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Top 15 Best Western TV Shows in Its Genre


We have the top best Western films, but there is no list of the best series about the Wild West yet. We decided to fill this gap, and in today's release only the best serial films shot in the USA and dedicated to the mess that once reigned in the New World during its mass settlement by immigrants from the Old World and the formation of the United States as a single state will be presented to your attention .

Top Western TV series compiled by KinoPoisk rating. It did not include pictures of the genres "fantasy" and "science fiction", for example, such as "Wild West" or "Enchanted Kingdom", although they can be partly considered Westerns.their topsare dedicated to them. Here we will talk about purely vital film products, without any dragons, witches and other nonsense such as robots and aliens. And we will start, oddly enough, with the oldest franchise on the list ...

1. Zorro (1957 - 1959) 8.26

Zorro is the oldest and purely American avenger hero. Not being endowed with any fantastic superpowers, he, meanwhile, was very well versed in martial arts, was a master of the fencing masters, which gave him the opportunity to hold out at the top of the shows for three seasons.


Of course, this series is not for the younger generation. Rather, it is a product for an older contingent of puppet monsters, godzilas, wood sharks and powdered vampires. Apparently, it is to this generation that the merit of this film's rating is higher than the roof belongs.

But any advanced moviegoer will not be interested in watching this. Now everything that unfolds on the screen in this picture seems not only naive, but also funny. But, one way or another, the rating is a rating, and not to mention this film in our top would be excessive bias.

2. Lonely Dove (1989) 7.87

The protagonists of this television mini-series are a couple of elderly Texas Rangers who, having retired with the rank of captains, are trying with grief to get involved in the quiet life of ordinary people.


And now, when they almost started to succeed, their old acquaintance appears on the horizon, who persuades them to "do business", that is, to collect an enormous herd of cattle and drive them to Montana, so that there, on the spot , arrange the most impressive ranch in terms of population.

But the three of us obviously can't pull off such a thing. That is why there will be helpers, and ill-wishers, and simply bandits who want to get their own pocket out of this case. In general, it is evident that the guys will have a headache. It will be clearly hot, and therefore interesting.

3. Deadwood (2004 - 2006) 7.87

True and partially non-fictional (Ha!), according to the showrunners of the project, the story of what happened during the "Gold Rush" in some local villages and, in particular, in a town called "Deadwood".

And what was happening there, sorry for the expression, damn it! And although the local authorities sanctioned, in fact, the elections and, in particular, the sheriff's elections, there was literally a mess there. Although, if you look closely, in this mess, there are also clearly verified edges along which money scurries back and forth.

In everything, from almshouses, and ending with the sale of places along the river in the mines, complete corruption reigns. In fact, the town is run by several local tycoons, around whom everything revolves here. But the newly elected sheriff in the person of Timothy Olyphant is ready to help ensure that there is at least a visible order in this place.

And everything would be fine, but only disagreements with one of the local gangsters spoil the whole, it would seem, a good picture. And my wife doesn't go for a long time. And a woman, oh, how a hunt ...

The project turned out to be so costly that the management of the HBO television channel decided to close it after the third season, even despite the record high views. Thus, the story ended at nothing, never having reached its logical conclusion.

It was rumored that the actors were allegedly not signed for the shooting of the 4th season, although what prevented them from doing this is a question. Later, it seems, they were going to release a couple of TV films, so that the story would find at least some kind of logical conclusion. But ...

And now, 12 years later, HBO has found the means and strength to keep the promise and finish the unfinished story. Here is a teaser of the film, which is planned to be released on television at the end of May this year.

The good news is that the project management managed to assemble almost the entire initial team of actors. Although, according to HBO program director Casey Blois, this case turned out to be an almost impossible "logistics nightmare", which cost money over the roof.

But we don't care about that, right? The main thing for us is that the plot is not nonsense and the film itself is worthwhile. And the rest is already their problem.

4. Hatfields & McCoys (2012) 7.84

Before the release of this project, no History TV program in the entire history of its existence could boast of any significant victories or even any significant number of views. But the Hefields & McCoys mini-series turned out to be just super successful.

Three one and a half hours and solid, both in terms of the quality of shooting and the acting of the actors, the series of the mini-series was shot so that the noise remained for a long time. It's no joke - 14 million viewers watched this picture live, which was nominated in 16 categories at the 64th Emmy Awards!

The main characters of the picture are William Anderson Hatfield (Kevin Costner) and Randal McCoy (Bill Paxton), the instigators of the quarrel that almost led to the civil war between the states in the end, were once actually friends.

Both fought in the war between the South and the North, but upon returning home, discord began in their relationship. Accidental circumstances, trifles, omissions and worthless grievances began to accumulate like a snowball, turning into such an avalanche that almost sent both ours and yours to the next world. Moreover, until the very end it is not clear what this conflict will culminate in.

