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Films and TV series from 20 to 31 December


It's time to talk about the pre-New Year premieres of December. How will foreign and domestic filmmakers please us on these pre-holiday days? Film lovers have been looking forward to this week with great impatience, but, as it turned out, with good films these days will be a real "strain". And if it weren't for the series ... In general, let's talk about everything in order.

Release schedule for films and TV series from 20 to 31 December

From foreign film premieres in the West these days "Bumblebee" will undividedly dominate, which by this time has already receded into the background and even into the background. Frankly speaking, we will have nothing to see. Except, of course, the order of the Urgantovo-Svetakov's "Fir-trees", which have already become boring, and the animated heroic chronicles that have begun to pall five or six years ago. Before the New Year, after all, hunting for something really new. Again and again, we are given the same faces, only from a slightly different angle.

But first about the Western premieres, some of which, such as the anime "Spirited Away", have not been premieres for a hundred years. Of these, in the last decade of the outgoing year, domestic distributors have concocted the following unsightly set for us:

  • Educator - drama, chap. starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Parker Sevak, Ato Blankson-Wood, Gael Garcia Bernal and others (USA).
  • Pyshka - musical, drama, comedy, in ch. starring Jennifer Aniston, Odeya Rush, Maddie Baillio, Danielle MacDonald and others (USA).
  • Man, place, time and man again - thriller, chap. starring Jang Geun-suk, Lee Sung-jae, Ryu Seung-bom, Mina Fuji and others (South Korea).
  • Spirited Away - anime, cartoon, fantasy, adventure, family (Japan).
  • Love and the Other Zoo - melodrama, comedy, in ch. starring Felix Moati, Laetitia Dosch, Marina Fois, Christa Tere and others (France, Belgium)
  • Claude Monet: The Magic of Water and Light - documentary (Italy).

Our films, although they are all sequels through and through, but at least really are premieres that first appeared on the screen. Do not compare with the overseas rotten list offered to us:

  • Last Fir Trees - comedy, in ch. starring Ivan Urgant, Sergey Svetlakov, Elena Yakovleva, Dmitry Nagiev and others.
  • Three heroes and the Heir to the throne - cartoon, adventure, family, voice acting: Mikhail Chernyak, Sergey Makovetsky, Valery Soloviev, Dmitry Bykovsky-Romashov, etc.
  • Policeman from Rublevka. New Year's mayhem - a comedy, in ch. starring Alexander Petrov, Sergey Burunov, Roman Popov, Alexandra Bortich and others.

And truly, on these New Year's Eve days, only figures from the field of television will please. They present to our attention as many as 7 new seasons, of which 3 are starting:

  • Three at the bottom . Premiere. December 21, 2018 (USA).
  • Diablero . Premiere. 12/21/2018. (USA).
  • Bird box . Premiere. 12/21/2018. (USA).
  • The Runaways . Season 2. 21.12. 2018. Hulu (USA).
  • Letterkenny . Season 6. 12/25/2018. CraveTV (Canada).
  • Black Mirror . Season 5. 28.12.2018. Channel 4. (England).
  • Orville . Season 2. 30.12.2018. FOX (USA).

Well, now let's cool down a bit with joy and take a closer look at everything proposed.

A quick overview of Western film premieres

There is nothing to highlight here. Only the full-length anime "Spirited Away" looks weighty against the background of all the proposed "good". And all would be fine, but only for the first time it was released back in 2001, when grandfather Boris Yeltsin was still alive.

By the way, the premiere took place here too. The distributor "Central Partnership" rolled this tape quite well in USA for the New Year 2002. And now, 16 years later, the dealers from Pioneer decided to repeat this feat. Something suggests that the success of the tape will be, to put it mildly, not very good.

The distributors are understandable. Nobody undertook to rent some expensive tapes here in USA, since all the box office receipts will go to the Three Bogatyrs, Yolkam and New Year's Policeman from the ruble anyway.

But, it is still necessary to review the proposed. So let's get started!


Directed by Sara Colangelo. IMDb rating 6.8.

We can safely say that the film is a kind of "drama about drama." If you are obsessed with poetry and do not have a soul in it, then this does not mean that you need to direct your poor son along this path with might and main. Even if he has a talent for "poetry", this is not a reason to tear the child away from life, peers and the world in general.

If a child is good at roasting potatoes, this does not mean that he is a born cook. If a child runs fast, this does not mean that he is necessarily a great athlete. And if my son knows how to hold his breath for a long time, so should I give him up as astronauts or submariners?

Nonsense, and nothing more. Maybe, after all, you should first raise a child without bias, and then let him choose his own path? It is a pity that the parents are sure that it is they who "know best" what the child needs. And then the poor offspring may spend their whole life at an unloved job, doing an unloved business, and, sometimes, also living with an unloved person ...

The only joy is to look at the heroine of the series "Two". True, here she does not show her "charms", but she plays with dignity. As, in principle, and in "Two" with the show "charms".


Directed by Anne Fletcher. IMDb 7.0 rating.

