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Top 10 Best Movies of September 2019


Just make a reservation that our top will highlight the best films announced for showing in cinemas in USA and the CIS countries. For TV films filmed exclusively on TV channels and streaming services such as "Netflix", later, separate tops will be formed.

We also draw the attention of film lovers to the fact that dating is tied to the premiere screening of films in our country.

The world premiere of some films may take place earlier, in this case, after the film, their Western or domestic (if such has already been formed) rating will be indicated.

1. It 2 (USA)

September 5

Continuation of the acclaimed super-horror movie of 2017, filmed based on the first book of the novel of the same name byStephen King. Moreover, we are promised that this time Pennywise will be many times worse.

In the eyes of some, it seems to be worse, and nowhere else. But, since the creators insist on this, we will be loyal and take their word for it. At least, at least until we see with our own eyes everything that they filmed there in the sequel.

Recall that in the previous part, seven teenage friends made a quite successful attempt to deal with the monster that abducts children for their dark needs (to be more precise, it fed on their fear, whatever you want, so understand it). After Beverly stuck a good wedge in the clown Pennywise's mug, it disappeared in an underground well and for 27 years there was no word about it.

But, having slept off, it completely regenerated and is ready to eat again. So the kids in the vicinity of Derry are starting to disappear again. And it's time for the seven matured participants in the events described above to remember the oath that they sealed with blood at the end of the first part and return to finish the job they started in childhood.

Only - that's bad luck. The clown is visible only to children. But the kids are now under forty, how will they "identify" him? Interesting. Probably, this "feature" of Pennywise now does not work on them.

By the way, in King's book the guys, so as not to forget everything that happened to them, took turns having sex with Beverly. It is not entirely clear why he inserted this children's gangbang into his novel. In the film, for example, one blood oath was enough. As Shaft's wife fromof the movie of the same name would say: "You definitely need to screw the moment!"


In our opinion, without idiotic teen sex, everything looks and feels much better.

2. Dangerous Secrets (UK, US) IMDb 6.40

September 5

It is already clear to everyone that the American attack on Iraq was unfounded. There were no chemical weapons in Iraq. Simply, the Americans had to answer at least somehow and at least someone to the 9.11 attack. And with their attack on Saddam Hussein's abode, they showed what they can do with anyone they don't personally like.

Therefore, the sentimental story of the British spy Catherine Gun, who at one time decided to make public the revealing facts of the groundlessness of the invasion of Iraq, in our time, few can touch for a living. This masterpiece was topical in those years. And after the fight, as everyone knows, they don't wave their fists.

But fans of the "fight for justice" will like the film even more. Even despite the fact that, in fact, this very Katherine Gun turned out to be a traitor to her country.

Celebrating traitors is now fashionable. By the way, don't call the same Snowden, but he is also a traitor to the homeland. For some, he may be a fighter for justice, but this does not diminish the fact that he broke his oath to the state.

It is necessary to call a spade a spade and look at such cases soberly and with consistency. If everyone who swore an oath to their country “to serve and protect” begins to share information with everyone for the sake of justice, it will be a complete mess - at best, and at worst - a global undermining of the country's defense.

Something like that.

3. Kingdom (Japan) IMDb 7.40

September 5

The action takes place over 200 years BC in China, scattered into several warring kingdoms. It was during the period from 230 to 221 BC. e. the Qin kingdom took the initiative and reunited the scattered state with each other, taking turns conquering each of the 6 kingdoms existing at that time (with the exception of the Qin kingdom itself, of course).

We have been invited to follow the "process of reunification" of China on behalf of two simple boys, direct participants in the central final battles. Filmed colorfully, interesting (judging by the extremely high IMDb rating) and expensive.

It is not clear why the Japanese got into the history of ancient China. They rarely do it. But they did it excellently. The massive battles made by them look anywhere on the big screen.

4. Goldfinch (USA)

September 12

Someone can tear off their head during a terrorist attack. And to someone - and happiness roll. As, for example, the still completely green Theodore Decker, who appeared at the right time in the right place. Or - unnecessary. Indeed, in the terrorist attack that took place in the Metropolitan Museum, plus everything, his own mother died.

The guy, on the other hand, survived, and as a consolation received from an elderly man a rare ring and a painting by the Dutch artist Karel Fabritius, a former student of Rembrandt himself.

This had a fundamental influence on his further destiny, in which there were a lot of picturesque paintings, clandestinely resold by him right and left.

The film stars such Hollywood stars as Nicole Kidman, Jeffrey Wright and Finn Wolfard, whom we know from the role of Mike Weller in Stranger Things. So, the film is not in vain awaited with impatience, because it was filmed based on the novel by Donna Tartt, for which she snatched the Pulitzer Prize.

By the way, The Goldfinch is not a nickname for the protagonist. This is the name of the painting.

5. Destination: Smile (Canada, Norway, USA) IMDb 5.10

September 12

We hasten to disappoint the venerable public with the fact that this masterpiece has nothing to do with the real "Destination" franchise. The original title of this horror movie is "Polaroid" and it was filmed according to the famous cliche "The Ring".

Only here it is not a cassette that kills, but a rare camera that accidentally fell into the hands of the main character. And now, whoever is captured in one of his photographs, he must definitely die. Tested on several previous unlucky ones.

