Overwatch 2 Details, Diablo 4 Cross Play, RDR 2 Bad Launch — This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Overwatch 2 Details, Diablo 4 Cross Play, RDR 2 Bad Launch — This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also in the digest: Norman Reedus is glad that Silent Hills is dead, there will be no crossover between Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, a new game from the creators of Left 4 Dead and Half Life 2.

New Overwatch 2 Details

At its core, Overwatch 2 is PvE with two mission modes: heroic and story. Eurogamer told about them in more detail.

Heroic Quests are replayable and can be played endlessly. This mode can be likened to Diablo's seasonal adventure. In the missions of the heroes, you can choose from a complete list of characters of one and increase its level, and when you reach levels 1, 10 and 20, you can choose a talent. For example, Tracer has the following talents [not complete]:

  • Level 1: Adaptive Reload - Pulse pistols reload when using any ability;
  • Level 10: Flash - jumping through enemies deals damage to them;
  • Level 20: Vortex - enemies will be attracted to the return point and stay there.

In addition to talents, heroes grow stronger with each level up. “Just like when you play WOW or Diablo, you level up your character, they get stronger, they can survive longer and do more damage,” said Game Director Jeff Kaplan.


Story missions are focused on the experience of specific characters - Mei, Lucio, Tracer and Reinhardt participated in the Rio de Janeiro mission shown at BlizzCon. All of these heroes have their own cinematic cut-ins and outs, lines, and personal boss fights.

Also, the publication talks about the new Push mode, comparable to a tug of war. There teams of players will fight for one robot, which will push objects in a certain direction.

The game will appear on all current platforms in at least a year.

Diablo IV will cross-play

Like Diablo 3, Part 4 will require you to be online at all times. Hence the question: will there be cross-play in the game?

Project manager Alan Adham assured us that this is part of the company's plans, however, it will take a lot of effort to introduce cross-play. Now the studio has to solve technical problems with platform holders.


The game will be released sometime on PC, PS4, Xone. Most likely, since Diablo 4 will be released sometime around 2021-2022, it will most likely appear on next-gen consoles.

RDR 2 has failed to launch on PC, users report numerous issues

As the saying goes: "Waited, they will wait still" to assert that these are the slogans that are being heard in the Rockstar office today - we cannot. However, we can say with confidence that the launch of the game on PC came out not quite smooth. Users have reported bugs and crashes at all levels, from the Rockstar Games launcher to issues with the game itself. Among the most common: an error when starting the game, a drop in fps, crashes when changing settings and starting a benchmark, endless loading.


Users have already begun to collectively fight lags on Reddit, and Rockstar has released a guide to solving problems, although it would seem that they should solve them themselves.

Norman Reedus: "I'm glad Silent Hills was canceled because Death Stranding is better"

Death Stranding actor / lead Norman Reedus is very happy that Silent Hills was canceled because Death Stranding was so much better for him. He shared these thoughts with the Hollywood Reporter.

At first, the actor was disappointed that Konami canceled the first title in which he took part, but when Hideo Kojima told him about Death Stranding, he completely forgot about the last game.

“A new game is a completely different thing. During my work, I got to know Hideo's mind a little better. I love the fact that Silent Hills has been canceled. Only now I saw the full picture of how Hideo works and how he thinks. This guy just shocked me, ”says the actor.

Recall that Silent Hills was announced in 2014 at E3. Kojima released an interactive playable PT teaser at the end of which the game was announced. However, Konami canceled it. Reedus adds that although he did not play the demo of the game, he saw it from the outside, and in his opinion, the demo was bad.

Street Fighter authors were offered a crossover with Mortal Kombat, but they refused

Mortal Kombat is often visited by characters from other games, as it became known from an interview with Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono, negotiations were underway to add Street Fighter characters to Mortal Kombat, but the studio made a collective decision to refuse the offer.


The main reason for refusal is that both games do not fit each other both in terms of style and mechanics. Sounds believable, since Mortal Kombat is dark and bloody, and its Japanese rival is relatively friendly. However, the producer confirmed that the collaboration will continue. During the existence of the franchise, it has had many crossovers, and if in the future they can figure out how to combine two different games, we will be able to see a confrontation that has lasted between games since the arcade era.

Half-Life 2 Creator, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Is Working On A New Online FPS

Left 4 Dead author Chet Falishek has confirmed on VG24 / 7 that his new studio, Stay Bombay, is working on a cooperative first-person shooter.

Speaking at the Reboot Develop conference in Canada last week, Falishek revealed that his shooter will use the Unreal Engine: “We're making an online first-person shooter,” he said. It will be entertaining with short sessions of 20 minutes.

Falishek is responsible for the script for Half-Life 2 Episodes, Left 4 Dead, and Portal, and also contributed to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He works alongside former Riot Games designer Kimberly Fall, an expert in AI and player psychology. Shooter Stray Bombay brings together the strengths of the game that developers have worked on in the past. They hope to improve matchmaking based on player behavior, not skill.

Perhaps the game will have an AI Director system like in Left 4 Dead, when not only your success in completing a match is important, but also the success of past playthroughs. So, in Left 4 Dead, if you pass a level with ease, killing opponents, then on the next level the game will throw you a more difficult challenge.

Also, the studio focuses on the gameplay, not the picture, to avoid technological risks. There will be no pumping either. No release dates or platforms are known yet.

This was all weekend news, stay tuned.

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