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Where to find unusual pictures for your projects


Sometimes a project needs not just a stock image, but a unique or very unusual image. Let's see where we can find such images.

01. Unique needs to be removed


Seriously! The easiest way to get crazy creative, emotional or catchy photography is to shoot it.

In almost all advertising guides, you can find an entire chapter about original content and how end users love it. And the original content really works.

The main advantage of this method is the guaranteed uniqueness of the result and an excellent picture on the output.

But the minus is pretty obvious - it's the price. Such shooting will cost you more than any stock.

What you need:

  • Photographer
  • Makeup artist, stylist
  • Studio

Depending on the quality requirements and specifics, you may need from one photographer to a full team with a studio for shooting.

Where to find a photographer

This is the simplest and most difficult stage at the same time. You can search on Google or social networks, but the result of such a search is poorly predictable.

The best option in our experience is the 500px directory, where you can see not only photos, but also the reaction to them of the photo community.

Where to find a studio

For Moscow and St. Petersburg you can use this studio aggregator.

Also, Google or Yandex will not hesitate to tell you a good option. When choosing, you should carefully look at the photos of the interiors and pay attention to the equipment used in the studio.

02. Curated stock collections

The so-called "Stock" is a curated collection of high quality content.


Each stock has its own curated collection of high quality content.

Сurated-collections on depositphotos

Gritty Women on iStock.



"What about Adobe Stock?" - you ask. No way. They don't sell photos to USA. Absolutely.

These collections contain the highest quality content hand-picked by editors. And yes, there you can find men with axes and smiling girls with mops.

What you need:

  • Subscribe to stock or buy photos one at a time.
  • Time to find the right photo
  • Willingness to accept its absence and return to Method 1

Stocks are certainly cheaper than filming yourself, but you should also forget about the uniqueness. You get a relatively unique image relatively cheaply. Method for a solid three.

03. Free stocks and author blogs


Yes, there are also free sites where you can find interesting content. We tried to select not too well-known sites, so the uniqueness of the content, despite being free, will be quite high.


This is a project founded in 2014 by Henry Reis @ henryreyes9, web developer and founder of Commit 2 Design.

Henry in his works shows life as it is, without filters, photoshop and glamor. Yes, with pimples and warts.

Subscribe for free and receive seven high-resolution photos for personal and commercial use each week on a variety of topics. Reyes is simply asking you to “do something creative” with them in return.


Every week, Leeroy, an advertising agency based in Montreal and its network of photographers, adds a bunch of photos to their LifeofPix library.

You can find many topics on the site, with excellent quality. Not to mention the fact that the photos on the site can be uploaded and used free of charge in both commercial and personal projects (except for mass distribution).

Life of Pix also offers a great way to discover new photographers by introducing a new Photographer of the Week each week.



“I just want to make the Internet a nicer place,” says Viktor Hanacek, a 22-year-old Czech. "I was a web designer, photographer and WordPress developer, so I know firsthand what a lack of good photos is."

So he created Picjumbo, which now hosts over 1,500 high-res images of him for designers, bloggers and entrepreneurs to download and use for free.

Hanacek has a completely unique style and world, and his site is filled with fun and whimsical shots like Feeding the Fern and Woman with Ice Cream on Her Face.

Jay Mantr


Jay Mantry is a Santa Monica-based designer who releases seven new photos every Thursday under a Creative Commons CC0 license. You will find many interesting landscapes, architecture and abstract figures.

This list is far from complete list of possible options. We just talked about the most convenient and obvious ones.

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Author: Jake Pinkman