The ex-beauty queen is growing up a daughter, who is also not averse to participating in the annual Miss Cornflower beauty contest. Only the proportions of the daughter did not come out. But the puffy girl does not want to stop in any way and rushes ahead. And after her, oddly enough, other "plump-slender girls" who also wish to participate in the competition are pulling up.

The film is naive in nature. If you want to be a beauty, observe your figure. Otherwise, the podium of the beauty queen will not be available to you. Regardless of whether the plump is awarded a place of honor in this film or not, alas, you should not relax. This is the reality!

Person, place, time and again person

Directed by Kim Ki Duk.

A harsh interpretation of the 1992 film "City Hunter" starring Jackie Chan. Only if there was a comedy, and people went sailing on a tourist liner, it doesn't smell like comedy here, and vacationers set off on a tour on an old military cruiser.

We will see what the South Korean filmmakers will offer us this time. And we know that they can surprise. For example, as in the case of the "Train to Busan" ...

Spirited Away

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. IMDb rating 8.6.

The re-release of the Pioneer distributor of the full-length anime by the unsurpassed master Hayao Miyazaki, Oscar winner from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, Golden Saturn from the Science Fiction Academy and Golden Bear from the Berlin Film Festival.

This anime is definitely worth watching from time to time. But offering it to be reviewed on the big screen and for a fee ... Few will appreciate it.

Love and other zoo

Director Anthony Cordier

When your family is not so hot, you don't feel like returning to it. So Gasparu lives excellently away from the eccentric family. But they are unlikely to be allowed to live in peace. Daddy-womanizer has another wedding, and therefore, like it or not, you will have to attend

Gaspar grabs an eccentric babeha with him to annoy his relatives, and go ahead. But, as the tape shows, it is sometimes very useful to return to such a "paternal" house.

Claude Monet: The Magic of Water and Light

Directed by Giovani Troilo. IMDb 7.0 rating.

What made the distributor "NevaFilm Emotion" hope for success in the USA box office during the New Year holidays of this particular tape? Probably only the bargain price of renting this very tape.

It is unlikely that someone on the eve of the New Year will be interested to know who was the legislator of the foundations of the direction of impressionism in the visual arts. But, meanwhile, the trailer has the right to be present ...

Review of pre-New Year premieres from domestic filmmakers

Only in our country, in order to find out what awaits us for the New Year in cinemas, it is enough to recall what awaited us in these very cinemas before the last New Year. And “Yolki” and “Bogatyrs” were waiting for us that year. This means that this year we will also be waiting for "Yolki" and "Bogatyrs". Well, if something else is added, then there will really be a feast!

So, dear moviegoers, our domestic film industry has not been able to come up with anything new in a year. And with all that the shelves in libraries are bursting with worthy works, it is completely unclear why our artists are fixated on some third-rate rubbish. Are they too lazy to reach the library?

No, no! They are too lazy to read! It's always easier to give out a gag than to retell what has already been written. We know this from school literature lessons! And therefore again, gritting our teeth, we go and look. We weren't left with a choice anyway.

Recent Trees

Directors: Timur Bekmambetov, Yegor Baranov, Anna Parmas, Alexander Kott.

Even the name shows that the filmmakers themselves have already got these eternal, naive and unintelligible New Year's Eve Urgant with Svetlakov. As the KinoPoiskaya statistics show, the best achievement of "Elok" in their entire history was a 7.1 rating, which was worthy of the very first film of a kind of "franchise" of 2011 release.

The funniest version was the 2016 version, which slipped into the red sector, to 4.8. In 2014, in the wake of apparent success, in parallel with the Urgantovo-Svetlakovskies, the Shaggy Fir-Trees were launched, which barely made it to 5. And Urgant and Svetlakov did not even make it to 6. Everything indicated that even then it was time to tie.

But, as it always happens in our country, a good thought comes after ...

Three heroes and the Heir to the throne

Director Konstantin Bronzit

This time, the three heroes and the horse Julia, already fed up with his antics, will have to accompany the princess from Constantinople, where she "receives education", to Kiev. This journey will not be easy for them, especially considering that the princess is being hunted by intruders led by ... In short, we are watching the trailer.

Policeman from Rublyovka. New Year's mayhem

Director Ilya Kulikov.

The serial "policeman" from the TV slowly slid onto the movie screens. Such a “pre-New Year's slide” seemed to the TNT channel figures very suitable for making a cash register at the “pre-New Year boom”. Especially if we assume that they will have absolutely no competitors, with the exception of the "Elok" and "Bogatyrs", who have set their teeth on edge.

Time will show how the premiere of the bloated episode of the same-name series, which slipped into theaters from TV, will take place. Well, for the time being we were shown her trailer.

TV shows are our New Year's salvation!

And, finally, we got to the most worthy one this week. This is the case when the entire world film industry is taken out on their shoulders by serials. And there will be a lot of worthy ones this week. Despite the fact that next seasons of "Black Mirror" and "Orville" start on the New Year's week, we will have a few more premieres, the trailers of which we will be happy to watch.

Three Downstairs

Premiere. December 21, Friday.