In general, anyone who is too lazy to spend 4.5 hours watching a masterpiece is truly sorry.

5. To the West (2005) 7.84

At the beginning of the 19th century, the advance of immigrants from the Old World to the West, deep into the North American continent, became truly total and gained momentum every year. The main character of the series, still young Jacob Wheeler, did not mind going to the West. He set himself the goal of finding the trailblazer Jedi Smith (namely "Jedi", not "Jedi"), who was lost without a trace in his next campaign.


From this everything started and started spinning. There, in the Lakota tribe, he finds his love, which, afterwards, he loses, and which, being sure that her husband is dead, remarries his cousin. Jacob, having survived to all the evil, all this time strenuously searches for his lost family, and now, on you, he finds it on his head. How will things get settled? We must watch.

But that's not all. The expansion of Europeans deep into America is growing, a bloody railway is being built, designed to connect the West and the East into a single state. And all these millstones, coupled with the "gold rush" that has seeped into their edges, brutally grind the mortal Willard family.

The series covers a time span of 50 years and it is very interesting to watch the expansion and development of events in the series.

6. Hell on Wheels (2011-2016) 7.82

The first episode of this series, in which the leading role of the shooter and war veteran Cullen Bohennan was superbly played by Anson Mount, has attracted 4.5 million viewers.

And not casual. The start of the series was very, very impressive. At least the first season did not suffer from absurd deviations. But then everything went somewhere in the direction of drama, and no adventure. In some places, even a soap opera flashed. Therefore, views began to fall, and the rating dropped.

Initially, apparently, the showrunners thought about a couple of seasons about how, by what forces and means and on what background (the extermination of Indian tribes, slave labor of blacks and Chinese, hellish living conditions of workers, etc.) the construction of railways was carried out, designed to connect East and West of the country. Well, in fact, about the competition between which road is built first, Central Pacific or Union Pacific.

But the money-hungry businessmen realized that the people liked the project, and began to stretch it, introducing any dramatic rubbish into the main plot, because of which the series quickly lost fans and began to openly anger. It's no joke, the people have been waiting for a whole year for a continuation of how Bohannon will take revenge, and he is shown the love and other squabbles of minor characters.

But, for one time, the show is pretty cool. In places, of course, the canopy is heating up, but for the sake of the main plot, you can still endure.

7. Yellowstone (2018 - ...) 7.07

We thought for a long time whether it is worth including this film in our top western series and, nevertheless, decided that it was worth it. Although events in it are already developing in our time, but ...

In some secluded corners of North America, people, it turns out, still live in the most that neither is the conditions of the Wild West. They also have a cellular connection, and they do not ride horses, but more and more in jeeps (some even play on turntables), but the relationship between them has remained idiotic. Issues are resolved here as the local authorities want. Everyone is trying to change the laws for themselves, dictating their will both to their people and to those who live in the neighborhood.

It all starts with the fact that the cattle of some farmers moved to the pastures of other farmers. The pasture owner decides to pocket the “prodigal herd” for himself. The hero of Kevin Costner - John Dutton, the head of the family of an extensive ranch, which owned the cattle, decides to take it to his territory in the middle of the night.

As a result of a cattle rescue operation, one of his sons was killed, after which the enmity of neighboring ranchers and Indian tribes living on the reservation moves to a more severe level, and it is a pleasure to watch swara.

8. Forgotten by God (2017) 7.63

A very interesting tape, which tells about the fate of the inhabitants of a mining town, all of whose men died overnight in an explosion at a mine.

Of course, what kind of inhabitants we are talking about. Only women survived here. But they are not going to give up. They choose their power, their sheriff and assistants, and life seems to be getting better. Until Roy Good, a robber who robbed his own gang, raided the town.

The women (fools) sheltered Roy, whom Frank Griffin, the leader of the gang, is looking for everywhere. And it will find, apparently. And what will happen then?

A clash between bandyugans and "wild-western" Amazons is clearly peaking ...

9. Dr. Quinn: The Female Doctor (1993 - 1998) 7.46

This film is more family and melodramatic than adventure. You will hardly find shooting in it. Here more and more about healing, ancient (for us) healing and relationships between people of that time.


The entire movie Dr. Quinn treats sick Colorado Springs. Well, between healing, you can dilute the drama. Just like in "Doctor House", only in the Wild West. But, meanwhile, watching her ordeals, sometimes turning into misadventures, is even more interesting. Moreover, sometimes not only women.

10. Klondike (2014) 7.38

A couple of ambitious young guys save money and arrive in the harsh and cold mines of the Klondike. If anyone does not know - the Klondike is located in Alaska, and on this mountainous, and once ours (oh, Ekaterina, you were wrong!), The peninsula can be very cold.


