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Top 60 Best New Year Movies: Part 3


Let's estimate the following. Of all the days off given to us by the state, the 30th and 31st will be spent on preparing for the holiday, and one will be spent on sickness with a hangover. It turns out that we still have 6 whole days left to lie on the couch (the seventh day will again be spent on preparing for the Christmas booze and for the Christmas booze itself). And what to do in the pre-Christmas week, how not to watch films about Christmas?

In preparing the New Year's top, we took into account the roughest and most natural alignment, which implied that you have already watched about half of the films we proposed about New Year and Christmas. It turns out that 30 films are released for the remaining 6 days of rest, that is, 5 films for each day. Considering that you will not like some films by trailers, you will certainly be able to choose a couple of films for every day from our top list. Hence the number 60.

Well, now that we have figured out the number of films in the top, let's continue from the place where we slowed down last time.

41. Real Christmas (2009) 6.8

The product of German filmmakers will tell about the difficult everyday life of an angel who in the last millennia has specialized in instilling new hope in the souls of lost and desperate people.

It is about this, as well as about his experimental subjects, on whom he tests his spell, and the tale will go in this New Year's tape.

42. Christmas Present (1996) 6.7

Not in all cases Schwarzenegger played Terminators and action heroes. Here he is a simple father of the family, who was very guilty before his son. In the pre-New Year routine, he completely forgot to buy him a gift. But what if all the necessary gifts are already sold out, and there are only a limited number of them left in the windows?

Right! You have to fight for them! What do the worthless parents do in this film, who for a whole year had no time to buy gifts for their beloved children ...

43. When Santa Fell to Earth (2011) 6.7

When your life is dull, boring and uninteresting, when everyone around you, even your parents, has absolutely nothing to do with you, because they have their mouths full of worries, only Santa Claus, who has fallen from the sky on your head, will help you. p>

This is exactly what happens to a little boy named Ben, who lives in one of the North American cities. An unintelligible weirdo who fell from somewhere above during a bad weather claims that he is Santa and that no Christmas will happen if he does not get the pulling power in the form of a deer in time and does not get to his North Pole.

And where, I wonder, got to that deer (or team) on which he got here? Anyway, how did he end up here? We will learn about all this from watching a feature film!

44. Joy (2015) 6.7

The plot is based on actual events. The image of Joy is based on the image of Joy Mangano, a woman - an entrepreneur who invented many useful things and, her most important masterpiece of all times and peoples, the self-wringing mop.

No, life was not smooth for Joy. And to truly pull herself together and direct efforts to make her childhood dreams come true, she was able to only sip sorrows and walk half of her life.

But the point is that the woman was able to overcome herself and all the hardships that awaited her around every corner. And finally find the long-awaited success that she deserved.

Looks like a Christmas tale. We don't argue. But if you look closely, magic has nothing to do with it ...

45. Reliving Christmas (2004) 6.7

If a person is successful, and if he has some money, this does not mean at all that along with success and money he has happiness. For example, businessman Drew Latham has money - chickens do not peck. And with happiness, the most real strain. With the girl - he parted. Real friends are only businessmen. Christmas is coming, and he won't even return to his family to celebrate this bright holiday. And all because he has no family left.

But sometimes you want to feel this Christmas spirit again! So I want to be back in the warm circle of friends and relatives who are celebrating Christmas at the Christmas tree ... And the legs by themselves bring our hero to his once father's house, where he, as a kid, met this holiday with his parents.

Now completely different people live in this house. But, was-not-was! Why not cram into their relatives? For at least one Christmas night? And for 250 thousand bucks, the Valko family agrees to temporarily record him among their relatives. If Drew had known in advance what kind of family it was, he would have carried off legs. But, alas, he will have to learn about this much later ...

Hmm. It turns out that Ben Affleck played not only "Daredevil", "Batman" and other cool action heroes. Sometimes he goes down to just helping lost souls to get through difficult moments in life ...

46. Correspondence novel (2005) 6.6

You are a completely normal girl, and, like all normal girls, it seems to you that you look like a not quite normal girl. Therefore, in order to start a correspondence on the network with your friends, you put on your avka instead of your photo, a photo of the girl you consider normal.

