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5 Little Known But Cool Android Apps


Hundreds of new applications appear on the Play Market every day - paid and free, useful and pointless. Only a small fraction manage to overcome the threshold of ten million downloads and gain real popularity. Our selection is just about them - working, useful, cool, but unfamiliar to most users.

Holaa! Caller ID & Call Block by Mara Corporation

As the name implies, the application determines the number of the caller and makes it possible to block incoming calls. In a number of ways it outperforms its main rival, TrueCaller: in particular, Holaa! identifies the number faster, takes up less disk space and is more economical.

Another Holaa! more interesting than its counterparts in that it offers interesting statistics Hoodle Score, which takes into account not only the total duration of calls, but also the period during which no calls were made (Nirvana Time).


Maps are something that each of us regularly uses. However, most applications are not efficient enough to analyze the route when it comes to getting around on public transport.

Citymapper is leading the way with deep analysis. The application takes into account transfers, movement on foot, by bus, electric train, taxi and metro, shows bike parking lots, stops and even tracks public transport in real time. It will send you a reminder to get out of the house on time, and then another one at the end of the trip so you don't miss the stop you want.

Unfortunately, in USA only residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg can enjoy its opportunities: other cities are not yet supported by the application. But it will come in handy for travelers. Citymapper's coverage area covers San Francisco, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris and a number of other foreign metropolises. Such a handy assistant will definitely come in handy for a tourist.

All Emails by LondonNut

Most of us have several email accounts - for personal correspondence, work, and a couple, just in case, to register on any third-party services and not fill up the main boxes with garbage. Monitoring them all is troublesome. But if you want to have quick access to all mailboxes at once, this application will come to the rescue. It supports hundreds of different email providers, including MailRu, Yandex and UKRMail.

Llama - Location Profiles

Llama uses data from phone towers to determine your location and put your smartphone in a convenient sound mode. It allows you to adjust the volume level, change the melody and some other parameters. Having set up several profiles once, you can quickly switch between them using the widget on the screen or set up automatic switching by setting several conditions. A similar application would use the smartphone's GPS module, but Llama goes the other way - it saves battery.

Motivational Alarm Clock by cmichel

Don't like to wake up early in the morning? Well, the application will not relieve you of this annoying need, but it will do everything to make the awakening process as pleasant as possible. Instead of a loud ringtone, you will be woken up by a nice inspirational video - or, in general, any YouTube video that you specify in the settings. And if the Internet connection is lost, the application will switch to one of the standard melodies and still won't let you sleep.

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