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Samsung Galaxy Fold Review - A Revolution We Don't Need?


Almost every year, manufacturers of electronic devices try to surprise users and promise to make another revolution in the world of smartphones. I have to admit, the bold attempts to bring something new to the industry, along with the abandonment of the standard, cloned monoblocks, is only commendable. But after another failure of a novelty, for example, modular smartphones, questions arise: is there a future for "breakthrough" technologies? This issue is especially relevant in light of the recent presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold - the first flexible smartphone in history. In today's review, we will consider the features of the new product and answer the main question - do we need such a smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Specifications

You can get acquainted with the detailed presentation of Samsung Fold in the video below, we summarize all the information known from the smartphone.

Let's start, of course, with the main innovation - displays, of which there are 2 in this device. When folded, we see a standard for smartphones screen with a diagonal of 4.6 inches and a resolution of 1960 ? 840 pixels. AMOLED matrix and high impact resistance in stock. Unless there is no question of any lack of frames, the display takes up 60% of the space of the front model, which makes the smartphone look a bit clumsy. We can assume that this decision was caused by Samsung's attempt to save money on the production of a smartphone and not enter users into states of shock at the already solid price of Samsung Fold, but more on that later.

When unfolded, we have a 7.3-inch seamless and high-contrast display with a resolution of 2152 ? 1536 pixels, which is equal to the standard dimensions of a tablet. For the sake of ergonomics, the Korean manufacturer has developed displays using a new technology, thanks to which they have a record low thickness. At the same time, the thickness of the smartphone itself turned out to be ambiguous: when unfolded, the thickness is 6.9 mm, when folded, it is 17 mm.

Samsung Galaxy Fold review

Continuing the review of Samsung Galaxy Fold, we note that the manufacturer clearly did not want to deprive bloggers and producers of video content, and equipped the device with 6 cameras. The main module of three cameras is located on the back of the phone. However, it should be borne in mind that this model can only be used in "tablet" mode, besides, there are two more cameras available on the front side - 10 and 8 MP. Finally, a 10MP front camera is available when folded.

A new generation processor (which model was not reported) and 12 GB of RAM are responsible for the power of the gadget, which is very useful in connection with one of the main advantages of a smartphone - multitasking. In the expanded state, it is allowed to open three applications at once and work with them in parallel. In addition, I was pleased with the function of "acceptance" of applications. Working in an application on the front screen, for example Google Maps, when you open your smartphone, you can continue working in the "tablet" mode without any delay. In addition, the gadget is equipped with an internal storage of 512 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Fold review

It's hardly worth worrying about the autonomy of the device - the technology of cluster batteries with a total capacity of 4380 mAh is used in the gadget. For the standard version of Samsung Fold, the price starts from $ 1980. It is in the light of the impressive price tag that it is worth starting a conversation about the advisability of buying a revolutionary new product from Samsung.

Do we need Samsung Fold

When a Korean manufacturer presents a luxury device with an initial cost of about 140 thousand rubles and innovative solutions, it is difficult to refrain from criticism. As revolutionary as the phone is, due to its pioneering burden, it is not devoid of controversial solutions that are likely to improve in future models. Of course, if the Galaxy Fold creates a trend for bendable smartphones and the innovations of Koreans will be picked up by the world's gadget manufacturers.

So far, we see 3 main problems of the new product from Samsung:

  • Practicality
  • Design
  • Wear resistance

Let's consider each of them separately.


The device is positioned primarily as a smartphone with tablet elements, but we see a completely different picture. For familiar, even bulky smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has impressive dimensions. At the same time, when folded, just when the device is used as a phone, we have a thickness of almost 2 cm and a surprisingly small display on the front panel, which is expected to be difficult to operate with one hand. In addition, there is a connector of more than 1 cm between the lower edge of the smartphone and the display, which will further complicate the operation of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold review

Perhaps our opinion will sound like the familiar howl of retrogrades, which back in 2011 protested against the impressive dimensions of the Galaxy Note smartphone, but at the moment we perceive the Galaxy Fold as an inconvenient and prohibitively bulky smartphone. However, it does a great job of providing a portable tablet.


We have already gone a long way about the problems of the front panel design in the previous paragraph, so we will focus on the ambiguous design decisions of the display in the unfolded state. Most of all, we are confused by the bangs on the upper right panel of the smartphone. Not to say that it looks ugly in Samsung Fold is to commit a crime against humanity. The bangs are used for a recess under the camera and the feasibility of this solution raises questions. We have good examples of smartphones that managed to avoid such a misunderstanding - OPPO R19 with a camera built into the display, or another variant from the same Chinese manufacturer - OPPO Find X with a pop-up camera.

Samsung Galaxy Fold review

Wear resistance

The fold-out design and flexible screen are probably the most vulnerable parts of a smartphone. Of course, I want to believe in the many years of experience and the positive reputation of Samsung, but it is extremely difficult to ensure the safety of a movable structure during multiple flexion / extension cycles. The manufacturer assures that the technology is designed for at least 100 thousand cycles. But even if you believe in this statement, obtained in test conditions, do not forget about small debris, which, when wearing a Galaxy Fold smartphone in a pocket, will accumulate on the inside and outside of the moving parts and loosen the mechanism.

Users will be able to fully answer the question of whether such a phone is needed on their own after the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, scheduled for April 29 this year. At the moment, our team can say yes. But so far we see nothing more than an interesting concept and a test run of the technology, which in the future may become a new standard among even mid-range phones.

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