Insider # 9.03: HUAWEI TWS headphones; Redmi K30 Pro; Kirin 820 5G processor; new game Call of Duty (Topic)

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Insider # 9.03: HUAWEI TWS headphones; Redmi K30 Pro; Kirin 820 5G processor; new game Call of Duty


As usual, this week's latest Insider will consist of four pieces of information. In the first and second, we will talk about the yet unannounced HUAWEI headphones and the features of the Redmi K30 Pro smartphone equipment. Then we will discuss the characteristics of the new Kirin 820 5G mobile platform. At the end of the review, we will learn about the new computer game Call of Duty.

HUAWEI develops TWS headphones

Chinese HUAWEI is working not only on new models of smartphones, but also develops its own line of accessories. Recently, data on a new HUAWEI patent for a TWS headset appeared on the network, which will soon be presented along with the flagship device.


Insiders have found similarities between this accessory and the Samsung Galaxy Buds + headphones previously shown at the presentation. Both devices are equipped with charging indicators and distance sensors.

HUAWEI comes with a compact charging case. It can be seen that the end part of the headphones is flat, which indicates the possibility of controlling playback and sound volume through sensors.

Nothing has yet been announced about the specifications of the gadget. A HUAWEI event is scheduled for March 26, where the flagship P40 smartphone will be unveiled. It is likely that this headset will be shown along with him.

Redmi K30 Pro will be equipped with a sliding camera mechanism

On March 24, the presentation of the Redmi K30 Pro smartphone will take place. Not long before this event, more and more information about this device appears on the network. Indian insider Mukul Sharma, known for his true predictions, posted several images of the flagship device on his Twitter blog, describing some of the features of the device.


Thus, it became known that Redmi K30 Pro will be equipped with a backlight sliding mechanism of the front camera. Through a special menu in the settings, the user will be able to choose the color of the backlight. It can be green, red, blue or purple.

There is also a mention of the latest wireless standard Wi-Fi 6. Its support will be an added bonus for future smartphone owners.

One of the renders shows the design of the main camera of the device. Its module has a round shape. In the same image, the device is presented in a new - purple body color.

New HUAWEI chipset will receive an updated graphics accelerator

HUAWEI is under US sanctions. Despite this, the company constantly develops new technologies for the production of electronic devices, uses innovative methods of work.

Recently it became known about the imminent release of a new mobile platform Kirin 820 5G, which will be used in the assembly of smartphones in the middle price segment. Data courtesy of Digital Chat Station, an insider from China.


The source claims that the fresh base will receive Cortex-A76 processor cores, as well as a new image processing chip and a modified neural computing unit. It is responsible for the speed of the device when performing tasks related to artificial intelligence.

From the name it is clear that the platform will be equipped with a modem for operation in networks of the fifth generation, with autonomous and non-autonomous architectures (SA / NSA).

Most importantly, the Kirin 820 5G will now be paired with the new ARM Mali-G77 GPU. According to the developer, its performance has increased by 20-40% compared to the previous ARM Mali-G76 model. At the same time, the new product has increased energy efficiency: it consumes 30% less energy.

It has been established that the commercial application of the Kirin 820 5G platform will begin soon. Which device will receive it first is not reported.

The new computer game will be a restart of one of its previous parts

Insider TheGamingRevolution is the premier specialist for the Call of Duty series. He even suffered as a result of his activities. He was banned on Twitter by Activision for reporting Warzone's "battle royale".


TheGamingRevolution recently announced that the next installment of Call of Duty will be nothing more than a relaunch of the old version of Black Ops. Previously, the situation with Modern Warfare developed according to a similar scenario.

Treyarch is responsible for the new part of the game. The franchise will receive several plot branches. Gamers, for example, will be able to participate in a Vietnamese company. Some older characters like Alex Mason and Frank Woods will be back again.

According to an insider, this version will become darker and even surpass Modern Warfare. Her events will be shown from different angles.

The updated Black Ops will get the same engine that was used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is believed that he will remain in the franchise for a long time. The return of the "Ground Wars" mode in multiplayer is also expected. There will again be a need to be treated with first aid kits.

The release of new items is scheduled for the end of this year.

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