You are a completely normal guy, and like all normal guys, it seems to you that you didn't come out with a muzzle. Therefore, for correspondence with your friends on the network, you create an avatar on which the face of a completely different, in your opinion, normal guy flaunts.

And now the moment comes when a girl and a guy corresponded to such an extent that they were ripe for the first date. And how can they decide on it, when they don't even know each other by sight for 13 years of correspondence?

47. I'll be home for Christmas (1998) 6.6

When this statement is present in the title of the film, one of two things becomes clear: either the person who claims this will not be at home by Christmas, or he will be in a hurry and try, but still will not be at home by Christmas, except that the Christmas miracle for him will help.

But Jake Wilkinson will try to be on time. After all, only then will dad give him the coveted Porsche. True, everything is complicated by the fact that a day (or even less) before the appointed "arrival date" he finds himself lying in the middle of the desert in a Santa Claus costume. Now he has a difficult task to get home across the country in a matter of hours.

And, in principle, everything would be fine if on the way everyone did not pester the hapless Santa with their idiotic desires ...

48. Lonely Santa Wants to Meet Mrs. Claus (2004) 6.6

It turns out that Santa Claus has his own family! In general, before that it would not have been difficult to guess for yourself, if you consider that people, even Santa Claus, do not organize themselves out of thin air. Someone also gives birth to them, educates them and teaches them how to become a good Santa Claus.

Where else can Santa's son find a wife for himself, no matter how in America, in a family in which the child desperately needs a new and improved dad, and his mother urgently needs to return the lost faith in miracles ...

49. Christmas Confusion (2013) 6.5

So, you are going to celebrate Christmas with the groom's parents, and it begins. Either the plane did not arrive at the airport when it should have arrived, the luggage was lost, or the phone went out. So how to deal with all this confusion now?

And here the question is not whether Alice will be able to find her luggage. The question is, will anyone in this mess and unfamiliar city find Alice herself?

50. Call Me Santa Claus (2001) 6.4

Whoopi Goldberg's heroine was just looking for the right guy to play Santa. And who knew that her choice would fall on the real Santa Claus?

At this time, Santa Claus, who decided to retire after 200 years of impeccable service, was looking for a worthy successor for himself. And who knew that his choice would fall on a black lady with terrible manners?

You should look at their faces when they learn the whole truth about each other and, in particular, that they are plotting at each other's expense ...

51. Replacing the Princess (2018) 6.4

The idea is not new. A real princess of royal blood is tired of vegetating in the ancestral castle. Well, an ordinary girl does not mind being in the shoes of a princess. And so the Duchess of Montenaro Margaret swaps places with Stacy, an ordinary inhabitant from Chicago.

As it turned out, the duchess will very much like the employee of the commoner Stacy, while Stacy herself will be crazy about the fiance Margaret, whom they tried to impose on her almost by force ...

52. Love the Coopers (2015) 6.3

Charlotte Cooper, the head of the family, wants to make this Christmas unforgettable for the entire Cooper family. And the family is so motley that just hold on. Daughter Eleanor constantly fails with the "selection" of guys and drags a soldier who was accidentally met at the airport to the festival. Sister Emma loves to steal gifts in supermarkets, and Son Henk is a loner, with a young daughter, whose quirk calls everyone a goat. And this is not all "interesting" relatives.

Bring such a company together and get not only an unforgettable, but truly a stunning Christmas!

53. Meet the Santa Claus Family (2005) 6.3

Continuation of the story that began in the film "Lonely Santa wants to meet Mrs. Claus." Here we will talk about the Santa's family, and the action will unfold on the eve of New Christmas, in which Santa's son Nick will have to show himself for the first time in the role of ... Santa.

In this family - Santa drives Santa and Santa. You can get confused!

54. Elf (2003) 6.3

The first and one of a kind case when Santa, while performing his duties, kidnapped a child. But the kid himself was to blame. There was nothing to crawl into the bag of gifts. So they took him to the North Pole. The baby had to be brought up in a friendly family of elves. But the years passed, and the baby grew and grew until it turned out that all the elven lads were breathing into his belt.

