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Top 8 anime about little things in life


On rainy, slushy days, when you want chocolate and tea, there is no mood to watch senen, science fiction or anything more complicated than a fairy tale about Masha, they come to the rescue - anime about how important various little things are in life ... They warm, amuse, fill the mind with absurdity and in the end help to understand how wonderful it is that we exist.

First place - "Lucky Star" ("Lucky Star")

Describing the plot of this recognized classic is somewhat difficult. But you can try! Hereditary otaku Konata, who lives with her dad, who allows her to play "adult" games, is an atypical Japanese schoolgirl. She constantly hangs out in online games, wonders which side the chocolate bagel is on and knows how to handle extreme situations like anime festivals. She is not at all embarrassed that her dad is not only a popular writer, but also a "bear", because they are very attached to each other, also because Konata's mother died when she was just a baby.

Her friends Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki are also girls with weirdness, although some (like Kagami) try to appear normal. And their teacher is wow - she goes on raids with Konata and is still not married, at twenty-five!

Everyone is recommended to watch the anime, especially those with a temperature of 38 and there are temporary clouding of consciousness.

Second place - "Little things in life"

In fact, this anime could have won first place if it weren't for Lucky Star anime outside the categories.

"Yuka we have a fool" - that's how you can simply describe the main character. Although, maybe, everything is a little more complicated with her, as with all the other characters of this anime, such as the laconic Mai, the mangaka Mio (lover of stories about male love), the Professor, Nano, with a key sticking out of her back, and the talking cat Sakamoto ... But there is still an eternally panicked math teacher, a director who is capable of defeating a deer in hand-to-hand combat, and the eldest son of the Sasahara family, who comes to school on a goat. And these are not the weirdest people at school yet!

If you ask the question, what does the airship have to do with it, in which an ancient weapon is hidden in the form of two wooden cubes, what is football go and what is the strength of the Daiku family, this will not complicate the plot at all, if only because it is already impossible to understand it ...

Watch for everyone over eighteen, lovers of cats, sharks and simple joys.

Third place - "Kay-On"

Is it possible to become a member of the "light music" club without knowing how to play any musical instrument? Hirasawa Yui can do anything - she just really likes to drink tea after class. And by the way, what is not the name for the group? Together with shy bassist Mio, extremely active drummer Ritsu and a real lady from the good Mugi family, they form a band that will someday perform at the Budokan.

In the meantime, they need to buy a guitar - no, wait, first you need to make money on a guitar !, teach Yui to play (which is difficult - she forgets the previous chord as soon as she learns a new one) and perform at least at a school festival. Ahead of them are hard work on songs, a fun summer vacation, study and rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals ...

The girls do not yet know what help the little sister of the unlucky Yui will render them, who Sawako's teacher really turns out to be, and who Nakano Azusa is ... Which means that they still have something to come.

Anime is recommended for viewing to everyone who has played in a group at least once in his life, those who have not played, but would really like to, as well as those who know what "Gibson" is and why a store with musical instruments for left-handers - that's cool.

Fourth place - "Azumanga Dayo"

Also a classic, although it is not known as widely as "Lucky Star". And completely in vain! Although it is very difficult to name the main character in it.

Because they are all the main ones - and Osaka-san, who by her existence proves that the brake is also a mechanism, and the baby prodigy Tie, and the cat lover Sakaki (although they do not reciprocate her), and the ridiculously energetic Tomo, and everyone else.

For three years in high school, they will make friends with each other and with their teachers of English and physical education, they will learn a lot that they would not want to know, they will learn something and at the same time they will not learn anything. In short, they will live a glorious and fulfilling life in high school.

Since this is still a classic, everyone needs to watch it, especially those who have already watched the first three anime tops, but everything is not enough for him.

Fifth place - "Supersonico"

Sonico is perfection itself. So what if she was originally just a game development studio mascot? The anime ended up being very kind and sweet.

Sonico is a university student who specializes in marine biology. She is constantly late because she likes to sleep too much, but the teachers forgive her everything, because she is really passionate about what she is studying.

