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June 2018 Main Games - Release Calendar


In the summer season, when the vacation season begins, it's time to finally forget about work, relax and devote all your free time to your favorite leisure time. For gamers, summer is the best great time, because you can clean up the blockage of spring game releases, for which there was simply not enough time, and besides, there is no need to wait for big hits until the fall. On the other hand, there will still be several good projects this month, and which ones you can find out from our selection of the main games of June 2018.

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor Martyr

Release date: June 5

The very setting of the Warhammer 40K universe is already a great reason to wait for the game and pay increased attention to the new creation from the developers at Neocore Games. As befits all Warhammer projects, Inquisitor Martyr will be an extremely brutal game, with luscious dismemberment and battlefields where the servants of the Empire and the chaos will converge.

In terms of gameplay, the game will be a direct descendant of Diablo, which means expect an isometric camera, a huge amount of loot and a horde of enemies who dream of sending your carcass to the forefathers as soon as possible. In general, nothing fundamentally new, except for one "but": the concept of global multiplayer. Of course, you won't be able to arrange large-scale battles with other players. But the player who showed the best results when clearing the star system from heretics will receive the status of a protector and several pleasant bonuses.

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Release date: June 5

The heyday of arcade racing has long passed, and when you look at new crafts in the once popular genre and EA's next attempts to resurrect (read - bury) the Need For Speed series, it’s no longer a joke. Past Evolution Studios have volunteered to return the faith to the arcade racing genre with their new game Onrush.

The game will offer bright graphics and a dozen different tracks, which are designed so that you can do such stunning stunts on your iron horse that even TrackMania veterans will be able to applaud you. In general, the first gameplay video Onrush looks like a really good reason to believe in the genre again. Plus, keep in mind that Evolution Studios was known in the past for the Motorstorm series, which was as fun as the best Need For Speed titles.

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Here's just one little warning: If you're going to play Onrush on PC, you'll have to be patient. The release of Onrush is currently only confirmed for consoles, and then, perhaps, the developers will release the game on Steam.


Release date: June 5

Vampyr is perhaps the most important game of June 2018. After the overwhelming success of Dontnod's latest project, Life is Strange, the developers have secured the title of masters, able to tell a cinematic and effective story even on a limited budget. Only this time Dontnod will try their hand at a new theme: Action-RPG about vampires in the setting of Victorian England.

And if there are hardly any problems with the script, then the gameplay is already causing concern. Primarily because of the grandiose plans of the developers. In Vampyr we are promised an open world, divided into several sectors and a powerful influence of all your actions on the further plot of the game. Moreover, even the city and the lives of numerous characters will change depending on your decisions. For example, each NPC will have friends, his own daily routine, and if you decide to send him to another world, the game will take into account this sad fact and subsequently can severely punish the player for what he did.

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Jurassic World Evolution

Release date: June 12

2018 in strategy turned out to be an extremely prolific year: in Surviving Mars we populated the inhospitable Red Planet, in Frostpunk we tried to survive in the ice apocalypse, and now it was the turn of Jurassic World Evolution. As the name suggests, the game will tell another story in the famous universe where you can build your own Jurassic park.

In addition to the development of infrastructure, a branch of technologies will be available that will allow you to breed a new species of dinosaurs, and not limit the fauna to only tyrannosaurs and triceratops. In addition, you will always need to ensure that overgrown lizards do not escape from the enclosures and feast on visitors to the park. An additional cherry on the cake will be the graphic design. We can already say that Jurassic World Evolution will be the most beautiful strategy to date.

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Crackdown 3

Release date: June 29

Crackdown 3 is a long-suffering Microsoft exclusive, slated to premiere in 2016 and be one of the top reasons to buy an Xbox One. But it's 2018, and things are still there. Numerous transfers were dictated by Microsoft's desire to bring the highest quality and most competitive game to the market.

As many as 4 studios were involved in the development, but even with this scenario, Crackdown reeks of budget a mile away, just look at the bright, but generally outdated graphics and animation. But if you close attention to the external aspect of the game, then Crackdown still seems to be quite good entertainment. The single-player mode will give up serious cabbage soup and offer a company full of fun and humor, where one of the characters will be played by the incomparable Terry Crews. Multiplayer will delight players with the ability to smash any building to the ground, turning the metropolis of the future into dust.

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The Crew 2

Release date: June 29

The original The Crew 2014 made history on two counts: as the first racing game to traverse all 50 states in North America, and as Ubisoft's biggest fiasco in years. The project was criticized for its monotony, mediocre graphics, inadequate physics of machines, and even a highly publicized open world could only be explored along a pre-written route. The Crew 2 will scale up and become a global work on the mistakes of the original.

Every region of America can now be freely explored without being distracted by a mediocre single player campaign. Moreover, each region has its own unique competition. And to rekindle interest in exploring the American landscape, The Crew 2 offers a wide range of land, water and even lethal vehicles.

June 2018 top games. June best games

If you couldn't find anything worthwhile among the gaming news in June, you can always return to the classics of video games. For example, to the Souls series, projects in which, although difficult at first glance, can easily captivate for several hundred hours.

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