

18. Time Traveler's Wife (2008) CP rating 7.64

You will laugh, but here again the heroine Rachel McAdams is unlucky. Once again, she was married to an unfinished "time traveler" in the person of Eric Bana. When he wants, he disappears, when he wants, he returns. For him, jumping in time is instant. She has to wait for his return for years. What kind of love is this, and how are they doing in this case? Be sure to look!

19. If only (2003) KP rating 7.63

This is a classic case when the main character of the film constantly returns to the past in order to change the current state of affairs. In this case, he wants to prevent the death of his girlfriend. Only now it doesn’t work. What's wrong with this universal alignment?

20. Donnie Darko (2001) KP rating 7.61

The film is, of course, tight, but falls into this category. Rather, it should refer to films related to parallel realities, about which we also plan to make our TOP in the near future. But, one way or another, time travel also takes place here. And who does not believe - he should watch this eerie phantasmagoric thriller to the end. All misunderstandings will open only at the climax. And when they finally become "understandings" it is unlikely that it will make it easier for anyone. Horror, and only ...

21. Keith & Leo (2001) KP 7.60

Everyone is used to the fact that in films about time travel, everyone starts from the present, even though it is sometimes in the future. Here the "alien" appears from the past. Hugh Jackman (aka the Duke of Albans), having started in the 19th century, successfully arrives 21st and spins love with Meg Ryan (aka Kate McKay), so much so that everyone shed a tear in the ending. Still would! After all, he is so naive, this Jackman, so funny, and, at the same time, so brutal ... Well, the spitting image of Wolverine!

22. Thirteenth floor (1999) rating KP 7.57

It's just wonderful to pore over the development of a virtual world created in the spirit of the not so distant past all my life, in order to finally find out that your world is also a program created by people from the future. Moreover, just as you travel into the past, instilling consciousness into the human body from the reality of the past that you have created, just as certain types from the future can move into your body! Disorder. We'll have to urgently do something about it!

23. Aliens (1993) CP rating 7.56

Another version of aliens from the past to the world of the present. The Comte de Montmirail, under the influence of the spell of an evil sorceress, kills daddy with his betrothed. This is very bad. He goes to his staff sorcerer, who sends him back in time to fix everything. But the settings are slightly out of order, and the count and his servant Jacqui find themselves straight into the 20th century, where incessant and terribly humorous collisions happen to them. This is really one of the funniest French comedies.

24. Destroyer (1993) CP rating 7.53

Here time travel is accomplished by means of cryofreezing. Moreover, only long-term prisoners can travel in this way. One of the prisoners - the evil and displaced scumbag Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), wakes up in the distant year 2032, and finding that everyone around has turned into limp nurses, begins to chop everything and everyone right and left.

Then I had to unfreeze one of the unjustly convicted police officers, and part-time Phoenix's enemy - John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone). And no one, for some reason, wondered whether this would make the situation even worse?

25. Forever young (1992) CP rating 7.42

Another hero of cryo-freezing and, at the same time, shamelessly forgotten scientific experiment, Daniel McCormick (Mel Gibson) dives into the future from 1939 to 1992. Accidentally found and unfrozen, he, having learned what year it is, rushes to look for his relatives. Will he be destined to find any of them alive and how tragically his fate will unfold in our world? And is it tragic? We are watching a movie. He's very good.

26. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) CP 7.36

With the sand in the handle of a mysterious magic dagger, you can go back in time and rewrite everything in your own way. Therefore, you cannot trust this dagger to bad people who, by the way, strive with all their might to get it. Dastan, Prince of Persia, will have to work hard to prevent this. Although, where is the confidence that all this reality is no longer the fruit of a recent return to the past?

27. We are from the future (2008) rating KP 7.22

With this film, the scriptwriters wanted to prove that no matter how our current young generation gets drunk and sour, conscience and valor always live in our blood. Moreover, even in the souls of "black diggers" who profit from the search for everything that remains in the earth from the First World War.

Digging somehow in one such "evil" place, four homies led by Danila Kozlovsky fall into the past, where they have to face the real fascist invaders. And when faced, also take part in the fight against these same fascist invaders. And having taken part, try very hard so that their bodies do not become victims of the same "black diggers" as they are in our time ...

28. Fog (2010) rating KP 7.16

The meaning is the same, only the characters are not "black diggers", but young soldiers participating in training activities. How will the current, but not yet too savvy in the art of war, the soldiers behave when faced with the Nazis? Probably they will lead well ...

29. Sexmission / The New Amazons (1983) CP 7.16

The most scandalous film ever released on wide screens in the Soviet Union. And although most of the "interesting" scenes, over which Polish filmmakers so painstakingly pored over, were cut out, people went to see this picture 5-10 times. Fortunately, even now this tape has not lost its relevance. And the special effects? The point is not in them, and therefore the film looks great and so. Moreover, today you can watch it without any clippings!

30. Far Neighborhood (2010) KP 7.15

In this case, the main character's tower was torn off and carried away to the distant past, 40 years ago from the current time point, and put on his head, only fourteen years old. Now, with the baggage of 50 years of experience behind him, he will come off in full! And at the same time he will try to prevent everything undesirable, which would be very undesirable to happen ...

31. In Search of the Galaxy (1999) KP 7.14

In this movie, time travel will have to wait until the very end. But since it is there, then this film is worthy of getting into our TOP. In addition, it will be very interesting to watch Sigourney Weaver starring in a parody of space fiction. The comedy came out cool and topical. It seems that the actors of the well-known original series "Star Trek" would have appreciated it in the first place!

32. Prophet (2007) CP 7.13

Whatever one may say, but all prophets are essentially time travelers. And if you are like Chris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) a kind of super prophet, then the demand for your "services" is unrealistically high. And where you do not hide, but you will still be found. And having found it, they will force you to do obscene things, that is, to obtain information about the future by dishonest means. After all, peeping not only is not good, but also there is always a desire to change something. As in this case. It's just that your hands are itching ...

33. Time Machine (2002) KP rating 7.12

The best adaptation of the novel of the same name by H.G. Wells. And even though the scriptwriters changed the plot, adapting it to the present time, it turned out great. One of the best paintings by Guy Pearce, in which his hero had to escape to the future, which survived the distant and global end of the world. I wonder if any of "our" humanoid ones stayed there?

34. New Year's tariff (2008) KP rating 7.09

USA interpretation of "Lake House" with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Only here everything happened not through time-traveling postal items, but through SMS plying the time continuum. Although they ripped it off, you can check it out. Especially for the new year. As a Christmas movie, it's just amazing.

35. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009) CP rating 7.02

Someone will climb into the jacuzzi for time travel, someone invents a special machine, someone drips some rubbish into their eyes, someone reads their diary, someone has to be shoved into a box for corpses. Right there, three friends in order to find themselves in a different time, it is enough just to go to the toilet in a pub. And having gone - to get the whole set of problems arising from here ...


If in this part of our TOP films about time travel most of the masterpieces turned out to be familiar to you, then the next half will consist mainly of rare paintings that you may encounter for the first time. Therefore, welcome to the continuation of the TOP next week and more cool films for you!

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