What is the secret of the devil's camera? We learn from the film. The bewildered USA audience is looking forward to it just because of the name. Abroad, this masterpiece, released under its original name, barely reached 5 out of 10 points.

6. The Secret of the Dragon Seal (USA, China)

September 19

Continuation of the adventures of cartographer Jonathan Green, whose role was played quite well by Jason Fleming, known to us from the movie Lock, Stock, Two Barrels.

If in the first part an inquisitive traveler ran into Viy, then he will have to clash with forces no less powerful, but already in the Asian field. A huge number of shabby but not yet completely faded Hollywood stars took part in the film, including Charles Dance, Jackie Chan, Arnie Schwarzenegger, Rutger Hauer, etc.

With the dubious success of the first part (with a budget of 26 million greenbacks, the film's box office was about 40 million, and the rating on KinoPoisk stuck at 5.6 out of 10), Stepchenko and the new company of producers, nevertheless, decided on the next project, whose budget has now swelled to as much as 50 million. We will follow the box office success with great interest.

7. Zeroville (USA)

September 19

Tragicomedy, directed by James Franco, with himself in the lead role. James is familiar to us from such projects as the series "Deuce", "11.22.63", based on Stephen King and many full-length films.

This time he will play the role of a strange under-autistic Ike Jerome, who has arrived in Hollywood in the hope of making a career in cinema. The action takes place in the 60s, at the peak of the bankruptcy of the most famous film studios of that time. All around are mired in sex, drugs and other "harmful" and "unwanted" habits. So Franco's hero was taken a little wrong.

The slogan would be more suitable for the film not "Sex, cinema and punk-rock", but "I started for health, but finished for peace." And so it happened. Moreover, in the literal sense.

The film is based on the novel by Steve Erickson, which was ranked among the best literary works in 2007 (according to the Los Angeles Times Book Review and Newsweek). So it will be interesting. People are not waiting in vain.

8. Rambo: Last Blood (USA)

September 19

And again Sylvester Stallone, and again "Rambo is alive". But, as we suspect, not for long this time. And the name of the picture itself testifies to this.

Now John will have to fight not for the state, but for purely personal interests. And one of the Mexican drug cartels, whose members so recklessly decided to kidnap the daughter of his good friend, will push him on the path of revenge that they live with him among the vast pastures of Arizona.

It was there that John wanted to live out his remaining years - in silence and wilderness, away from the ghosts of war that haunt him. But even then he could not hide from the shooting range. And his "revenge" will be as terrible as ever. It is unlikely that the cartel understood with whom it was starting a war, and when it did, it was too late.

John Rimbaud was “brainwashed” right after Vietnam, as evidenced by the first film in the franchise, and now, when the end of life is not far off, he has nothing to lose. Therefore, everything will be tough and hot as ever.

9. To the stars (Brazil, USA, China)

September 26

This time, Brad Peet himself, who has never been in space before, will go to the stars, in the literal sense of the word.

He visited the times of ancient Greece, in a parallel cartoon world, participated in the prevention of the zombie apocalypse, fought twice in World War II, was a vampire, a psycho, even tried on a suit of Death itself, but he went into space for the first time.

From the depths of space to Mother Earth, radiation, hitherto unknown to scientists, has reached, which threatens to destroy all living things on our planet. No, this is not radiation or some "otherworldly miasma". It's just that the whole Earth suddenly began to "shake", as if in some incomprehensible convulsions.

More than 15 years ago, the spaceship "Lima" set off from the Earth into the depths of space, the captain of which was the father of the hero Brad Pitt, who experimented with something very, very dangerous. Communication with the ship was interrupted a long time ago. And now the time has come for a second expedition, which will be headed by Roy McBride himself, the son of the famous captain of the "Lima" Clifford McBride. He will have to find the ill-fated Lima, since scientists believe that it is she who is the source of the deadly radiation for all living things.

Space is unpredictable. And it is not at all necessary that nothing dangerous lurks in its endless and transparent emptiness, studded with stars. With this "nothing dangerous" and will meet face to face the hero of Brad Pitt, who got his "Interstellar" in his track record.

10. Hero (USA)

September 26

Another domestic masterpiece on our list. This time it is a crime thriller featuring such stars of USA cinema as Alexander Petrov and Vladimir Mashkov.

The hero of Petrov - Andrey lives quietly for himself in Europe, until suddenly, overnight, some unknown and well-trained types begin to hunt him. His father, who was believed to be dead a long time ago, knowingly warned him about the hunt itself.

Andrey - the guy himself is not a mistake. Sometime in his youth, at the instigation of his father, he was trained in a special school that trains specialists for the Foreign Intelligence Service. And now his skills will be very useful to him.

He and his fighting girlfriend will have to work hard to figure out what kind of third forces are trying to overwhelm him, well, there it is not far to save the world.


That's all with the best films of September. Next month, look forward to the announcement of the best films of October 2019, in which the leading places without any will remain for the films "Joker", "Gemini" and "Terminator: Dark Fate". More on everything in the September issue.

In the meantime, good mood, pleasant trips to the cinema and more cool films and TV shows!

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