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TOP 10 Best Free Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone and iPad


Two things to know about augmented reality on iPhone and iPad. First, AR Kit is supported only on iPhone Se, 6s, 7, 8, 10 and their plus modifications, all models of ipad pro and ipad 2017 running iOS 11. Second, the battery charge goes mercilessly.


The developers of this application really deserve attention. The guys do not just use a newfangled trick, but realize its potential to 100%.

The tutorial will clearly show and tell you how the transmission works, the battery gives off a charge, the laser shines, what parts of the brain are and much more.

Firstly, it is a visual, detailed interactive. Everything can be rotated, scaled, touched and hinted.

Secondly, there is a step-by-step tutorial, like a teacher with a book telling about certain things.

Thirdly, this is not a one-time program, but a whole platform into which new units sorted by categories will be loaded. The application is free, but to my great regret in English.

On the other hand, this is a good reason to improve your English. JIG Space is perhaps the most useful, impressive and inspiring app in the AR category. Here it is - the future in the education system. And many complex things become a little easier.


Thanks to TapMeasure, you can measure the length of objects, determine the deviation of figures from a given plane, and even create a three-dimensional floor plan, taking into account windows, doors and other surfaces.

The result will be an interactive model in which you can view all sizes. A very handy thing, especially when you need to sketch or measure something, and there is no tape measure or laser at hand. Of course, the accuracy is poor.

It should be noted that the error per meter can be a centimeter or more. But in the absence of any other more accurate instrument, such a solution is still the way out.

IKEA Place

The guys from IKEA quickly picked up and adopted ARKit by making a cool addition to their catalog. Now you can fit many things of the Swedish furniture factory into your room and see how good or not it will look.

The models are high poly and look pretty cool. There are two main complaints - there is no way to scale items, it's just that the application does not always accurately match the size, and the absence of the program in the USA App Store. Otherwise, keep it up. Add more items from the catalog, link all the characteristics to them and you will be happy and comfortable.


If you don't know how to draw, then all is not lost. And for this, at the initial stage, it is not necessary to go to a circle in a house of culture. The Sketch AR app will help you with that. Aiming preferably at the A4 sheet of paper, the scanner will recognize it and show four points that need to be drawn.

For the system, they will become reference, after which the image selected from the catalog will be projected. Of course, you can hold with one hand and outline the picture with the other, but it is better to fix your smartphone or tablet on a tripod.

With SketchAR, you can easily get a good and most importantly proportional skeleton of the image. Then it will be left to finish the work without help.


The main emphasis of this application lies on drawing up drawing plans of premises and the technology of augmented reality helps a lot with this. There is no need to draw every line - you quickly run around the room, marking the corners and you get a finished plan.

Where necessary - corrected, where necessary - completed. Then, we added doors, windows and furniture from a structured catalog, and in 5 minutes you have a great sketch ready to show.

During the renovation, this application will become simply irreplaceable. The cool thing is that then all the resulting premises can be combined into one project and you get an apartment or a house.


One of the first augmented reality test cases was a program from Apple that allows you to arrange a couple of pieces of furniture. Did Housecraft take this idea further and add a bunch of interactivity and household items?

Objects can be placed with high precision, rotated, scaled and even virtual models can be placed on top of each other. So it will not be difficult to furnish the room with interior elements, albeit with virtual objects.

Night Sky

Not a new application Night Sky, after a recent update, has received two modes of augmented reality - classic, with overlaying the starry sky and displaying the solar system. True, the last feature is available only by subscription. It's good that at least the first month is free. So we played around, studied the sky and our system, and that's enough.


The guys from Yandex decided to become pioneers in the world where cartography and augmented reality coexist. In pedestrian mode, when building a route on the terrain, the point and the path to it will be displayed.

So far, all this has been implemented very simply and has practically no benefit, but it is a clear example of the fact that it is possible to work in this direction and it will look organic.

It remains to finish the binding of the route, add interactive signs to buildings and make sensible augmented reality glasses and the technological future will definitely become one step closer.

App in the Air

This application will prompt and show the routes and flight status online of certain flights. If we discard a bunch of basic functions and focus on augmented reality, then based on its flight history for the entire time or for a specific year, the program will show on a three-dimensional ball all your flights and the amount of mileage.

But if the developers integrated flight flights into augmented reality online, it would be much cooler.

Paint Space AR

And draws in AR closes our rating. There is nothing special here - choose colors, tools or some kind of effects and just indulge in painting the virtual environment. Why this might be needed in practice - I don't know.

So also the developers have provided only a limited number of tools, colors and features. For the rest, please pay.

Unfortunately, there are very few applications implemented using augmented reality in the App Store, and there are even fewer sensible ones. Such programs will start appearing on Google Play a little later, because Google has delayed the release of a developer package.

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Author: Jake Pinkman