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Falling in the Eyes of Fans: Bethesda Guide


The year is coming to an end and summing up, one of the main, in my opinion, sad events of the outgoing year - Bethesda's loss of the trust of its fan audience, cannot be ignored. The emergence of hatred for one of the once favorite gaming companies in the modern industry. Let's summarize what the problem is in Fallout 76 and analyze how such a mastodon as Besezda, who gave us a bunch of hits, managed to stand on a par with Activision-Blizzard and EA.

We've rounded up every Fallout 76 news and facts we've ever covered on our site to put everything on the shelves.

Bugerfall # 2

Very bearded oldfags or those familiar with the history of the TES series should remember how, back in 1996, Bethesda Softworks gave birth to the unforgettable The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, which was gorgeous, but so buggy that it is popularly called Bagerfall. And 22 years later, the smooth-faced Newfagos were able to get the same culture shock with the release of Fallout 76, which not only repeated the "success" of the 96th game in terms of the number of technical problems, but surpassed many times in the overall situation. At least Daggerfall was fun to play ...

Problems with bugs in the game began in the open beta test, but quite a few players naively believed (and for good reason, this is Besedza, she did not seem to deceive us) that the studio could fix everything two weeks before the game was released. But what awaited us at the exit? Texture rendering is terrible, performance drops even if your system is much more powerful than the system requirements of the game. Poorly done PvP and PvE, and a huge amount of both technical and graphical bugs.


If you didn't know, Fallout 76 is powered by the Creation Engine, which the studio created for TES III: Morrowind. From year to year, she simply refines the engine and tries to expand its feeble, outdated capabilities. Absolutely all Fallout and TES games, starting from Morrowind, work on it. The most annoying thing is that when they take the Creation Engine as the basis for a new sequel, it contains all the bugs from past games.

You can see bugs from Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and all the past parts of Fallout in Fallout 76. So, from TES III, a bug migrated to it when the quest was completed, but the game still considers it active. The enemy dragon was transferred from Skyrim to the game, only with a different texture, and with it its shortcomings. The dragon can spin in place or just take it and fly away. Game crashes? Hello from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. And from Fallout 4, we got a bug when you sit in power armor, and it becomes invisible and the ugly, deformed body of our hero opens up.

We will not refund money, but we will make a discount. After purchase, of course

On the beta test, the players were not scared off that the launcher was deleting the game and itself arbitrarily. Then the players were not scared away (and even amused) that after the patch the game could not be deleted. But after a huge number of bugs at the exit, players began to massively return the game with the phrase "I've had enough of this shit!".

It so happened that Bethesda, because of the extortionate commission of 30% of sales in the incentive, decided to sell the game themselves and get more. But only if the incentive has a well-functioning money-back system (you can return the game without any explanation within two weeks after purchase), then at Beseseda you can return the game only if you did not launch it. And even if you downloaded it - I'm sorry, you are to blame for everything. Players wrote in those. support, but they were told that rules are rules. They sold a broken product to people and refused to change it because they have it. But it only gets worse.

Sales were falling, and the company was in chaos. And then she, two weeks after the release of the game, declares: “Sale! Fly in, buy Fallout 76 at a discount! " Imagine what it was like for someone who bought a game for $ 60 two weeks ago to find out that it is already being sold for half the price ...

What did all this lead to? To the fact that the American Bar Association is interested in Besezda, and wants to bring her to justice for the fact that they sell a broken product, but refuse to return the money. Where this will lead is not yet known.

Where is the point, Todd?

But if you think that all of the above gave the game a Metacritic score of 3, then you are wrong. The big problem is that the game doesn't make sense. It's just a survivalist for survival. You collect loot and swing, but why? The game is easy, killing enemies in PvE is just because they get stuck in the textures, then they don't attack at all. There is no need for cool armor and weapons that you collect in the places where the bomb falls. And in completing quests ala go find, go fetch, go shoot a couple of brahmins, they will not help either.

