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Alien 4: Resurrection - Alternate Movie Ending


Only aliens or inhabitants of parallel worlds are not familiar with the tetralogy about Aliens (meaning the original, before the idiotic "Prometheus"). Every inhabitant of planet Earth, who has grown to adulthood, knows what kind of creature they are, that instead of blood they have acid, that they are very tenacious and multiply in three stages - an egg, a "head-grabber" and a "breast-head", which subsequently very quickly grows into an ordinary terminal individual .

But we do not have a promenade on alien biology. We just want to really confirm the fact that the 4th, final part of the film has an alternative ending, which we will provide you a little later.

In the beginning, in order to have something to compare with, let's recall the one that ended the film that was shown in cinemas, sold on videotapes, lying on any online viewing sites and distributed on any torrent trackers, that is, the one that what we all watched.

Regular ending (theater version)

We will not retell what the film itself is about. Everyone remembers him so well. Let's just touch on the ending, in which the pirate ship "Betty" flies to our home planet "Earth".

The mercenary pirates decide to land on the planet's surface. One of the cargo hatches is depressurized, because Ripley damaged the glass with her "half-man" blood, so that through the hole "Ha!" a hybrid of an alien and a man who sneaked onto the ship was sucked into outer space.

And he was sucked away. And now "Betty" enters at high speed into the dense layers of the atmosphere. Everything around is on fire, but the pirates manage to slow down, and then they calmly fly over the surface of our green planet, admiring its beauty.


Here between the latest generation robot Annalee Call and the "half-married" Ripley, who approached the viewing window, the following dialogue took place, which the heroine Sigourney Weaver began:

- It worked, - she says, referring to Call and hinting at how she bravely entered into battle with the new and improved, now - "newborn" xenomorph - you saved the earth.

To which she answers her:

- Something in your voice you do not hear joy about this. - Then he looks at the beauties of the Earth floating over Betty and says, - How beautiful it is here!

- Yes, - agrees with a smile from Ripley.

- I didn't expect it to end like this! - continues Call, - What will happen now?

And Ripley ends the film with his famous phrase:

- I don't know. I'm a stranger here myself.

Next comes the beauty of the earth, partially hidden by clouds, and the credits begin. In this version, the ship never landed on the planet, at least they never showed it to us.

Alternate Ending (Director's Cut Extended)

In the extended version, which is 7 minutes longer than the theater, because of some of the originally cut fragments included in it, "Betty" still landed on Earth. Earthly beauties were not shown here, and the conversation between Ripley and the robot Call took place after landing on the planet, which was made in the area of the ruins of the city of Paris.

It is clear that in this version a catastrophic war took place on Earth. And the conversation, therefore, between the interlocutors developed somewhat differently. Call's question: “What are we going to do now?”, Like Ripley's famous answer, is also present at the end. But before that, there is the question of the military. Let's take a look.

As we can see, the dialogue is similar, but ...

What was the Alien 4 ending hinting at?

The robot's exclamation about how beautiful the Earth is, it goes without saying that in the original version there was no war on Earth, since what appeared before our eyes in the alternative ending does not resemble any beauty and remotely.

In this case, the Earth's air defenses were supposed to shoot down Betty on the way to the planet, since the pirates most likely did not have any identification codes, etc. Therefore, the alternative ending looks more plausible, in which, among other things, it was hinted that if the next part was, then the military would chase the cloned Ripley in it in order to create a super soldier based on her genome.

It is also not clear whether humanity fought among themselves, or whether xenomorphs or something like that got to the ground. All this had to be thought out during the development of the plot for the fifth part of the franchise.


But, as the training camps in the USA and in the world have shown, the people are fed up with the xenomorph. And although the tape in the aggregate box office managed to collect twice as much green as was spent on its production, they did not dare to continue the topic.


Only 15 years after the release of the 4th tape, they decided to revive the project, sort of. They just wanted to entrust him toNeil Blomkamp, who wanted to do the right thing and continue "Aliens 2", because, like many fans, he decided that the franchise had turned in the wrong direction in the third film. p>

But then Ridley Scott with lame-stupid "Prometheus" and robots "David" pounced on the project with his ambitious loins, after which they decided to freeze the Alien universe for a long time.


Now we can only guess what the scriptwriters and the director of the 4th film actually hinted at with their alternative ending. Now it will remain a mystery to everyone. And, apparently, forever.

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Author: Jake Pinkman