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Top 100 best foreign comedies of the 90s. Part 1


We continue what we started in the last half of the year. We think that over such a long period, all the hilarious films of the 80s have been revised and it is time to take on the list of the best comedies of the 90s. For convenience, we have also divided them into 3 parts.

For some, the work of filmmakers of the eighties may seem overly naive, but we dare to assure that comedies of the nineties are more serious in this regard. There will be many times less flat and antique jokes. And although smartphones have not yet appeared in the hands of the heroes, pagers are already beeping in full force in their pockets.

And the undisputed leader in KinoPoisk rating in this category is the inimitable masterpiece of the master of Hollywood - Quentin Tarantino ...

1. Pulp Fiction (1994) 8.62

History, or to be more precise - several stories, were first written, then cut into pieces, after which they were inserted into the picture as confused puzzles. But the movie only benefited from this.

That is why it seems that the picture is oversaturated with action. In fact, a person just looking at a part of that part, a part of which he has already watched (sorry for the pun) latently recalls the action of what he has already watched, which gives the impression that there are twice as many effective moments in the film.

Anyone who for some reason has not witnessed the miraculous rescue of the heroine Uma Thurman from an overdose, the hero of Bruce Willis from the clutches of maniacs and a golden watch from the ass of the hero of Christopher Walken - must watch!

2. Lock, Stock, Two Barrels (1998) 8.54

The first film in which Jason State, a previously little-known ski jumping athlete, starred. And last but not least, he owes his role to his ability to trade and bargain on the street.

By the way, in the film everything happens in the order stated in the title. First there was a card game in which our valiant Tolstoy, Soap and Bacon were cheated, after which they owed a large sum of money. How to get money quickly? Of course - to rob. But from the robbery, they were able to take out only a couple of ancient guns, which for some civilians are almost an invaluable relic. But who should you sell them to and how?

The film was directed by Guy Ritchie in the Tarantino style of "Pulp Fiction", for which it received angry shouts from critics. But no matter how they called the picture "secondary imitation", and its bunch of awards, like the second place in our list of the best comedies of the 90s, it still won.

3. Home Alone (1990) 8.23

This picture is not particularly worth painting, since everyone already knows it by heart. The picture has become a cult and in our country, not a single New Year's Eve on television passes without its showing.


She has one equally successful sequel, all with the same Culkin-Pesci-Stern trio, and as many as three sequels with "third-party performers", on which it is better not to waste time.

Since they couldn't come up with anything new in them.

4. Back to the Future 3 (1990) 8.17

Started in the 80s, the story of the time travel of high school student Marty McFly and the unrecognized genius Professor Emmett Brown did not end until 90.

To whom it is not leisure to remember everything - we remind you that it was in this episode that Marty went to the days of the Wild West, where Professor Brown was thrown by a lightning strike. There he will have to rescue a crafty and head-to-head old man from the Mad Dog Tannon's bullet.

We will root for him, for which we will revise another masterpiece by director Zemeckis and producer Spielberg.

5. Groundhog Day (1993) 8.10

Filmsabout suddenly caught in a time loopare full. But this one is rightfully considered the best in its "weight category". Bill Murray, stuck in an endlessly repetitive day, is simply amazing here.


If "Home Alone" is shown on TV in our country on New Year's Eve, then Groundhog Day is required to be shown after the Old New Year.

And despite the fact that the film portends almost a couple of more months of winter, the film warms up almost like spring.

6. Maverick (1994) 8.10

What will happen if a bunch of gamblers, cheats and a simple rascal are gathered in place? That's right, you get the annual poker championship. And the main crooks there will be Mel Gibson's hero - Maverick and his daddy, whose role was excellently played by James Garner.


And what is the value of Jodie Foster's play, constantly tinkering with the wallets of gaping townsfolk, and the play of Graham Greene, who perfectly played the role of the cunning and skilled in practical jokes and jokes of the progressive leader of the Indian tribe?

In general, such films can be watched twice a year. We wish you the same!

7. The Fifth Element (1997) 8.07

If Luc Besson was famous for his "Leon", then the "Fifth Element" finally secured him the title of "master of cinema".


And Mille Jovovich, this film opened the way to the world of big cinema, in which she, among other things, married the famous director and author of the first "Mortal Kombat" and all parts of "Resident Evil" - Paul Anderson.

This is another film that can be watched several times a year. Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis never get tired of acting in this masterpiece.

8. Mask (1994) 7.97

A masterpiece from which Jim Carrey really took off in Hollywood, replacing the Italian Adriano Celentano and Frenchman Pierre Richard in the comedies of the nineties, who shone in them in the 80s. He also brought extraordinary fame to the actress Cameron Diaz.


