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Best Games of Summer 2018


The holiday season is gradually drawing to a close, the trees are donning golden robes, and the weather begins to sting unpleasantly with the first cold weather. Yes, gentlemen, the long-awaited autumn has come. Now is the time to hide in a warm blanket and after work or school take a little rest for high-quality games, which, due to holidays and other reasons, could have been missed in the last 3 months. And in this article we will try to tell you about all the best games of summer 2018.


Opening our selection of summer games is a vampire role-playing project from the French studio Dontnod. The game turned out to be extremely controversial, it did not collect the best reviews, but due to the storyline and even in some way gameplay uniqueness, it is highly discouraged to skip the Vampyr game. Let's start with the merits. The setting of Victorian London, with artsy architecture and foggy streets, perfectly captures the spirit of the mystical and full of mysteries of the town. In terms of visual and audio design, the game is difficult to find fault with, in Vampyr everything works to create a memorable atmosphere.

Both the plot itself and the cinematic videos deserve special praise. It is difficult to break away from the moral torment known to Dr. Jonathan Reed, who, due to tragic circumstances, became a vampire and is trying to decide on a dilemma: indulge his dark essence or continue to heal people. But the primitive combat system, numerous technical flaws and an abundance of annoying gameplay routine interfere with truly enjoying the game, because of which the passage of the game can turn into a real torture. Read more in our Vampyr review.



What happens when recognized masters of the racing genre try to create a dream game and polish the project for 4 years, listening to all the wishes of the fans? The answer is simple - Wreckfest. A game that can become a real outlet for everyone who misses the adrenaline and brutal racing in the style of the immortal FlatOut. Let's dot the "i" right away: Wreckfest does not just imitate FlatOut, this is the same "Flatout", consider it a new part of the famous series, only with a different title and without fun in the spirit of "hit the racer's carcass on a giant target."

The basis of the game is ring and death races, where the winner is required not to crash his car. Wreckfest acts as the best antidepressant and allows you to take out all the aggression accumulated during the day on your rivals, ramming, cutting and crushing their cars to the state of sprats. Unmatched car body deformation animation - included with the game. For fans of the genre, downloading Wreckfest will be the best and, perhaps, the only way to bring back those unforgettable sensations that could be experienced only in FlatOut.


The Banner Saga 3

Another important game event of the past summer was the release of the final part of the epic Scandinavian adventure - The Banner Saga 3. The finale of the saga with fanfare completes the story of the confrontation between race and Varls and people against the creatures of darkness, having made all the elements that were loved in the past releases of The Banner Saga. For all uninitiated people who have not yet had time to get acquainted with the first two parts of the series, it is by no means recommended to play the triquel, otherwise the plot will seem just an abstract mess of incomprehensible names and events.

But it's definitely worth getting to know the trilogy, if only because the game was created by former developers from Bioware who boldly follow their ideals: they develop a serious, turn-based and non-linear RPG without trying to please a casual audience. In The Banner Saga 3, the plot develops in 2 parallel lines - in one we explore the city of Arberrang, in the other, like the hobbits from "The Lord of the Rings" we go into the very heart of evil in an attempt to save the world. The main advantage of The Banner Saga 3 is that the developers were able to smoothly finish all the story arcs and show the consequences of many, even the most insignificant decisions we made in past games.


Dead Cells

Who would have thought, but the pixelated indie game aptly dubbed "Dark Souls from the world of platformers" will be the best game of the summer of 2018 according to game critics. So what is the reason for the success? It is worth starting at least with the gameplay, which transfers all the familiar elements of the Souls-series into a two-dimensional plane. A cruel punishment for every death, a gloomy setting of dark fantasy, checkpoints that evoke memories of bonfires, even a first aid kit that looks almost identical to an estus flask - the object of inspiration for the developers is visible even with a passing glance.

But what do you love Dark Souls for the most? For the most difficult battles, a huge arsenal of weapons and special techniques, as well as a rich bestiary of the most difficult opponents. All of this is more than enough in Dead Cells. Following the precepts of the eminent progenitor, there are countless creatively drawn wickedness in the game, each of which should be approached individually. Non-stop non-stop action with deep and variable combat mechanics already sounds like a good reason to pay attention to the game. Plus, Dead Cells looks nice visually, even with pixel graphics.


Yakuza Kiwami 2

In every game series there is a release that is most praised by fans and becomes an excellent reason to lament "But it was better before!" For Yakuza, this game was Yakuza 2, released in 2006. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is an expensive and lovingly made remake of the cult game. In addition, Kiwami 2 can be called a decent work on the mistakes of the original and it's not just about modernized graphics. For example, the final chapter of the game was improved and an additional chapter was added with the participation of Goro Majima.

Among other changes, it is worth noting the absence of obtrusive and controversial QTE moments and the presence of spectacular intro before hand-to-hand fights. In general, Sega managed to convey the spirit of the original game and meticulously refine almost every gameplay element of Yakuza 2. True, it was not without a fly in the ointment: for some unknown reason, a number of additional quests were cut and almost all licensed tracks were replaced. However, for newcomers to the series, the aforementioned disadvantages should hardly be considered when buying a game.


F1 2018

Rounding out our selection of the best summer games is another racing game, just a completely different one from Wreckfest. In Formula 1, aggressive driving with attempts to roll out your opponent is not held in high esteem, and literally. This is a more aristocratic, neat entertainment that does not tolerate haste. In general, only for connoisseurs of Formula 1, and if you consider yourself to be one of them, follow the TV broadcasts every year and know which tracks will participate this season, then F1 2018 may well become that very game of your dreams.

In the new racing project Codemasters not only meticulously transferred physics of control of cars, the game offers much more - to build your own career in the world of racing "Formula 1". Even such trifles as communication with journalists after each landmark race were conveyed, which allows you to feel like a real rising star of the circuit racing. But if you do not consider yourself to be a Formula 1 fan, it will not be superfluous to try F1 2018 too. Fortunately, the game clearly explains everything to a beginner and has taken over from the GRID series a trick with rewinding time, which greatly facilitates the passage of the route.


In this article, we tried to collect only the best games of the summer of 2018 for PC and consoles, but we must admit that over the past season a huge number of, albeit slightly less quality, but still good games have been released. Read more about them from our selection of the top games in June, July and August.

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