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Sony is committed to making Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verses responsibly. This is clearly seen in the attraction of three directors at once to stage the picture and the participation of Hollywood actors who gave their voices to the cartoon characters. But Sony was not enough and they invited the famous composer Daniel Pemberton to write the music for the new cartoon in the Spider-Man universe.

Daniel Pemberton

Daniel Pemberton may be known to the general public for such sensational films as "The Sword of King Arthur", "Ocean's 8" and "Agents of ANKL". Overall, Daniel's track record includes a soundtrack for 70 films, but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is his first work on music for an animated film.

It is important to note that the impressive productivity of Daniel Pemberton did not at all affect the quality of the music he created, which, by the way, was repeatedly noted by viewers and film critics. A special place in his work is occupied by the soundtrack for the movie "Steve Jobs" and the song for the drama "Gold", which were nominated for the Golden Globe.

The premiere of the cartoon "Spider-Man: Through the Universes" on the territory of the USA Federation will take place on December 20 this year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman