Half-Life: Alyx without VR in the hands of fornits, Konami denies rumors about Silent Hill - game news digest # 4.03. Part two (Topic)

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Half-Life: Alyx without VR in the hands of fornits, Konami denies rumors about Silent Hill - game news digest # 4.03. Part two


Also in the digest: the game museum in the UK may be closed due to the epidemic, the rescue mode in Plague.Inc, a new game from the creators of Mad Max and Just Cause.

Valve is confident that fans will be able to unpin Half-life: Alyx from VR. Also, developers tell why the game had to be shortened

One of Valve veterans, Robin Walker, talked to Polygon, where he said that he has no doubts that players will be able to unpin Half-Life: Alyx from VR and snap to a regular screen and keyboard. However, he is not sure about the quality of this version of the game.

In his opinion, such an HL: A will not evoke the emotions that players would experience if they played in the VR version. However, even so, he does not rule out that in general, such a "traditional" version will still appeal to users.


He believes that players will lose a lot by launching it not in VR, but if it suddenly turns out that they overestimated their ambitions and such Alyx turns out to be no worse, then at least Valve will know about their mistake.

Another Valve employee, Dario Casali, was interviewed by PC Gamer. Where he talked about how the studio solved many of the problems of game design associated with the VR format.

So, one of the problems is the behavior of the players and their impatience during the narrative moments. On a regular "keyboard mouse" and a controller, it's easy to make players stand and do nothing, because only fingers work there. In VR, the whole body is involved, and people do not want to stand in one place and they get bored. Therefore, at such moments, they begin to quote: "suffer garbage." For example, throwing objects, showing different gestures, or looking out the window, distracting from the plot.

When they studied the behavior of the testers, they realized that the player's patience limit is lower than the game requires, so they had to make the plot scenes more interesting, dynamic and shorter.

Long exposure is one of the hallmarks of the Half-Life series. In the first Half-Life it is a train ride through the Black Mesa Science Center, in the second part we walk for a long time in City 17. Initially, Alyx also followed this tradition, and its exposition ranged from an hour to two. In addition, Kasali says there were 35 minutes of staged scenes at the time. But Valve realized that the testers were constantly starting to engage in delusions and distractions.

Such problems were solved by giving gamers interaction with the outside world and, for example, in one of the opening scenes, we are given to draw. We receive the first pistol much earlier than planned.

Konami has denied recent rumors about Silent Hill

Brace yourself, Silent Hill fans, your heart is going to be broken now. Recent rumors of a return for the series in two games, the first from the original creators and the second co-created by Kojima Productions and Sony, have been denied by Konami.

When asked to comment on the rumors from the North American branch of Konami, Rely on Horror received a statement in response that Konami is aware of these rumors and, unfortunately for the fans, they are all untrue.


The resource tried to clarify which rumors Konami refutes, about a remake from Team Silent or about cooperation with Kojima Productions. But the publisher did not respond.

Also in his first response, the publisher's representative replied that Konami is not parting with the franchise, it is just that if it does return, it will not be in the form that is said on the net.

However, Rely on Horror insists that it fully trusts its sources, as they did not fail before. The resource believes that it is the Japanese department that is engaged in the development, and not the American one, so it still hopes for the reliability of the information.

UK Video Game Museum May Close Due to Epidemic

The time has come for the coronavirus news, traditional for the whole world. The National Video Game Museum in Great Britain is now on the verge of closing due to quarantine.

Like many museums like him, he lost funding and visitors. Now the leaders of the museum have called for donations to support it, and interested companies are invited to become its permanent patrons.


In his address, a representative of the museum says that they are proud to provide the existence of one of the most interesting museums in the country. But they have a responsibility to look after the well-being of their employees during a pandemic.

The UK's Video Game Museum opened in 2018 and has enjoyed great popularity. So, last year it was visited by 40 thousand people.

In Plague Inc. there was a new mode of saving mankind during a pandemic

At the root of the game, Plague Inc. lies the mechanics of infecting or killing all mankind with a sore. However, in light of all recent events, the developers have introduced a new mode of saving humanity from a pandemic into the game.

Players will have to resist the spread of the virus, find a cure, develop medicine, and also need to introduce special measures such as quarantine, isolation of patients, searching for a virus.


They have collaborated with WHO experts, epidemiological research organizations, and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network to create this regime.

Also, the studio developer Ndemic Creation made a charitable donation of $ 25,000 to fight the coronavirus. Employees urged everyone who cares to make a donation.

Teaser of a new project from the creators of Mad Max and Just Cause

Avalanche Studios, which have created games with large open worlds like Mad Max, Just Cause and Rage 2, have shown a teaser for their new project. The studio also announced a restructuring.

The Avalanche Studios Group is now composed of the following members: Avalanche Studios [Just Cause and Rage 2], Systemic Reaction [Generation Zero] and Expansive Worlds [theHunter].

Systemic Reaction are the authors of a new game. There are no details yet, but at least the incentive is now selling studio projects. In general, Avalanche Studios Group says that it is currently working on several projects at once.

That was all the big game news this week. Keep calm and play games. And we'll see you next week ... In the next digests ...

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