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Top 10 Best Contemporary RPGs


The RPG genre originated back in the early 1980s from text-based quests, with leveling, dialogue and a non-linear storyline. For more than 30 years, RPG games have acquired photorealistic graphics, cinematic staging of cutscenes, but in their essence they have not changed and offer to live their own adventure in a fantasy world where the outcome of the plot depends on the player's actions.

We have selected for you the top 10 best RPGs released over the past decade, which will be interesting for both old-fashioned fans of the genre and people who have never tried to play RPG before. By the way, we recommend all fans of role-playing games to pay attention to our top 10 cult USA games , in which more than half of the games presented can be attributed to the RPG genre.

Wasteland 2

Today you can often hear complaints that almost 7 years have passed since the release of Skyrim, and Bethesda has not said a word about the new part, here are the villains. But compared to Wasteland - these are flowers, since the continuation of this game had to wait for 26 years! Wasteland 2 is almost the isometric Fallout that fans of the cult RPGs of the 90s dreamed of.

There is a familiar environment of post-apocalyptic America, turn-based battles, an extensive system of pumping, an abundance of black humor and the ability to play the game with a group of 4 people. All in all, a real old school CRPG.

Dark Souls Series

The original Dark Souls has become a real phenomenon in the world of computer entertainment, has spawned many good and not so imitators. Dark Souls became famous primarily for its complex combat, where you need to constantly pump weapons, learn the timing of attacks and have a good reaction in order to overwhelm even an ordinary enemy.

But the game is not only good for hardcore, its other advantages are a branched open world with hundreds of secrets and hidden locations and a plot that lends itself to scant dialogues, descriptions of objects and short videos.


An offshoot of the Souls series, which is quite drawn to an independent and unique game. The basic concepts of Dark Souls work well here: you will die, you will die very often, but not without significant innovations. So, in the game the arsenal of weapons and equipment has been greatly reduced, and the battles have become much more impetuous and bloody. And, of course, do not forget about the surroundings of the Gothic city and creatures that seem to have come from the very abyss of Lovecraft's madness.

Mass Effect Trilogy

Bioware in the face of Mass Effect has created one of the most epic space sagas, which can compete with Star Wars in scale. Yes, in this series, many role-playing elements have been simplified as much as possible, the value of pumping has decreased, the characters take a minimum of participation in the plot, and many fans of the game still dream of the “traffic light ending” in nightmares.

But at the same time, Mass Effect gives the feeling of an exciting adventure where you need to save the galaxy and explore the unknown depths of space. At the same time, this is the first ever series of games where actions committed in the first part of the series can lead to large-scale consequences in Mass Effect 3. Yeah, let someone else hint that there is no nonlinearity in this series.

Dragon Age Origins (Only the first part of the series!)

Now let's move on to another game Bioware, which successfully combined CRPG mechanics and spectacular cutscenes. Unlike Mass Effect, here the Canadian developers were true to their roots and provided players with turn-based combat, where you can control your teammates and even program their behavior depending on the situation in battle.

Another feature is the ability to choose the background and race of the main character, which determines the prologue and options for the development of the main plot. Thus, the gnome player can easily get support from his undersized comrades, and the human player will have to sweat to earn authority among the bearded inhabitants of the dungeon.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Yes, Kingdom Come Deliverance is far from ideal, it has a lot of controversial gameplay mechanics and a lot of bugs, even impassable quests can be encountered in the game, which will completely deprive you of the opportunity to go through the story company. But be that as it may, KCD offers true role-playing in the Middle Ages. You can be either a merciless assassin and cut out entire cities, or even go through the whole game without killing. Is this why we love RPGs?

You can learn more about the game from our video review .

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

The game is a legend and the only one in the history of RPG, which in popularity can compete on an equal footing with such mastodons as FIFA and GTA. And the secret to success is simple: create a beautiful open world, fill it with atmospheric dungeons, hundreds of quests, dragons and interesting characters, and then let the player into it and do not limit him in freedom of action. And the gamer will simply drown in this fantasy sandbox, spend hundreds or even thousands of quests in it.

Fallout New Vegas

Why did we choose New Vegas, and not the more current Fallout 4? Explained: Not only is New Vegas a direct sequel to the original dilogy, it also offers the same level of non-linearity as the first two installments of Falaut. Here, organicity combines both non-linear side quests and an extensive storyline company, which can be completed either by joining one of the three factions or in splendid isolation.

Add to this a specific black humor and a rich system of perks, and you will surely enjoy a hundred hours in post-apocalyptic Vegas with great pleasure.

Divinity Original Sin 2

A good example of the fact that role-playing games today are not inferior to the cult RPG in terms of the variability of the passage. The sequel Divinity is a real masterpiece, a dream game for both developers and gamers, the release of which was made possible by sponsoring the project on Kickstarter. The game has an interesting, fairly mature plot, a dozen party members with characters atypical for the genre, hundreds of quests, and most importantly - absolute nonlinearity, which is why the game can be played 3 times in completely different ways and at the same time see only half of the entire content of the game.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

So we got to the leader of the top 10 role-playing games - the final part about the adventures of an assassin of monsters. The Witcher 3 clearly showed that Slavic developers can create a world-class project that even Western gamers will call the best game of all time.

The main value of The Witcher is the soul with which the developers approached when creating each story in this dark fantasy world. Each, even the most unsightly quest is a small, sometimes funny, but most often tragic story, where there is no typical division into good and evil characters.

The Witcher still holds the crown as the best RPG. And while there are no competitors in sight.

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Author: Jake Pinkman