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How to choose a hoverboard


During the summer, we all love to walk in the parks. Some people just walk the shady alleys, while others prefer skateboards, bicycles, scooters or roller skates. And the most fashionable transport in our time is a hoverboard.

A large number of types of such equipment are now presented on the market. They have different design solutions, power level, size, cost. There are criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a unit. We will try to figure out together what you need to know in order to easily choose a gyro scooter for a child or an adult.

Who produces

Modern hoverboards are produced in many countries, but the most famous are Chinese and American-made equipment. The cost of the "Americans" is two to three times higher, although the characteristics of the Chinese models are in no way inferior to them. In addition, it should be remembered that at the current stage of the development of the global economy, a huge number of US firms are engaged in production activities in the Middle Kingdom.

If the price factor is of great importance to you, then you should choose Chinese models. Before buying equipment, you need to read the reviews on this equipment on the Web. Some manufacturers seek to save on materials, because of this, the level of reliability and operating time are reduced. Other companies make a high quality product for the same price, comparable to their American counterparts. You can mark W_motion, Hover bot, HIPER, Zaxboard.

Where to buy

It is best to contact the official representatives of the manufacturer. It is necessary to study the quality certificates, find out everything about the warranty service. You cannot strive for savings by reacting to offers that have a very low price.

Remember that this often means you will spend more in the future. If there is no warranty, technical support, spare parts are not offered, then you should not buy such equipment.

Price factor

The simplest models cost about $ 150. At the same time, there is also a very expensive technique, the price of which exceeds a thousand dollars. According to experts, it is worth choosing reliable, high-quality models that have good maintainability.

Their cost is three to four hundred dollars. You can buy Chinese hoverboards on sites like AliExpress. This is a great savings opportunity, but there is no warranty in this case.

Body materials for hoverboards

The quality of the material used in the hoverboard is a factor in its reliability and durability. Metal models are very rare, they cost a lot. As a rule, the market offers equipment with a steel frame and a plastic housing. Its advantage is rubber pads, bumpers, which are needed to protect the body.

When choosing a model, take the time to check the attention of the build quality. There can be no question of the presence of: - cracks; - backlashes; - other defects. It is impossible for something to be tapped or creaked inside. The hoverboard should feel like a monolithic unit.

It's good if the model has a moisture and dust protection system. At the same time, you can easily ride on a rainy day, not paying attention to the puddles.

Hoverboard wheel diameter

The technology for children has wheels four inches in diameter. Adults can ride vehicles with medium to large wheels (six to ten inches). In this case, high speed is achieved, good cross-country performance is guaranteed. On a gyro scooter, you can overcome dirt, sand, snow and gravel paths.

Wheel diameter is a factor of ground clearance and the greatest angle of inclination of the base. The diameter will determine how easily the model can walk on inclined surfaces, skipping bumps.

Choosing the type of hoverboard wheel

Tubeless wheels are used in small, lightweight models. They can be used daily in urban environments. This type of wheel has a higher hardness. If you ride them on uneven asphalt, then there will be strong shaking, you need to remember this.

In ten-inch models, inflatable rubber wheels are used. This option is more massive, but it is more convenient, as it provides high-quality shock absorption and cross-country ability.

Bonus Features

Models can be additionally equipped with Bluetooth speakers, remote control, alarm, LED backlight, side lights, sometimes fast charging of equipment can be supported. Of course, any bonus is an increase in value. Be sure to compare models for this property.

Mileage indicator

A hoverboard travels up to forty kilometers without charging the battery. It is best to buy equipment that is designed for at least twenty kilometers. This is a very normal indicator. The battery capacity is about 4400 mah, it is enough for twenty kilometers.

Speed level

Giroskuter accelerates to twenty kilometers per hour. Such a low speed is associated with the fact that the design of the unit is not very stable. The risk of falling and getting injured is very high.

Maximum exercise level

It is known that the weight that a hoverboard can handle can be compared to that of a bicycle and skateboard. It reaches one hundred and twenty - one hundred and fifty kilos. The most vulnerable part of the unit is the center pivot joint. This is the real "Achilles' heel" of Chinese technology, because of which there is a need for an even distribution of weight.

Motor power indicator

The motors are located next to the wheels. Pay attention to how the manufacturer indicates the power. It can be cumulative or separate. If the engine has a power of 350 watts, then the model develops excellent speed, copes with various obstacles. If the power is less, the use may be uncomfortable.

Charge time indicator

As a rule, gyroboards are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which are charged within two to three hours. For models that support fast charging, this figure is reduced by three times.

Most often, the equipment does not indicate which batteries the models are equipped with, so there is a risk. For example, if you have a good branded battery from Sony, everything will work like a clock. If we are talking about batteries from dubious firms, then in this case there is a rapid loss of the maximum volume. The quality of the battery is an important factor in choosing a scooter.

Electronics Properties

It is best if the electronics have three boards. The three-board system has a separate motor controller, two stabilization sensor boards located next to the wheels. Such units have excellent reliability, efficiency, durability.

Equipment weight

Models designed for an adult weigh eight to sixteen kilos. The weight is influenced by the battery, the electronic system, and the materials of the case (plastic, aluminum, etc.). Of course, if you want to use the hoverboard in the morning, carry it in a case, then choose the light weight variations.

Anyone who wants to ride a vehicle from time to time may not pay attention to the weight of the equipment. Choose a gyro board that suits your leisure time scenario.

Official Service Warranty

As a rule, when buying a gyro scooter, people do not think about warranty repairs. Modern stores provide customers with their own "guarantee", and also work under a contract with private professionals who are given a guarantee. You should not buy equipment without a guarantee. Be sure to find out if the seller has a branded service book.

Hoverboard moisture and snow protection

Equipment breaks down due to high humidity, this is a well-known fact. Nowadays, you can find the latest models in which aqua protection is preinstalled.

The electronic filling is reliably protected, such a gyro scooter can be used in the rain. It is important to pay attention to the specified moisture protection standard. For example, one model can only withstand small splashes, while the other can overcome deep puddles. The maximum IP66 standard allows short-term diving to one meter depth.

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