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Bill Gates Selected Top 10 Disruptive Technologies That Will Change the World of Future Technologies


The famous Microsoft founder and leader Bill Gates named the technologies of the future, which, he believes, will significantly affect the development of mankind. This request was approached by the staff of the Technology Review, published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is not a fact that Gates thoroughly understands all modern technology innovations, but, in any case, his opinion is definitely worth listening to.

1. Intelligent robots

Despite the growing hysteria that machines will take over, if not the world, then most jobs, the vast majority of robots have very limited functionality. A robot can carry out programmed actions countless times, but a small deviation from a given trajectory deprives it of independence. In a few years, robotic mechanisms will learn to be more independent and control objects. To do this, they will be helped by artificial intelligence technology and learning by trial and error.


2. A new way of generating nuclear energy

Soon, the world of the future will receive a more advanced technology for the production of nuclear energy. Improved small modular reactors are already close to being implemented. Their design is capable of producing energy safer and cheaper. If a conventional reactor produces about 1000 mega watts, then its miniature counterpart can generate tens of MW of energy.


3. Test for predicting premature babies

Currently, a method is being actively worked out, how, with the help of DNA and RNA particles in the blood, to identify a predisposition to the appearance of a premature baby who is in a special risk zone. For example, startup Akna Dx is doing this, intending to put this technology on wide rails. A simple blood test that costs less than $ 10 can help you predict this.


4. Tablet probe for diagnosing diseases

Another cutting-edge development of the future is related to medicine. It is a small device that replaces endoscopes. A small capsule probe can be used to screen the intestinal environment and identify potential health risks.


5. Personalized approach to cancer treatment

Of course, the breakthrough developments of the future cannot bypass such a problem as cancer. Scientific research by scientists is already close to the beginning of the use of a personalized cancer vaccine. In theory, the vaccine works as an activator of the immune system to detect neoplasms and then, with the help of the body's natural defense system, purposefully kills bad cells without affecting healthy ones.


6. Artificial meat

Technologies for growing artificial meat are gaining momentum. In terms of taste and energy value, laboratory (based on animal muscle fibers) and plant samples are close to a natural product. Moreover, this method of production is less harmful to the environment and more humane. According to UN forecasts, by the middle of the 21st century, the world population will approach 10 billion people, and the consumption of meat products is unlikely to stop in the near future.


7. Carbon dioxide scavenger

Affordable and practical ways to capture CO2 from the atmosphere will help absorb greenhouse emissions. From a process point of view, removing carbon dioxide from the air is one of the most complex and costly methods of preventing climate change, but given that emissions are decreasing very slowly, there is no other prospect.

A start-up from Canada called Carbon Engineering intends to put the production of synthetic fuels on the stream, the main elements of which will be carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere. The Swiss plant Climeworks is already producing methane from absorbed hydrogen and CO2.


8. Electrocardiogram at hand

Recently widespread fitness trackers have little in common with effective medical gadgets. For the timely prevention of serious cardiac disorders, the ECG (together with its correct reading) is able to detect risks to health and life in time. The development of smart watches with the embedded ECG support technology, if the necessary components are available, are capable of presenting results close to professional medical equipment.


9. "Clean" sewerage

In developing countries, the problem of lack of sanitation and waste processing technologies is still relevant. Waste products are discharged into water bodies, polluting nature and causing the spread of diseases. Scientists are now working to create a new type of toilet that will become available to these countries. These developments will be able to immediately dispose of waste without the need to deliver it to treatment plants.


10. Smarter voice assistants

Digital assistants have become a part of everyday life, and the technologies of the future are unthinkable without them. They are designed to make life easier, but so far everything happens only at the initial stage. Assistants recognize a small list of commands and often make mistakes. The most recent developments should improve the technology of digital assistants, improving their ability to understand speech. If everything works out, it will be a revolution - instead of an assistant coordinator, an electronic teacher, mentor and even a friend will appear.


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