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The USAn company has released an ”indestructible” tablet


The manufacturer Mobile Inform Group has launched the MIG T10 x86, a USA tablet that combines a reinforced case design and increased protection for internal components and software. The Astra Linux operating system was specially adapted for it. The gadget is compatible with external peripherals and is capable of operating in an 80-degree temperature range.

What is he capable of

The tablet weighing 1.06 kg belongs to the industrial type of devices, having the appropriate structure and components for this. The MIG T10 x86 has a stated life expectancy of over five years. This period assumes its active use in difficult conditions of temperature changes, dustiness, precipitation. The tablet is equipped with a frost-resistant battery, the operating time of which at low temperatures down to -20 ° C is up to 14 hours.

The shockproof housing has an industrial grade of protection IP67, which assumes resistance to dust and water. The tablet is not afraid of a shock when dropped from a height of 1.2 meters, and its working functions remain from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C. The gadget is equipped with modern wireless and navigation solutions, and the presence of special ports allows it to be connected to external peripherals, thereby increasing the number of its options.


MIG T10 has advanced navigation capabilities provided by GLONASS, GPS, Gallileo and BeiDou systems. In addition, the ability to receive at least two systems at once is supported. This allows the ruggedized tablet to be used in the field without signal loss.

Key Features

The 10-inch screen also features drop protection and technology that makes it easier to see information in bright sunlight. The heart of the MIG T10 is the Intel Appololake N3450 quad-core chipset. Initially, the rugged tablet is equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, but it is possible to expand them up to 8 GB and 256 GB. The main camera has an 8-megapixel sensor, flash and autofocus, the module on the front side of the body has a resolution of 5 MP. The device supports 3G / 4G / LTE networks, wireless interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

Major ports include a pair of USB 3.0 Type A, one universal USB-C interface, and a MicroSD slot. In addition, an additional industrial slot allows you to additionally connect the tablet with external modules.

The device is powered by a removable frost-resistant 11,700 mAh battery. Her responsibilities include ensuring the uninterrupted operation of MIG T10 for 10-20 hours in the temperature range from -20 C ° to +60 C ° and up to 4-5 hours even with a decrease to -30 C °. During this time, the tablet does not need an additional charge, but in critical situations where the continuous operation of the gadget is important, it is possible to quickly replace the battery without turning off the main device.

Different versions of MIG T10 have Windows 10 Pro or Astra Linux pre-installed. At the moment, the USA tablet is available for order, and its price starts at 105,000 rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman