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New films and series. Premieres from 18 to 24 July


There is no doubt that this week the entire cash register will be taken into its bins by the next Disney money harvester called The Lion King. Although, apart from the rehash of the well-known cartoon, moviegoers will have something to look at these days. Let's analyze the future poster in more detail.

Movie Premieres

The week can be safely called "the week of horror", because of the eight full-length films, which are expected to premiere on July 18, three, that is, more than a third, will be horror films. Our "film industry" will be represented by the drama of Evgenia Yatskina and Alena Rubenstein and the next assembly of short films from the "USA Short" series.

But, nevertheless, it is worth starting with the main heavyweight of this week called ...

The Lion King (USA)

Computer graphics are now such that "re-singing" a drawn cartoon into a film has become like not doing figs. This is what the Disney studio has been successfully doing for several years in a row. Beauty and the Beast ”,“ Dumbo ”,“ The Jungle Book ”and“ Aladdin ”brought cars of bucks to the box office of the film company. The latter alone has mowed nearly a billion greenbacks around the world. But "The Lion King" is expected to break all the previous rehearsals like Tuzik a heating pad.

The trailer shows that the graphics were approached much more thoroughly here than in the same "The Jungle Book". Animals cannot be distinguished from living ones. Unless only by the fact that they are talking. Wondering how convincing their speech will be? After all, everyone is used to the fact that animals speak only in cartoons.

In the aforementioned "The Jungle Book" everything did not look very good. But there, more likely, it happened due to the fact that one “two-legged bald monkey” “got in” into the animal brethren. There are no people here at all. Maybe this will make everything look more convincing?

In general, who is interested in how the exiled Simba will regain the throne or, rather, the rock usurped by his uncle, welcome to the cinemas.

But the lion's share does not go there to look at lions (forgive the pun), but at pranksters - a meerkat with a warthog - Timon and Pumbaa. Well, they'll soak up something new!

The Art of Deception (USA) IMDb 8.0

Ivan is a born connoisseur of art. And not only. In the process of his life, he became so skilled in the art of tying objects of art that, judging by the picture, he cannot be found equal to him in this.

Where other masters of theft and robbery would go the "professional-specialized" way, he, showing a creative approach, goes roundabout and non-standard, which ultimately turns out to be simpler and cheaper.

But it is not the love of an idle life and the great debts on loans that push him on the path of a thief. Surely anyone would ask the following question: if he is such a cunning specialist, why not steal something valuable once, so that you can live happily with this money for the rest of your life and not get bogged down on it? After all, luck may end someday.

It turned out that the greedy "godfather", who is not satisfied with everything, is pushing him to commit crimes. And the devil pulled Ivan to admit that he was going to give up and get out of this ill-fated business. And now, both he and his occasional companion in misfortune have to do the last thing, on which they both will probably be sewn.

Cool movie. You won't fall asleep for sure. And although it was filmed by a little-known director Matt Aselton, known to the public only from one film - the comedy melodrama "Giant" (2008), the picture he came out excellent.

Solstice (USA)

There is a holiday in Sweden called Midsummer. It is celebrated at the end of June and it is associated with our beloved luminary - the Sun. The Swedes celebrate the middle of summer on the solstice day, and for the average layman it is just a holiday like a holiday. But not for a hermitic community living in isolation from the rest of the world.

What do we end up with? As a result, we have a young couple who, in order to strengthen the shaky relationship, decides, as part of a group of several anthropologists, to attend local festivities on the occasion of this very summer solstice. But when it dawns on them that coming here on the eve of this ill-fated holiday was a big mistake, it will be too late.

The film smells strongly (downright - smells) of the "Wicker Man" by Robin Hardy, who saw the light back in 1973, but to this day remains "in business" (his rating at KP is still higher than 7 points out of 10).

But one thing is clear - it will be scary. So let's be afraid together.

Mousetrap (Argentina) IMDb 6.10

Stephen Kingreeks from the next movie a mile away. Or rather, his novel "Kujo", published in 1981, based on which a feature film of the same name was shot a couple of years later.


Everything here is the same as there. At least in the beginning. A man locked inside a car. Heat. Thirst. No one to come to your aid. Only at King's side, a mad St. Bernard named "Cujo" prevented a woman with a child from getting out of the car. An armored car was immediately caught in which the door locks were suddenly clicked.

The naive thief Ciro Bermudez, who trades in stealing car radios and contents from the glove compartments in cars, had no idea what kind of story he would get himself into when he decided to “clean” an attractive SUV. And if I knew, I wouldn't empty my bladder in the car. After all, urine stinks in the heat. Now Shiro and the policeman would be happy.

But it turns out that everything that happened to him was just a prelude to the second act, which we will get acquainted with in the theaters. And don't look at what's filmed by the Argentines. It will be more interesting.

Abode of Darkness (Germany) IMDb 4.20

What prompted the German producers to shoot another rehash of the type "Scary damn house ... Let's go, let's see what's in it?" - unclear. Apparently, they liked this cliche so much that, inspired by their favorite theme, they decided that the movie would work better than in Hollywood.


