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October 2019 Release Calendar


New month - new games. The busiest season in the industry, also known as AAA Fall, begins. Today we'll talk about the new autumn games that will be released in October 2019.


The Darkest Dungeon style proved to be so versatile that it began to be used everywhere. One of the projects similar to it was supposed to be released in September, but it was postponed to October. And this is WARSAW - a game dedicated to the activities of the Polish resistance during the Second World War. We will be improving our base, as well as arranging constant sorties to fight the invader.

When? 2 October; PC

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered


Back in 2009, a sequel to the Ghostbusters trilogy was released in the form of a video game. Breaking stereotypes about movie games, she was very cool and continued the story of the series. We played as a new and silent hunter who joined the classic four. At the beginning of summer, it became known that the game will receive a remaster, and finally, we will be able to return to its warm, renewed arms after 10 years.

When? The 4th of October; PC, PS4, Xone

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Breakpoint is a sequel to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, where a team of ghosts must face the overwhelming forces on the island of Auroa. According to the classics, it will be a service game, with co-op, PVP mode at the start and support for updates for several years to come.

When? The 4th of October; PC, PS4, Xone


Genre hybrid of turn-based strategy and RPG platforming. Playing as Ajna, we must save everything close and dear to her from destruction. Adventures will take place in a vibrant fantasy world. The game has a very colorful picture, decorated in a cartoon style. And the opening was done by the anime studio Trigger.

When? October 8; PC


A game in an open world where we have to make the history of mankind fighting wildlife. So wild that the animals look more like monsters. We have to find our place in this world: complete quests, craft and survive. The world of the game will live its own life, and not revolve around us. At least that's what the developers promise us.

When? October 10; РС

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

The pioneer of cooperative platformers with a focus on teamwork and combination of skills returns with a fourth installment. The third Trine was greeted rather coolly, but in the fourth game the developers promise to bring Amadeus, Pontius and Zoey back into operation [huh, they would have promised something else]. The publications that have played the game praise it, predict a good future and receive the title of the best game in the series. Plus, the bright picture is still full of colors.

When? October 8; PC, PS4, Xone

Deliver Us the Moon

As Kozma said, not a walking simulator, but a new genre. Inheriting the words of a genius, Deliver Us the Moon will talk about how humans went to the moon to find out why the space station stopped its mining operations. We will not travel alone, but in the company of a talkative robot. Also, the game promises a detective story, exploration of the area and a ride on a lunar rover. At the same time, with an emphasis on realistic environments.

Disco Elysium

The game has been in development for over 10 years. Because its creators are perfectionists, confident that they are creating a new genre. You can read in detail about this game in our material. Disco Elysium presents a new take on RPGs and the same character build is very meticulous, where every parameter will be displayed on the gameplay.


So, if your character is aggressive, he will think less with his head and solve problems with force, just not seeing any other way out. We will play as a detective investigating various murders. We will even be able to choose the method of investigation ourselves, and the credo of our hero, from an anarchist with "our own methods" to a law-abiding cop. In short, they promise complete freedom.

When? October 15; PC


Survival horror about the Exclusion Zone will get to Early Access this month. We will go to Chernobyl to look for answers to the questions of our past and will encounter not only the effects of radiation and local creatures, but we will also face psychological horror. To create an adventure as detailed as possible, the developers went to Chernobyl and took photographs of the geometry there. Although the game is not ready yet, it will be possible to play it already during the Early Access stage.

When? October 16; PC



MediEvil is a classic game for the first Playstation that was released in 1998. Now at the end of October we will see her full remake. The game was created from scratch, focusing on the original source. The developers promise us a rethinking, because they have implemented many ideas that the creators of the original game could not do in their time.

In the story, we take control of the knight Sir Montesquieu, who once fell at the hands of the undead army of an evil wizard. Several centuries later, they both rise from the dead to fight again. They note that despite the humorous presentation, the game will be difficult.

When? the 25th of October; PS4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


And here's another rethink, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward is back at the helm, with a team of renowned developers who worked on the first installments of the original Modern Warfare, as well as Uncharted 4 and Titanfall. This is not a remake or a remaster, we will have a game with the same characters that were before, but with a completely different presentation and messages.

Now everything revolves around modern warfare, terrorism and the ability to identify threats. Also, we will have access to characters written off from participants in modern military conflicts, such as Farah - a militia that fights on two fronts at the same time. The story-driven trailer for the game can tell you even more. There's even Captain Price, who doesn't open any doors.

When? the 25th of October; PC, PS4, Xone

The Outer Worlds


On the same day, a possible new masterpiece from Obsidian, also known as the fathers of Fallout New Vegas, will be released. We will travel to a capitalist dystopia, where rich corporations run everything and build the rules of life. We will find ourselves in a world where the biggest fear is not having a job, where everything revolves around salaries and spending. Everyone who played the game at Gmescom notes that this is the same Fallout New Vegas, but only in space. Why should it be bad? Yes, it should not - on the contrary, it's cool. We are waiting for the world of consumption to immerse us to the fullest.

When? the 25th of October; PC, PS4, Xone


If you love to drink, and always shout on the lists that no one will drink you, then you have a direct road to Afterparty, where you need to drink Satan and all his brothers. According to the plot, two teenagers got into Hell and the only way to get out of it is to plump as if not into themselves, drinking every demon on their way.

When? 29th of October; PC

Moons of Madness

And closes the list of games in October Moons of Madness - Lovecraftian horror in space, where the main character of the game faces horrors from another world on Mars. We play as an ordinary technician who receives a distress signal from a nearby station and goes there. According to the classics of the genre, we are waiting for a mixture of reality and fiction of the affected psyche of the protagonist. Let's hope the developers are smart enough to come up with something better than screamers.

When? October 30; PC

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