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Beyond will make you think


On the other side - such is the translation of the new series called Counterpart. A mix of thriller and science fiction - this alone promises an exciting development of the plot, but first things first. First, a little from the history of creation.

Who is in charge

"The Other Side" is a new project by Justin Marks, and the director of the new series, the first episode of which already took place in the United States on December 10, 2017, is Morten Tildum.

Who we know from our 2014 Oscar-nominated " Imitation Game ".

The creators of the series are currently planning 2 episodes, 10 episodes each. The main role is played by the well-known J.K. Simmons, who is remembered in 2014 for the Oscar-winning film "Obsession" or otherwise "Whiplash", where he played the role of the controversial leader of a jazz big band at one of the best music colleges in America.

For her, Simmons received the long-awaited Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

The plot is not so simple

This time the actor performs in a role far from music and introduces to us a seemingly unremarkable employee, a sort of petty bureaucrat from the UN agency in Berlin.

He has been working in one place for more than 30 years, but he himself does not know what he is working for and what is the actual purpose of his work. Life goes by day after day, Simmons' hero Howard Silk (it is not for nothing that Silk was awarded this surname, which means silk) continues to lead a dull existence.

On the other side 2018
Photography Not everyone can meet their counterpart from another world

And then one day he is summoned for questioning by the head of the agency's security, Aldrich - he is played by Ulrich Thomsen, known to us from "Banshee" and the secret of the company is revealed. It turns out that during the Cold War, an entrance to another world, another dimension, was built and Howard faces his counterpart from a parallel world.

Another reality in a different way

In another reality, Howard's "doppelganger" is by no means inclined to shyness, a confident special agent from the "Second Floor". This is the coded name for another reality. On the "second floor" he is an authoritative person at work, in general, this is another, more perfect "version" of Howard.

Beyond 2018
Photo Of course it is better to keep quiet about this

Through his double, our humble employee learns that in a parallel world a plan has been launched to destroy some individuals here in the real world and the killer has already been sent here. Howard immediately remembers his wife, who is in a coma after an accident. It turns out she's also on the killer's list. Around of secrets and riddles.

Why did they build this entrance to another world, or rather, why did they invent it? Yes, they really did, because that world wouldn't exist if it wasn't for this. So for something he was needed ...

Spies are everywhere

The spy atmosphere seems to permeate the film, and for those who are not alien to mysticism, there is also it here, plus a metaphysical component that makes you wonder whether we also have our own double, living in another dimension, another, maybe improved version of our personality?

On the other side 2018
Photo Spies they are everywhere

Simmons very reliably manages to play both versions of the hero in such a way that you look and really perceive the characters as completely independent individuals. No wonder the actor was awarded the prize of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts - in his transformations into films he is a genius, we must pay tribute to him.

70s atmosphere

When you watch this series, you get the impression that you are in the atmosphere of the 70s, and on the other hand, there is also modern reality. The authors of the series have ingeniously worked out this line of connecting the supposedly past with the present.

On the other side 2018
Photography Another world is very different from ours

At first, this leaves an ambiguous impression, you cannot decide what kind of epoch they represent to us, whether the past with elements of the present, or the present, interspersed with the past. This is suggestive and it is impossible not to recall the film of the genius German director Rainer Werner Fasbinder, filmed in the 70s of the last century in 1973 and atmospheric reminiscent of "Counterpart".

Note for Connoisseurs

Lovers of cinematic curiosities can even compare them with each other by watching both films. Fassbinder's film was one of the first to touch on the topic of virtual reality, and after it such continuation of the topic as "Nirvana", "Matrix", "Existence", "13th floor" followed. The latter practically repeated the plot of Fasbinder's "World on a Wire".

Going back to "Counterpart", there is another interesting detail regarding the cast. Did you know that Michael Nyquist was first considered for the role of Aldrich? And so it was, but due to the difficulties in aligning the schedules of the actor and the crew, they opted for Ulrich Thomsen. One Scandinavian was replaced by another, and as the future showed, this choice was the most correct.

When to wait in USA

The first episode will be released on the USA screen on January 20 . It won't be long to wait. It seems that this series will become one of those that will remain in the memory of viewers for a long time, and who knows, maybe the creators will not stop at 2 episodes. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. As they say, enjoy your viewing!

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