This is the first film in which CGI was used in comedies, and not in science fiction films like "Jurassic Park" or "Terminator 2."

And everything turned out very well. And the game of Jim Carrey, by the way, a world-famous Russophobe, was even nominated for an Oscar. And, in our opinion, not in vain.

9. Black cat, white cat (1998) 7.97

A comedy in which all the gypsies are exhibited with some kind of hypertrophied disability. The only ones who are somehow worthy of being called people with good looks are the main characters - our lovers, against the background of whose love all events unfold.


The film is full of completely idiotic twists and turns and dull moments to the naivety that makes it so funny. The life of gypsies, literally, is turned inside out like an old duvet cover, from which everything traditionally cunning, insidious, envious and funny that has been collected in its corners for years has been shaken out.

Correctly say, in whatever country he lived, and gypsies - everywhere gypsies. This is how it is.

10. Armor of God 2: Operation Condor (1991) 7.97

If Jim Carrey replaced Belmondo and Richard in their field in the 90s comedies, then no one will replace Jackie Chan in his post. It continues to shine just as brightly in the next decade. Although, to be honest, it shines just as brightly today.


This time Hawk will have to go to the African deserts, where he will meet not only the unfinished Nazis, but also a huge fan that can blow your insides out of you.

The stunts and fights in this movie are simply inimitable. And fighting girls in heels are something with something!

11. Men in Black (1997) 7.97

The first film in the franchise to feature Will Smith / Tommy Lee Jones, and which was not very successfully replaced in 2019 by the Criss Hemsworth / Tessa Thompson duo.


It was from this film that the general public learned, firstly, that there is an organization on earth that is a kind of police and FBI for aliens who have been living on our planet for many years, and, secondly, that Amblin Entertainment is a production company founded by Steven Spielberg himself.

And although he himself did not put his hand to the creation of the film, the movie turned out to be very, very awesome. Well worth looking at again.

12. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) 7.94

The second film is about the boy Kevin McCallister, who was left (or left?) alone at Christmas, who will be pursued by the same escaped from the slammer, repeat offenders and, once, "wet bandits" - Harry and Marv.


Although the film is called "Home Alone", here Kevin will be "not at home alone", but "alone in New York". And, despite the fact that the city is filled from top to bottom with people, and the boy has a lot of credit cards in his hands, with which he can buy himself whatever he wants, he, in the end, still starts to miss the relatives who have disappeared from him.

Until, of course, he stumbles upon his old opponents in the first part.

13. Pretty Woman (1990) 7.94

Not all prostitutes are lucky in life. But the prostitute, played by Julia Roberts, is just as lucky.


Those who are bored and gloomy - welcome to the world of "Pretty Woman", where one of the girls' American Dream comes true almost effortlessly.

It was only necessary to stand in the right place one fine evening and get into the car with the right person.

14. Taxi (1998) 7.89

Taxi driver Daniel, played perfectly by Sami Naseri, knows his business. It will take any passenger to their destination in a matter of seconds.

And it makes no difference that the passenger wet himself on the way and got shit out of fear. But - quickly arrived! Yes, this is what happens when a taxi driver confuses his profession with that of a professional racer.

There will be something to laugh at. After all, the author of the film is the incomparable Luc Besson!

15. Jumanji (1995) 7.84

This is what happens when you climb a construction site without permission, where little ones are not allowed to walk. The hour is uneven, you find all sorts of applied games that throw you straight into the jungle.


Or, on the contrary, they throw the jungle straight to your home. But this adventure becomes even more interesting. Only now it is very difficult to finish the game until the end of the game and stay alive. Will our heroes release it?

Recently saw the light of the sequel to the film, in which he starred the Rock Dwayne Johnson. It's just that he is, alas, so far from the success of the first film.

16. Fanfan - the scent of love (1993) 7.82

A story about a guy who wanted to eat a fish and ride a bullet. Frankly speaking, it didn't work out entirely.


The thoughtful man Alexander decided for himself that he would simply love the heroine of Sophie Marceau - Fanfan without marrying her. And he marries his fiancee Laura. Laura will be for marriage and children, and Fanfan will be for love.

After all, Alexander has a strange phobia. He fears with all his might that by marrying Fanfan, he will quickly fall out of love with her. And so his love for her will last forever. An idiot, and nothing else.

By the way, how does Fanfan feel about this?

17. Garden (1995) 7.81

What does a parasite need for life? It turns out - a little. Just a place where he could do nothing further when he is finally thrown out of his parents' house at the age of 30.


For our protagonist, such a place has become an abandoned garden with a fragile shack, where the parasite has successfully moved. He thrashes every day, does nonsense and sleeps with a married neighbor from time to time.

Not a plot for an excellent film masterpiece, right?

18. From Dusk Till Dawn (1995) 7.80

The story of a family - a daddy with two teenage kids - who went on a trip to Mexico - is familiar to everyone. So is the story of two brothers hiding from the police who robbed a bank and took a plump cashier hostage.


The paths of these heroes will cross in a strange way on the Mexican border, after which they will have a joint, but completely different story, full of blood, horrors and hungry vampires led by Salma Hayek.

Yes, it will be that night. Those who haven't watched have lost a lot. After all, Robert Rodriguez, who acted here as the director, and Quentin Tarantino, who wrote the script for the masterpiece, brooms, as you know, do not knit ...

19. Nothing to Lose (1997) 7.79

In this film, two wonderful actors came together - Martin Lawrence, familiar to us from "Bad Boys", and Tim Robbins, who shone in "The Shawshank Redemption". And the comedy duo came out of them anywhere!


Tim's hero, who caught his wife of treason with the boss, decides to bomb the safe in the office of this very boss. And he takes the hapless robber, the hero Martin, who tried to rob him at the wrong moment as his assistants.

And in their footsteps, meanwhile, there are repeat offenders angry at them because of an accidental skirmish. It will be fun.

20. True Lies (1994) 7.78

An action movie in the spirit of the 90s in the style of "Chug-bang and ours won!" But Schwarzenegger with his proportions in this picture still looks as appropriate, thereby giving it a harsh convincingness.


The film is packed with gags to the eyeballs, filmed so masterfully, and Schwartz and Jamie Lee Curtis played so easily and naturally that you want to watch this masterpiece again and again.

We wish you the same.

21. The Big Lebowski (1998) 7.77

Many, including "Goblin" Puchkov, consider this picture the crown of the comedy genre. We don't quite agree with him, but there really is something to laugh at.


This is a story about four adult uncles with never matured brains who do such unpredictable and contradictory things on the screen that you just laugh.

Particular attention is paid to the moment with "scattering the ashes of a deceased friend over the sea from a cliff." Only the Coen brothers could have come up with this!

22. Ace Ventura: Pet Tracking (1993) 7.76

Jim Carrey again. Only now in the role of a detective on the search for pets. Yes, in this universe, it turns out, there are some.


He has a difficult task to find the mascot of the football team - a dolphin named "Snowball", who was kidnapped right from the pool, leaving only a signet ring at the scene of the crime.

And the hero of Jim Carrey, with his characteristic antics, begins his work.

23. Four Rooms (1995) 7.75

The common thing in these four stories, into which the entire film is divided, is the hotel receptionist, who during one of his shifts becomes a witness (and sometimes a participant) four very interesting, funny and instructive stories.


It will be quite interesting. After all, a couple of stories included in this interesting collection were shot by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino!

24. Liar Liar (1997) 7.74

The third picture of our top 100 best comedies of the 90s, in which one of the main characters is played by Jim Carrey. Here he played the role of a successful lawyer, but a useless family man.

Although, in the field of law, his success disappears overnight when his son, on his birthday, which dad, by the way, has forgotten, makes a wish that his father could no longer lie.

Well, since, firstly, the wish came true, and, secondly, the work of a lawyer partially or completely consists of lies, the daddy was suddenly in flight.

And it will be very interesting and funny to watch how he will extricate himself from this situation.

25. Rush Hour (1998) 7.73

Jim Carrey is predictably replaced by the second hero on our list of the best comedies of the 90s - Jackie Chan. Together with Chris Tucker, they made a good comedy action movie, which later turned into a real franchise.


A Hong Kong police officer arrives in Los Angeles to find his friend's kidnapped daughter. But the FBI doesn't want him to get in the way, and orders one of the local police to distract him from the investigation.

But an overly talkative police officer has a hard time doing it. After all, the damned Chinese is so slippery and nimble!

26. Clerks (1994) 7.71

The film is a series of situations in which different protagonists find themselves every now and then.


Some of them, by the way, are our good friends Jay and the silent Bob. And the scriptwriters have done a lot of things, about which you can just smile, and where and openly neigh.

I was especially amused by the misunderstanding with blowjobs. So, after all, can a blowjob be considered a betrayal, or not?

27. Crazy Stage (1992) 7.71

At first, the film looks like a kind of unfinished rehearsal. But those who are impatient, about to switch the TV to another channel or choose a different movie to watch, should wait for the second part.


Everything will fall into place there. And, to be more precise, everything will go so sideways that you will turn off. And you had to come up with such a thing! And then play again!

A miracle of acting that won't leave anyone laughing.

28. Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) 7.68

If the first part looked more like a drama, in which Mel Gibson's character was struggling to get out of the terrible depression associated with the death of his wife, then the subsequent parts are more like comedy action films.


And, in particular, the third part, in which Martin and Roger have to clear the streets of Los Angeles from the dominance of illegal weapons, which are traded, among other things, by dirty policemen.

Here, the brave cops will again have the hero Joe Pesci inherited from the second part - the businessman Leo Getz, as well as the brave police officer Lorna Cole, with whom some will have a kind of romance.

29. Who am I? (1998) 7.69

Next comes a masterpiece featuring Jackie Chan. This time he plays a mercenary whose memory has been completely destroyed as a result of the shooting that happened to him.


Waking up, he realizes that he is somewhere in the desert among the natives, who left him from fatal gunshot wounds. But how he got there, and who he actually is, he completely forgot.

Long will be his path to reclaim memory. Long, thorny and very funny. And also, full of beautiful pursuits, fights and tricks, almost all of which Jackie, as always, performs himself.

30. Showdown in the Bronx (1995) 7.69

And again the unique Jackie. Then he managed to quarrel with the local gang of racketeers who like to organize riots in stores if their owners do not pay them on time.


Jackie came from Hong Kong to America to visit his relatives. And then he accidentally witnessed extortion. And he stood up for his sister. Because of what he incurred the revenge of the bandits.

Only the bandits did not even suspect that the revenge of an angry petty Chinese would be a hundred times cooler.

31. The Last Boy Scout (1991) 7.68

Bruce Willis as a retired bodyguard of the president, who once gave a slap on the head to a senator, which caused him to be fired from his job overnight.

If the kidnappers of his daughter knew what awaits them in the end, they would think much before contacting a private detective named Joe, as well as his new partner - former football player Jimmy, whose girlfriend these goats sewed on for being I knew too much.

The mess is still to come. The film is in no way weaker than the first Die Hard. Worth seeing - definitely.

32. Bad Boys (1995) 7.67

Martin Lawrence again. And this time a duet with Will Smith himself. And the duet, we dare to assure you, they have some more fighting!

The only hindrance to their heroes was that in order to successfully complete their current business, they must switch places. That is, a family man with many children, Marcus (Martin Lawrence), must become a bachelor and a playboy, and a bachelor playboy Mike (Will Smith) must drag out the miserable existence of a loving husband and family man.

I wonder if this helps the case? Watch the movie, find out.

33. Scarecrows (1996) 7.66

Someone will be surprised, but Michael J. Fox during his acting career managed to play not only in the role of Marty McFly from the well-known trilogy "Back to the Future". For example, here he plays a ghost killer.


Moreover, he sees ghosts for real, which gives him the opportunity to extort money from the population on this occasion, right and left. And all would be fine, but an otherworldly killer wound up in local cuts, which only the hero of Michael J. Fox can cope with.

There is only one "but". To fight evil, our hero will have to die for a while, and whether he will be able to reanimate him later - this grandmother said in two.

34. Matilda (1996) 7.66

A story about a girl who is destined to live in a universe with hypertrophied parents and school directors, and where girls are endowed with the power of telekinesis.


Why with "hypertrophied"? Yes, because in our universe it is very difficult to find parents who SO hate their little daughter. It is just as difficult to find school principals who are ready to throw a first-grader by the pigtails and throw her a hundred meters away from the school site.

Well, about telekinesis. Yes, Matilda will "push" some here at a distance.

35. Beautiful Green (1996) 7.66

Aliens from the planet, where, by the way, the well-known Jesus is the son of God, decided to send another "scout" to our Earth in order to keep abreast of our success in further development.


The scout turned out to be a young woman who, having made contact with any earthling, "turns him off", whereby he begins to behave like an abnormal.

Or vice versa - too normal. How to look from which side.

She is recharged from babies, and keeps in touch with her own, dropping her feet into the water. Her adventures on Mother Earth were short, but this time was enough to find brides for her sons here.

Not to say that the film is such a comedic masterpiece, but you can watch it once. Although, it is not entirely clear why evolution gave people from this divine planet a brain with such capabilities, if they, having abandoned everything, prefer to live the life of simple unreasonable animals, for example, the same kittens.

They ate raw, played in the grass, slept on the ground - that's all life. Paradise, and only ...


Let's finish in the first third. We think that for the next couple of weeks, connoisseurs of the comedy genre will now have something to see and something to remember. The continuation of the top 100 best comedies of the 90s is expected at the end of August, but for now, let's say goodbye. As always, we wish everyone a great mood and more cool films and TV series!

Visit us often and you will never have to rack your brains choosing the next movie to watch!

2 part, films from 36 to 70

3 part, films from 71 to 100

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