Alas. Their ambitious dreams were not destined to come true. The story about the next stupid young morons (now bloggers) came out so predictable and naive that it couldn't be worse. And contradictory actions and actions of team members are simply infuriating.

A suspicion creeps in that the scriptwriter was some kind of idiot. But when we found out that there were two screenwriters who created this masterpiece, we generally got all the settings lost. It turns out that there are two more such strange people in the world? Miracles, and nothing more.

Temptation (France, Belgium) IMDb 6.40

A woman named Sybil - which translated into USA just means "temptation" - decides to move away from medical practice. She is a psychotherapist, but for some time she has had a strong desire to start writing novels.


But she just can't get started. And the patients have already dispersed all. And then, like a bolt from the blue, the call. A young actress called Margot is calling, and she urgently needs help from a shit.

From that moment on, the book went. Inspired by the misadventures of her partner in the film, Igor, who became pregnant, the actress churns out the novel page after page. Until it starts to slowly go crazy.

As it turned out, Sybil herself had also experienced moments earlier, after which she needed urgent help from a psychoanalyst. And now these moments began to pop up in her memory, interfering with everything that was happening.

There was no time for the novel. It is as if we do not completely move here.

This is not forever (USA)

Producers Katerina Mikhailova and Konstantin Fam know that you can't shoot fiction and action films for cheap. That is why they plunged into the world of budget dramas, in which, as a rule, no special effects are needed.


The topic was chosen really sentimental. This is a story about four teenagers from orphanages who are struggling to find a new family. Their life is full of dramatic twists and turns, and this is what the entire film is based on.

And about whether, in the end, children will be able to find their moms and dads, we will find out by going to the cinema.

USA short. Issue 4 (USA)

Another collection of author's short films, collected under one general title. We have few fans of short meters, but, as practice shows, they still exist, since the fourth issue is already on the screens.


This time it includes the following films:

  • "Good afternoon" is a comedy about family quarrels and their bystanders.
  • Africa is a drama about daughters fading too quickly and mothers aging very slowly.
  • "Update / Delete" is a story about one day in the life of you and me, which are continuously filmed by cameras that are stuffed to the eyeballs with modern streets, rooms and gadgets.
  • Aquatlon is an instructive picture of what an excessive revolutionary spirit sometimes leads to.
  • “The House on the Head of Clauseverets” is a funny story about how a structure begins to grow on the head of one of the inhabitants for no reason at all.

It will probably be interesting. Although you can't drag us into a collection of short films.

Code Geass: Lelouch Risen (Japan) IMDb 7.90

Domestic anime fans, nevertheless, have waited for the moment when at least one fresh full-length anime will be rolled out in our country. The distributor "Rocket Release" decided on such an action, and they will show us another creation of Goro Taneguchi, who decided to continue his "Code Geass" cycle with a full-length animated film.


The action in the picture will develop two years after what happened in the second season. And in this film Lelouch will indeed return "from the afterlife" to once again teach a lesson to all British underdogs.

And maybe there are some other things to do.

TV series premieres

Only two worthwhile series this week will acquire sequels. The main one, undoubtedly, is the Spanish "Paper House", but people are also tired of waiting for the premiere of the final season of "Killjoys".

Paper house (Antena 3) KP 8.0

Friday 19 July Season 2

This was the longest, longest robbery ever seen. It went on for two whole seasons. Moreover, the hostage-taking robbery itself took only 128 hours, that is, just over 5 days. And now, when everything is over in one way or another, we are offered to watch the continuation as well. Watching the trailer.

From it it is clear that the action will unfold after the robbery of the Royal Spanish Mint. And, moreover, much later. Somewhere in some country, the authorities "accepted" one of the watering cans. And now the band is getting together to rescue their sidekick.

The most interesting thing is that the former police officer is also with them. Or did it seem to us?

Highs / Killjoys (Syfy) CP 6.7

Friday 19 July Season 5

The time when the TV channel Syfy, that is, "Fantastic", gave out really worthwhile fiction is in the past. Yes, gentlemen, the days of "Stargate" have sunk into oblivion, and now we are offered either an indistinct "Corporation", then some kind of incomprehensible "Dark Matter" that smells like "Firefly", then, in fact, "Killjoys". p>

We must give the project its due, it stretched out as much as 5 seasons, although the more interesting "Dark Matter" lasted only 3. It is not clear what the leadership is guided by (sorry for the pun).

But, okay. We'll watch the trailer for the final season.

As you can see, they do not spare money for the series. Still the plot is more intelligible, deep and interesting (at least as in "Space"), and in general it would be cool. But we are again offered a tape about aliens entering the bodies of people.

Well, let's hope that our brave former killjoys in the last season with evil spirits, nevertheless, will end it.


That's all. The end of July will not be able to boast of any impressive full-length films. But there will be a lot of TV shows. Moreover, both sequels and premieres. But we will discuss them next week, but for now we are saying goodbye. We wish you a great holiday (for example, somewhere in the Canary Islands) and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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