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Anime plot holes that are hard to ignore


No one is immune from plot holes. Games, films and anime are too large-scale and complex things, on which several dozen people are working tirelessly and problems simply cannot but appear. Speaking specifically about anime, plot holes in one way or another slip through different stories. Some you can ignore and close your eyes to them, but there are plot holes in the anime that simply break the whole story and cannot be ignored. We have collected for you huge plot holes in the anime that are hard to miss. And yes, the material is full of spoilers.

How Taki and Mitsuha did not notice the different dates in Your Name

According to the plot of this anime, its main characters Mitsuha and Taki are constantly changing bodies and trying to maintain a normal life for each other. Later it turns out that there is a gap of three years between the lives of Mitsuha and Taki. So, at the time of Taki's life, three years have passed since a meteorite fell on the girl's village, killing all its inhabitants, including the heroine herself. Therefore, the heroes' minds not only move between their bodies, but also in time.

This plot twist is quite intriguing, but it loses all the coolness when you ask one simple question: “Have none of them looked at the calendar? It's impossible! " Both of them constantly used smartphones, had access to the Internet and television, went to school where they wrote the date on the blackboard, constantly took notes for each other ... In addition, Taki worked as a waiter and constantly dealt with time scheduling, and clearly received a salary for certain numbers ... How could you not have noticed this difference in three years?

Light couldn't see Ryuk when he raised his death note

It is hard not to be amazed by the fact how logically Light and L are conducting their intellectual battle, building multi-level multi-moves. This makes it even more ridiculous to see ridiculous plot holes in Death Note.

People can see the God of death if they touch the death note belonging to a particular god. For this reason, Light could only see Ryuk, but, for example, not Rem, until Misa let him touch her notebook. The only problem is that, according to this logic, Light should not have seen Ryuk in principle, since the death note that Light raised never belonged to Ryuk.

As it turns out later in the story, Ryuk stole it from Sid. And it was him that Light should have seen. However, you forget about this plot hole, since the twist with Sid takes place almost at the end of the anime, and you no longer remember the initial events.

Nobody cared about Naruto, although he is the most dangerous person in the village

Plot holes in Naruto are classic. This is also the question of why in the village of the ninja era there are electrical appliances and other benefits of civilization. A question regarding why Jiraiya didn't teach Naruto anything in the time jump between the first and second seasons. And a bunch of other moments generated by filler episodes. However, the plot of the series is most striking. Naruto contains the most dangerous demon in the whole world, which can break free if the boy's nerves fail, why does the Hokage take such bad care of him?

Of course, the hatred of society can be explained by the fact that the Fox, imprisoned in the body of a young shinobi, killed many in the village, but why the hell is the Third Hokage and all other high-ranking ninjas treating him so casually? They settled him in a one-room apartment, do not support him, and keep him isolated? Jiraiya acts like he never made promises to Minato and Kishuina to take care of their son, and the secret services only rarely check the condition of the most dangerous child in the world. Didn't anyone think that this not only harms the boy himself and his adaptation, but also threatens the whole of Kanohe?

The Destroyed Moon in Assassin Class had no impact on the world

According to the plot of the Assassin Class anime, a huge monster resembling an octopus destroys a good 80% of the moon. In the real world, at the beginning, huge meteors flew to Earth, and then the remnant of the satellite itself, having lost its mass, crashed into the planet.

But even if we assume that this did not happen, it would be impossible to avoid the tsunami or floods that would follow the disappearance of the part of the Moon responsible for the cycles of the tides of the planet.

Kaumui cannot work anywhere in Psycho-pass 2

Since his body contains parts from 184 different people, Kirito Kamui is not detectable by any technology in the Psycho-Pass world. There is no information about its crime rate or its shade, although it is vital in deciding whether it is a danger to society

Despite the lack of records of him, Kamui was somehow able to secure several jobs, not all of which are illegal. No one can hire Kamui, and lack of information could lead to his arrest or murder.

"Orange". Naho's letters to herself erase her baby

The anime "Orange" is no less beautiful than "Your Name", but there is also a big plot hole behind the cute, heartbreaking story, which you notice after the curtain of empathy falls.

In the story, a girl named Naho wants to prevent the suicide of her friend Kakeru, whom she loves. To do this, she sends herself from a previous letter, where she asks the young version of herself to prevent his death.

And all is well, it would seem, the only problem is that after the death of Kakeru, Naho marries his close friend Suva and they have a child. Does she not understand that if she changes her future, then her child will not be? After all, logically, then she would not have started dating Suva and would not have married him if Kakeru were alive.

Maybe young Naho doesn't care about her present, but an adult should understand this.

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