PvP is no better. You can turn on the mode in which you will not be killed, only it does not work and you can be killed. But even if you die, you will not lose your loot, and the enemy will receive a minus to karma (and vice versa, if you are the aggressor). That is, there is no point in killing other players either. Well, technical problems do not allow shooting normally. The game is simply not interesting if you look closely.

Bloody bags

It would seem that the game is not interesting, the ratings and sales are terrible, phenomenal bugs appear without exaggeration every day (either the quests do not work correctly, then the immortal player appears, the game does not start, then you can run faster if you look in the ground, etc.). e), nothing is being repaired, they refuse to return money to the players, the board of directors pressures employees, lawyers want to initiate a case in court. How much worse? There is where.

The studio has released a collector's edition for $ 200. Included with the game was a map that glows in the dark, mini figures of players, a booklet with additional. materials and a cool T-51 power armor helmet that was supposed to be packed in a military canvas bag. All advertisements and descriptions of the collector's edition stated that the bag was canvas, but the players received a bag made of low-quality, cheap nylon ...


They began to write complaints, but they were told that there was no material, and it was expensive, sorry. Not only did people give 200 dollars and they were deceived in order to make amends, Bethesda from the lordly shoulder gave everyone offended an internal game currency of 500 atoms. And do you know how much it is in real money? 5 dollars! Do you know what you can buy with these 500 atoms? Pretty much nothing but a couple of garden gnome or flower ornaments. Even the virtual analogue of a canvas bag in the game is more expensive! The players were deceived again, and even spat in their faces.

But that's not all. As it turned out, during a special tour for the journalists, they were given ... canvas bags as a gift. So - the material was and now everyone knows about it. Under pressure from the public, the studio promised to replace the nylon bags with normal ones. Do you think that justice has been done? When people started to post to those. support for the application for the exchange of bags, they were transferred to the page with other return requests, where the addresses, personal and bank data of the players were indicated! People's data was in the public domain for scammers. Do you understand what kind of negligence?

Let's pretend to fix it, and the players will finish everything themselves

Bezzda games are famous for the fact that players themselves write patches and mods for their games and fix what the studio did not bother to do itself. Do you think this time is different and the studio is adequately correcting the game?

The original version of the game did not have a chat voice button. It always worked, if you have a microphone connected, then everyone heard what was happening in your room. And then one day one guy spoke badly about the appearance of another guy from a group of friends. They heard it, since Fallout 76's voice chat is always working, and they staged a harassment, constantly killing this guy. And when he was reborn, they again found him and killed him, not allowing him to play. Those. the support did not help, and due to cyberbullying, the guy had to turn off the game he paid for.

The button for enabling the chat voice was added a month later. Wait, shouldn't it have been there originally? What a shame ... What about aspect ratio? The game did not support 21: 9 monitor resolutions. Bessez just changed the resolution in the file name, from which it stretched, disfiguring the game. The players fixed it themselves, but they cannot do it all the time, as it is not possible in multiplayer. And Besezda considers attempts to change something in the Falay game as cheating and blocks players trying to do it.

Nuclear Shame

And as a final fail, the studio decided to launch a rum called Nuka Dark into permanent production. Rum in an authentic glass rocket-shaped Nuka Cola bottle from the game. And what do you think? At the exit, this swill for $ 80 comes in a regular glass bottle, which is placed in a plastic case in the form of a rocket. Bethesda, please stop ...


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Now, according to insiders, because of the failure of Falaut 76, the company is in chaos. Nobody knows what to do. Managers quarrel with developers and directors, employees do not receive normal instructions. Other projects have stalled and are not being developed. Starfield and TES IV are all written on the same outdated engine. The mechanics that should be in these games just don't work. On the horizon, the creators of the original Fallout and New Vegas loom their The Outer World, which could bury Fallout, and Besezda forbids any mention of it in its forums.

The studio has a lot of failures and guilt before the players, and they can't fix anything. Bethesda has lost the trust of the players and its reputation. Chasing the trends of our time and the desire to mow money, they destroyed everything. How many wonderful games she gave us, and how tragic it is now to watch what she has become because of the greed of the next board of directors.

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