But this is not her only occupation - she plays the guitar in the First Space Velocity group together with Suzu and Furi, helps her grandmother in a cafe and works as a model, because she has to somehow maintain a whole apartment of adorable cats. How does she manage everything? Of course, with the help of friends who are always ready to help, a beloved grandmother who can call Santa Claus from America, good neighbors from the shopping district and, of course, the manager Shimura.

But Sonico herself is ready to help everyone who needs her, she is always attentive to people (and cats), she has an incredibly kind heart - and this is with absolutely amazing external data. In a word, not a girl, but perfection itself. There are, of course, unscrupulous people who would like to take advantage of her reliability and modesty, but Shimura is always on the alert!

Anime is not just recommended for viewing - it definitely needs to be watched by everyone, and especially by those who do not believe that goodness still exists.

Sixth place - "Wilderness" ("Village", "My life in the wilderness")

Children should grow up in a village where there is a lot of fresh air, interesting games in this very air and where everything can bloom and smell - including real friendship. Actually, this is what this anime tells about.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Hotaru is a fifth grader, although she looks very mature. She has never been to the village, but here her father is transferred to the real wilderness - a village so small that all the children here sit in the same class, although they study in different ones. And they have one teacher for all subjects (besides, there is a suspicion that she is also the headmaster of the school). But Hotaru is not frightened, but fascinated! After all, only in the village you can see a whole field of snow, learn to jump from a bridge into the river and pick berries. And, of course, find friends who will teach all this.

All the students of the small school are very friendly, because there are very few of them - they are the serious, silent brother Suguru, his sisters Komari (older) and Natsumi (younger), and, of course, Renge is a first-grader, the sister of the local teacher. They self-master the educational material, love to fool around and eat, they never miss the bus (because the next one is two hours later) and ride their bicycles to the nearest supermarket (which is also two hours away). Hotaru happily joins their company and does not turn up his nose in the least, despite the fact that she is a city dweller and has even been to the largest amusement park in the capital.

Everyone can and should watch this anime - both those who grew up in the village, and those who came there to see their grandmother, and those who saw her only from the train window.

Seventh Place - Outdoor Camp

Uncomplicated anime about how great it is to have a real hobby that helps to find friends even for those who do not want it at all. By the way, quite fresh - season 2018.

Rin is a fan of hiking. But she prefers to walk exclusively alone - she gets on a bicycle and goes to the chosen campsite to sleep in a tent, look at the stars and enjoy the taste of food cooked on a fire. And the parents let the high school student go, because they are sure of her seriousness and hiking skills. Perhaps, over time, she will even save up for a new scooter - Rin constantly earns money so as not to take money for trips from her parents, this is another manifestation of her independence.

One day she goes to look at Mount Fuji and meets an enthusiastic Nadesiko, who only recently moved to these places and had seen the famous volcano before only on money. Completely unprepared, she went to look at her and almost froze to death, but was saved by Rin. However, the latter will soon regret it - with the appearance of Nadeshiko, her quiet life will end.

But there will be members of the outdoor recreation club - Aoi, Chiaki and Ena, hiking in the company, new campings and new acquaintances.

Recommended to everyone who misses hiking and the smell of smoke, dreams of looking at the night sky outside the city, as well as to those who know nothing about hiking - this is not just fun, but also quite useful anime, which gives good advice for beginner hikers.

Eighth place - "Little Sister Modeler"

A short series of 12 episodes, but each one is worth watching!

Iroe decided to organize a very unusual club that would bring together people who like ... to gather. But they not only (or rather, not so much) collect plastic models as they do all sorts of nonsense. For example, Okamomto mostly fights with Iroe, while Maki-Maki suffers from unrequited love. And it all looks very fun, relaxed and just incredible.

Recommended for viewing to everyone who is tired of templates and who is ready to spend an hour and a half of their life on casual fun.

All these anime are wonderful to lift your spirits, make you think about the meaning of life and gently teach what is good and what is bad. The main thing is not to confuse which side the chocolate bagel is on!

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Author: Jake Pinkman