Genres: cartoon, action, adventure, fantasy.

Netflix TV channel (USA).

Let's start with the premiere of a spectacular 3D cartoon. The story revolves around two aliens whose homeland (that is, their home planet) is, to put it mildly, in danger. It is from there that two aliens with a guard, who, as it turned out, a master of mimicry, take their feet.

But their ship is damaged and they have to land on our planet to repair it. The repairs take time, and in order not to get caught, the guys have to pass themselves off as local teenagers, and the formidable warrior as a grandfather with a wand. Such is the turn ...


Premiere. December 21, Friday.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystic.

TV Channel Netflix (Mexico).

Netflix has sponsored a kind of low-budget Mexican "under-sequel" of a cross between "Ash vs. the Forces of Evil" and "Supernatural." Here the showdown with the otherworldly evil will be led by priest Ramiro Ventura (not to be confused with Ace Ventura), and demon hunters and a researcher of anomalous phenomena will help him in this useful activity.

Bird box

Premiere. December 21, Friday.

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama.

Netflix TV Channel (USA).

No sooner had the people woken up from the "Haunting of the Hill House", as Netflix again goes into a frightening attack. And this time it is more fantastic than mystical.

Overnight, all sighted people start to go crazy and go berserk, killing everyone and everything in their path. The only chance not to go nuts like the rest is not to look. A single mother, blindfolded with a scarf for herself and her children, goes in search of survivors. It will be difficult to be blindfolded. But who said surviving at the end of the world would be easy?

The idea is very similar to Stephen King's Mobile. Only there everything was tied to hearing. You can't listen to what the calling smartphone wants to tell you. And here everything is tied to vision. You cannot see what appears before your eyes. Something like this. We hope the denouement here will be more interesting than in the idiotic film version of the master of horror masterpiece.

The Runaways

Season 2. December 21, Friday.

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Drama, Thriller.

Hulu TV Channel (USA). IMDb rating 7.2, KP 6.5.

The story of how several teenagers learn the terrible secret of their parents, who are some kind of strange sectarian club, had its continuation. Children, by the way, endowed with supernatural abilities, hated their parents for sacrificing teenagers and decided to give them a fight.

The series did not win much love from the audience, but the leaders of the Hulu TV channel decided to continue at their own peril and risk.

The first season aired at the turn of 2017 and 2018 and aired one episode per week. This time, the TV channel decided to warm up the rating by showing the episodes every day, with the exception of January 1. But 22, on Saturday, the channel will show two episodes in a row at once. The last, 13th episode of the season will be released on January 2nd.


Season 6. December 25, Tuesday.

Genre: Comedy.

CraveTV Channel (Canada). IMDb rating 8.2.

Despite the fact that the first season of the comedy story about how two village guys with might and main are trying to protect their town of Letterkenia from the impending urbanization, was released in 2016, as many as 6 seasons of this funny series have seen the light.

The advantage of the series is that all 6 episodes of each season are released on the same day and quite often so that the viewer does not have time to forget about what happened in the previous season.

And this is for ratings - it's worth a lot!

Black Mirror

Season 5. December 28, Friday.

Genres: Fantasy, Thriller, Drama, Adventure

Netflix TV channel (USA). IMDb rating 8.9, KP 8.5.

Another series worthy of respect not only because of the high ratings, but also because all episodes are released overnight. This time we are promised stories that are even more eerie and interesting. And by the way, it's even more interactive. It is reliably known that one of the episodes (at least) of this season will be interactive. That is, the viewer during online viewing will be able to influence the outcome of the plot himself. Let's see what happens. The first experience that Stephen Soderbergh used in his Mosaic was unsuccessful. But Netflix has its own ideas.

By the way, Miley Cyrus will definitely star in one of the episodes. Who knows, maybe even this will be the first episode released under the sonorous title "Jabberwock"!

It's deplorable, but Netflix does not release trailers for this series ahead of time. Heats up interest. Nothing, we'll do. Fortunately, there is not long to wait.


Season 2. December 30, Sunday.

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy.

FOX TV Channel (USA). IMDb rating 7.9, KP 7.1.

Someone will laugh, but the parody of Star Trek in the ratings of KinoPoisk and IMDb is higher than the new series in the universe - "Star Trek: Discovery". The premieres of both took place at the turn of 2017 and 2018, and from the very beginning Orville took a confident leadership. He is still in the lead now.

Filmed though not so high-budget, but three times more interesting. The stupid abstruse plot of "Discovery" is clearly not to the heart of the moviegoer. Why were Voyager and New Generation in demand? Because they were simple and did not go into the scientific jungle. Instead, they were action-packed and had a simple and interesting storyline.

This is what we have in Orville.

Here is such an interesting conclusion to the current film year! Thanks to the TV shows, otherwise there would have been nothing to watch. And we say goodbye to the new, now post-New Year's schedule of premieres. Have a nice New Year mood and ... More cool movies!

At least, if not in cinemas, so at least on the net ...

The Topic of Article: Films and TV series from 20 to 31 December.
Author: Jake Pinkman