The overgrown elf at the North Pole had a hard time. But the time has come to return to the world of ordinary people. And now it will be hard for an overgrown elf in North America ...

55. Journey to the Christmas Star (2012) 6.2

The adventure of the brave little girl Sonya, who is the only one who can find the Christmas star, break the spells that bind the fairy kingdom and save its princess, who disappeared a long time ago.

Enemies, as they say, do not sleep and with all their might will put a spoke in the wheels of our brave heroine. But good, as always, will prevail in the end. That's why it is a Christmas fairy tale!

56. Four Christmases (2008) 6.2

Going to sneak away from relatives and their hated family Christmas somewhere in warm lands, for example, in Fiji, a couple of Kate and Brad gets into that mess. All flights canceled due to heavy fog! A news camera is filming poor passengers stranded at the airport around Christmas, and the couple managed to get caught in her lens.

Relatives on both sides, who saw Brad and Kate on TV, immediately find them and now the couple will have no chance to get out. Instead of one Christmas in Fiji, they now have to attend as many as four family Christmas ...

57. Flight to Santa Claus (2000) 6.2

No one has proven that reindeer can fly. And the eccentric teacher from the local university proved it. In the entire history of the existence of Christmas, no one was able to find a magical settlement at the North Pole, but the teacher did. No one in their life has ever reached the village of Santa Claus, but the teacher did.

What kind of super teacher is there? Watch the movie and find out.

58. Santa Claus Holidays (2000) 6.2

The idiot Santa Claus fell out of the sleigh and crashed onto the hood of a local's car, after which temporary amnesia sent the poor old man on vacation for an indefinite period.

He does not remember who he is, where he came from, or how he got here. And now Christmas will be in jeopardy until the memory of the abnormal and completely traumatized resting Santa will not return.

One of this movie becomes clear. The brains of Santa Claus and an ordinary person are arranged in the same way, since nothing human is alien to him. Even memory loss due to head trauma ...

59. A Murderous Christmas for Harold and Kumar (2011) 6.2

The film is a kind of continuation of the 2004 film "Harold and Kumar Go Ahead", but you can watch it separately. The bad friends met again. And their meeting is overshadowed by the fact that Kumar manages to burn down Harold's father-in-law's superpuper Christmas tree.

There is not much time left before Christmas, and friends rush in search of a new Christmas tree. But finding such a product on Christmas Eve is, as it turned out, an impossible task. Although, if you try hard, everything can be done.

And friends tensed. And they had a lot of adventures on their heads ...

60. Christmas with the Losers (2004) 6.2

The Cranks can finally breathe easy. Their grown-up daughter is away and the long-awaited Christmas day has come when they do not need to set up a Christmas tree for someone, decorate the house, and so on. Instead, they went to the Caribbean, but ...

The neighbors find out about such a blasphemous act and begin to terrorize the Cranks (the costs of living in a small quiet place where everyone knows each other inside and out). But the Cranks do not care until they receive the news that their daughter is going to their house with her boyfriend to celebrate Christmas with her family.

And here the real panic begins. Before Christmas - a few hours. Where to get a Christmas tree? Of course, steal from the neighbor on the right. Where can I get food? In the shop. But there were only empty shelves! Well, then, the neighbors on the right ...

In short, the kipish is complete. Will the Cranks be able to get out of a difficult situation? Well worth a look.

Separate recommendation - Swap places (1983) 7.7

The film is not exactly New Year's, but Dan Aykroyd, dressed in a Santa costume, chewed on the bus a piece of red fish stolen from a corporate buffet table. Moreover, he chewed it along with Santa's beard.

The film is so hilarious that there are no words. Those who have not seen have lost a lot. Eddie Murphy was considered the best of the best comedians at the time.


The list of Christmas movies could go on and on. But since we promised to include only the best pictures in our top, we will not go below the 6.2 mark in KinoPoisk. After all, only in this case can you be sure that you will not be advised to do anything outright.

But these are not all New Year's tops. The next ones, for example, will be dedicated to the best New Year cartoons. In the meantime, all the best to you, great New Year's mood and, as usual, more cool movies and TV shows!

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