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History of Umbrella Corporation [Cadelta Horror Month]


Umbrella Corporation is one of the most famous corporations in the gaming industry, and pop culture as such. When it was founded, it was an international conglomerate, a leading pharmaceutical company and one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States. However, only a narrow circle of people knew that the true goal of the company was genetic research, as well as the manufacture and sale of biological weapons. Today we take a look at the history of the Umbrella Corporation, which was engaged in illegal genetic activity for decades until it was closed in 2003 after losing court cases related to the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998.

Early history of the Umbrella Corporation

The history of Umbrella Corporation dates back to 1968, when it was founded by Lord Oswell E.

Spencer and his partners James Marcus and Edward Ashford after the discovery of the progenitor virus in Africa. Originating from the Chiju region of West Africa, this virus was naturally created by a rare and exotic flower that grew near the Ndipaya swamps. This flower, known as the "Ladder to the Sun", was worshiped by the Ndipaya tribe, who chose the leaders of their tribe, forcing the best hunters to eat this flower. The one who survived became the leader.


Spencer was a real misanthrope and believed that a virus could help humanity move to a new stage of evolution. The first studies and attempts to create a virus artificially were unsuccessful, since plants could only produce the virus in their natural conditions. The company was founded with the aim of deeper analysis of the virus and the creation of biological weapons. The research was supposed to be funded with money received from the sale of pharmaceuticals.

Over the years, Umbrella has rapidly expanded around the world, establishing itself as the world's leading pharmaceutical company. In 1978, James Marcus, in charge of the shadowy side of the company's business, succeeds in his research. It combines the virus with the DNA of the leech, resulting in a new type of virus that was named "Tyrant" or "T-virus". Although the progenitor virus itself turned out to be quite useless as a biological weapon, it played an important role in the manufacture of the "T-virus" for several decades to come.

All this research was carried out in a bunker located under the Spesner mansion, a few miles from Raccoon City. The studies were conducted at the Umbrella training center in America and in European affiliates. Markus, spending all the time almost in isolation, begins to suffer from paranoia and megalomania. He sees enemies everywhere who want to appropriate his discoveries. He becomes even more isolated from others, begins to keep a diary of research and trusts only two people: Albert Wesker and Ulliam Birkini.


In 1988, Marcus was killed by them on the orders of Spencer, and since then all scientific achievements, including the creation of the T-virus, were henceforth considered Birkini's achievements. By that time, William Birkin had lost interest in Marcus's work and created another version of the virus - the G-virus, obtained through experiments on Lisa Trevor, the oldest test subject in the laboratory. For several years, the T-virus developed in her body and, as a result, it mutated, forming a new mutagen.


If the T-virus is able to reanimate dead people in the form of zombies, and also significantly modify the characteristics of the body and human abilities, then the G-virus is more unstable and leads to a sharp and terrible transformation of the host.

T-virus epidemic


In 1998, James Marcus, who was resurrected through his biological experiment Queen Leech, initiated a revenge plan against Umbrella. Upon his return to life, he is able to mentally control a swarm of infected leeches, and he disperses the T-virus at the Umbrella Research Center in the Arklay laboratory under the Spencer mansion. This subsequently led to the spread of the virus in Raccoon City, dooming the city to destruction.


To collect samples of the virus, Wesker created a special police squad known as STARS, which was sent to the mansion in order to collect all research. However, the plan failed, and a police squad destroyed the laboratory, and Wesker himself was killed. Despite this, the company began to make attempts to hush up the incident, bribing officials and blocking the investigation.

As a result, the remains of the virus from the laboratory fell into the drain and spread throughout the city. This happened due to the fact that Umbrella sent her agents to take a sample of his G-virus from William Birkini, and also eliminate it, since he was going to sell the company and his research to the US military. He was shot in the laboratory, but before that he injected his own virus into his body, and he saved him from death, but at the same time the inevitable process of mutation began. As a result, he began to hunt down all who participated in the conspiracy against him and killed them. During the "hunt" several containers with the T-virus were damaged, which infected sewer rats, spreading the infection that swept the entire city.

During the Raccoon City incident, the company sent its men to seize all important research-related documents and used the virus to conduct field trials. This is how the two most powerful models of the T-103, also known as Mr. X, and the more advanced T-Nemesis, appeared.


Despite Umbrella's best efforts to conceal their actions, they have not been able to get out dry after a disaster of this magnitude. In the aftermath of the Raccoon City incident, the corporation was blamed for the tragedy, and a lengthy trial began. Umbrella had many connections with key government officials and seemingly limitless financial reserves, which allowed them to drag out the process for several years.

End of company

After Raccoon City was destroyed and the company was dragged out in years of legal proceedings, its stock began to fall, and American society no longer trusted her and her products. Research centers around the world could not function properly, as they were attacked by separate groups fighting against biological weapons research.

By March 2003, all Umbrella offices were closed, the company was found guilty on all counts related to its anti-human research and the destruction of Raccoon City. The corporation went bankrupt, with all its leaders either arrested or hiding.


But even after Umbrella passed away, the world faced her dangerous legacy. Many types of biological weapons, viruses, Tyrants and other monsters developed by Umbrella have ended up on the black market in third world countries. From there they spread and fell into the hands of terrorist organizations. The biological arms race has started again and has led to several other dire incidents in the future.

2007 reorganization

In 2007, members of the former Umbrella board decided to restore the organization, but reorganizing it into a power structure, which, on the contrary, will deal with the consequences left by the previous organization and the doctrine of biological weapons. The new company Umbrella Corps has been named.

In the coming years, the organization will conduct a series of paramilitary operations in conjunction with the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance [BSAA], conducting operations to clean up various bioterrorist sites. Initially, the BSAA did not trust Umbrella, but later had to work with them directly.


In 2017, elite BSAA member Chris Redfield led the Umbrella team in Dulvi, Louisiana to eliminate Evelyn's fraudulent combat situation and capture Lucas Baker. Lucas was associated with a crime syndicate known as The Connections. During this operation, Umbrella suffered heavy casualties, and Lucas was killed by Chris after he turned into a monster.


This concludes the current history of Umbrella and we will be able to see exactly where it will lead the new structure only in the following parts.

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