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10 best shooters for weak computers


Despite the fact that modern technologies have become an integral part of our lives, many people still use old computers for one reason or another, the power of which does not allow playing recently released games. And what should owners of such PCs do?

To accept the fate of "losers" and play Solitaire "Klondike" while whiling away long evenings? There is a way out - you can have fun installing the game, albeit not the first freshness, but in no way inferior to new products from the developers of sophisticated computer projects.

Moreover, some games created in the past can easily give odds to the latest "masterpieces", attracting attention to themselves with an excellent storyline, atmosphere and entertainment. It remains only to decide which shooters should be preferred first of all to those who like to shoot at everything that moves.

Max Payne 3

After the final of the second part of the game, nine years pass. Max Payne left the police and is now interrupted by odd jobs, whiling away mostly time at the local bar.

Once a longtime friend named Raoul turns to Max with an offer to arrange him for the service as a bodyguard, but he, not wanting to risk his life, refuses. Immediately after this, Max finds himself embroiled in an unpleasant story - having quarreled with the son of the mafia leader, he kills him.

And now a full-scale hunt is underway for the hero by the gangsters of the deceased's father. Seeing no other way out to avoid imminent death, Max agrees to accept the offer of the old arc and gets a job as a security guard in one rich and influential family, whose member is going to be kidnapped by a gang of criminals.

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Mafia II

One of the best action adventure games that has managed to combine genres such as car simulator and shooter. The plot of Mafia II is set in the United States after World War II - in the forties and fifties of the last century. The cities are ruled by criminal groups and crime is rampant. Honest citizens are once again afraid to go outside so as not to get hit by a stray bullet during high-profile mafia showdowns. Vito Scarletta is a young man who has just served in the army and has finally retired. Attempts to find a suitable job for himself end in failure, and the guy was forced to contact the world of crime and join the ranks of the mafia. Trying to break out into people, he is in a hurry to prove to everyone that he can achieve a lot in the criminal field.

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Half Life 2

As soon as Half Life 2 went into mass circulation, just a few months later it won the hearts of most shooter fans. Thanks to the interesting plot and good graphics for those times, the game quickly won the hearts of gamers around the world.

Perhaps it was difficult to find a person ten years ago who would have had a computer and who would have denied himself the pleasure of being in the world of Half Life 2. The plot of the sequel begins immediately after the events that ended its first part.

Gordon Freeman arrives in City 17 by train. He has neither a weapon, nor even a favorite energy suit that has protected him more than once in difficult situations. He becomes aware that the city is under the rule of the tyrant Wallace Brin, against whose huge army scattered Resistance units are trying to wage war. Without hesitation, Freeman is going to join the disadvantaged to thwart Breen's despotism.

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Far Cry 3

After the resounding success that accompanied the first two parts of the game, the developers released Far Cry 3, which immediately became a real hit for everyone who cannot imagine their existence without shooting the bad guys. Even if it happens in the virtual world.

The plot of the game revolves around three friends who have come to rest on a remote tropical island. However, along with the warm ocean and virgin nature, they had a chance to encounter other local "landmarks" - pirates, led by the mad Vaas, and rebels. A bloody war is waged between these two organizations for the division of territory and the drug trade. As it turned out, not everyone who dares to come here will be able to survive on this marvelous exotic island.

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Bad Day LA

Most recently, Anthony Williams worked for the government and served as a secret agent in a powerful organization. But at some point in time, fate turned its back on him, and he turned into an ordinary homeless person trying to survive on the streets of Los Angeles.

It is not known how all this would have ended if the city had not started to fall like dead crows, planes with nuclear waste, operated by terrorists. Thanks to the spread of a terrible infection, people began to turn into vile zombies, attacking all living things that fell into their field of vision. Anthony has no choice but to recall past skills and try to get out of the epidemic-ridden city, rescuing defenseless citizens along the way.

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Stalker: Call of Pripyat

After the success of the books from the Stalker series, the developers of computer games simply had no right to ignore the topic of Chernobyl. After all, there is everything that can attract the attention of true fans of "scary" action games - mutants, monsters, showdowns between bandits, a gloomy atmosphere, powerful artifacts, stalkers out of their minds, and so on. The main character of the game is a professional soldier nicknamed Major.

He is sent to the Zone to shed light on the disappearance of a group of soldiers who left here to carry out a secret mission. Having found himself in the very heart of the Zone, the Major will not only find five helicopters with the military that have disappeared into nowhere, but also become a participant in the bloody events that unfolded in the territory subject to mutants and aggressive bandits.

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Communication with the human base located on Mars is suddenly cut off. Nobody has any idea what exactly is happening on the Red Planet. It is entrusted to the Space Marine to figure out everything, who immediately after arriving at the base finds himself in the epicenter of eerie supernatural events.

The dark and ominous corridors of the base are overflowing with creatures from the Underworld, climbing into this world from the otherworldly dimension through the portal, "hospitably" opened by one scientist who did not think about the consequences. In addition to immigrants from Hell, it is full of mutants and monsters, who were once ordinary employees of the base. It soon turns out that all these aggressive-minded creatures are eager to awaken a powerful demon that can incinerate entire worlds.

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Serious Sam

During excavations in Egypt, scientists have discovered a powerful artifact "Key to Eternity", which once belonged to a highly developed race of aliens from the planet Sirius. Thanks to this discovery, earthlings were able to make a grand leap forward in science. However, free cheese only exists in a mousetrap. Along with the artifact, hordes of alien invaders, led by the cruel leader Mental, also appeared on Earth. Using the "Key to Eternity", people send their best fighter into the past - Sam Stone, nicknamed Cool Sam. Only he can prevent aliens from destroying earthly civilization.

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Spec Ops: The Line

The game takes place in the Arab city of Dubai, where a real natural disaster happened six months ago - a sandstorm that suddenly appeared and turned the once flourishing city into an almost deserted desert.

After the evacuation of most of the population, only a few thousand civilians remained here, as well as numerous bandit groups dreaming of profit from someone else's mountain.

After the American Army colonel refused to leave Dubai, contact with him and his battalion was lost. Captain Martin Walker of the elite Delta Squad is tasked to find out what really happened to the missing soldiers.

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The main character of the game is a young man named Alex Merker. When he woke up in the Gentec morgue, he prevented people in white coats from gutting him like a Christmas turkey.

Escaping from the building, Alex discovers a number of superpowers that he received during experiments to create "Gentek" biological weapons. Among his new skills are bulletproofness, incredible strength and jumping ability, the gift of climbing steep walls, taking on the appearance of other people, "absorbing" other people's memories.

But most importantly, he gained the ability to change his body at his own discretion, turning limbs into a deadly weapon, or into a battle shield. While trying to find out the truth about his transformation into Prototype, Alex is confronted by the Black Watch thugs who have declared their hunt.

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