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Minutiae: no time to explain, just take pictures!


Go to the gallery on your phone and swipe through the pictures. What did you see when the scroll stopped? Favorite pet? Selfie with your best friends? Or a bouquet given by a loved one?

Surely this is some kind of special photo, over which you first sweated in the editor, and then proudly sent it to collect likes on the vastness of social networks. But real life is far from these glossy effects. Want to see what she really looks like? Welcome to the ranks of Minutiae users.

How does the application work?

Once a day, at a completely random time, Minutiae asks you to take a picture. You have only a minute to launch the application and only five seconds to click the shutter button.

No interesting angles and attractive poses, no filters - only reality, as it is. You will have to capture moments that you would never think of filming under normal conditions. This will not be the kind of photo that you can brag to your friends. No filter will fit it. You may not want to look at it for a long time. But it will remain in a separate folder and will wait for the right moment.

Who invented this?

Neurobiologist Daniel Wilson and photographer Martin Adolfsson became the implementers of this idea. In their opinion, in the pursuit of popularity, people got too carried away by gloss and began to forget what reality looks like. The application they created deliberately puts the user in a tight time frame, preventing them from preparing for a snapshot: you don't even know exactly when you will receive the next notification.

What do the experts say?

Alix Barash, a behavioral marketer, believes that modern people are extremely inclined to show themselves in the most favorable light. Think how many times you have chosen the desired angle and already imagined what changes you will make in the editor? How many times have you deleted bad shots because you thought they weren't cool enough to share with the world?

Ting Zhang, at Columbia University, says people prefer to share highlights, such as a noisy party, a wedding, or a holiday party. And behind the bright luxury, it is so easy to forget that real life consists of simple moments that make every day different from others.

Minutiae can change the way you view the world.

What else can the application do?

It can show you the same simple life of other users. Once a day for a minute allocated for interaction with the program, you can view one photo taken by a random user Minutiae.

What it will be - a street in an unfamiliar city, a romantic dinner or a snapshot of someone's untidy room - you will only know if you download the app.

How will Minutiae users see you?

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Author: Jake Pinkman