At first everything seemed so simple. We come, buy a plot, wash some gold - and life is assured. But upon arrival, the guys' ambition, as well as arrogance, was greatly reduced. And not only the harsh natural conditions contributed to this. Here even a shovel is worth fabulous money to rent. As well as booze and grub. Everything is fabulously expensive here.

And if we consider that corruption, dishonest businessmen, banditry flourish here, and human life is not worth a broken penny, then all blissful dreams disappear in an instant.

Well, will the city kids have enough gunpowder in their flasks to withstand hunger, cold and other harsh hardships of the Klondai mines?

11. Longmire (2012 - 2017) 7.20

Another, second in a row, Western from our time. And although the action in it takes place in the modern state of Wyoming, the "wildness" here, as events show, is enough with the head.


We will not go into details, let's just say that this series is a police detective and tells about the sheriff and widower Walt Longmire and his assistant, Vic, who had the fate of raking de ... la on this site of the modern Wild West.

The multi-part film, as usual, is divided into separate series, although there is a common plot core that runs through the entire series.

12. Damnation (2017 - 2018) 6.84

A cruel story about a small town in the state of Iowa, which shows that in the 1930s, civilization did not come to all corners of the United States. Some of the Wild West has eaten like a vile symbiont.

And the economic situation of local farmers, aggravated by the Great Depression, is beginning to make people into real monsters. The prices for their products are artificially lowered by bankers to such scanty proportions that it is simply impossible to live like this anymore.

And at this moment a preacher appears in the town, beginning under the guise of preaching to urge people to revolt. In contrast to him, a second talkative and cunning type comes here, by hook or by crook persuading people to stop rebelling.

Everything would have been quickly resolved, had they come together in a duel fight and shot each other. But instead of this, the once peaceful, and now - hungry and angry at everyone and everything, citizens, are fighting for them.

In addition, later it turns out that these two instigators are also relatives. Well, who will be the first to raise a hand against his brother?

13. Cool Walker (1993 - 2001) 6.83

The third western from our time, which does not need much to advertise. Everyone knows Chuck Norris. And just not for his role in "Game of Death", where he fought with Bruce Lee, but for the TV series about the invincible and invulnerable Texas Ranger, who in 8 episodes and 270 episodes of the series (not counting a couple of full meters) could not put not a single villain in the grave.


From which we can conclude that either the villains in Texas and neighboring Mexico are useless, or Chuck Norris has Kevlar skin, or he, like the mutant Domino in Deadpool 2, has hidden abilities for luck. Only he does not know about them, and takes everything that happens around him at face value.

As we are, however.

14. Son (2017 - 2019) 6.79

Back in the days when Pierce Brosnan was James Bond, people noticed that it would be very suitable for him to appear in westerns. In 2016, this also reached the showrunners of the Son project.


True, it came down only when it turned out that Sam Neal refused the main role, due to family circumstances. But it turned out quite well, and it is not yet known whether the project will be extended for a third season. The start of the second is scheduled for April 24, 2019.

The series tells about the heavy burden of establishing a family cattle breeding business, which fell on the head of the family Eli McCullough and his son Pete. Although, in the third season, the plot will also be extended to the grandson, which suggests that the time period covered in the tape will be equal to three generations, that is, at least 100 years.

And if we consider that the action in the film begins in 1849 (it was then that Eli managed to avoid death at the hands of the Kamanchi), and in the second season, the agenda was already on the rescue of cattle from the hands of bandits in 1915 year, one has to wonder if Brosnan will age to death in Season 3 or not?

15. Rise of Texas (2015) 6.33

If it were not for the hero of Bill Paxton - General Sam Houston, it would still not be known what the map of the United States would look like today. In all likelihood, it could very well be that the state of Texas would now belong to Mexico. As a result - the light would not have seen a heap of westerns, because the lion's share of them was shot about Texas, including, by the way, "Cool Walker" with Chuck Norris.

The mini-series consists of five one and a half hour episodes, each of which, in fact, is a full-fledged feature film. Filmed very soundly, but somehow crumpled and protocol-like, like most of what is filmed by the History channel.

But, we must pay tribute to Rolland Joffe, his actors played quite well for themselves. Anyway, it is definitely worth watching this picture once. At least in order to feel on what thread the republic once held, and later the state, Texas, and how close the United States was to losing it.

This is how it should be, dear. At a time when weak Americans were fighting for life and death for the desolate and barren Texas lands, the USAs were giving away gold-bearing Alaska with might and main. So much for the patriotism of those in power.


Let's say goodbye at this spiteful moment. Next week we will learn about how people survive in the oceans, finding themselves alone on a desert island, but for now, all the best to you! Follow our further news and more good games, movies and TV series for you!

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