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Playing Destiny 2 on PC


The war between consoles and computers continues unabated. Game developers are competing for player choice, showing more and more interesting features specific to gameplay across multiple platforms.

Today we'll be discussing the benefits for the Destiny 2 fan who prefers a PC mouse and keyboard over PS4 or Xbox One joysticks.

4k included

Let's start with support for the now fashionable 4K standard. Anticipating outraged screams, let's immediately agree that, technically, Destiny 2 on Sony PS4 Pro is already presented in 4K. But, as they say, there is a nuance.

It's called the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti. The level of clarity and detail of the image, not to mention the natural shadows and animation that players get on a PC, of course, provided that under the "hood" of their car there is good hardware, much better than a 4K console picture.

Having dealt with 4K, let's talk about framerates. Frame rate is an important aspect of Destiny 2 gameplay. On consoles, players will not be able to achieve more than 30 frames per second due to technical limitations imposed by the platform itself. The PC, on the other hand, provides tremendous opportunities that are limited only by your wallet. One has only to shoot once at "aliens" at 60 frames per second, as everything becomes clear at once. and not only at the level of sensations. The gameplay itself becomes more controllable and flexible.

A few words about management

Speaking of manageability. Old-school players, of course, won't trade keyboard and mouse for the soulless plastic of a joystick. Destiny 2 in this sense is quite traditional and is a classic toy of the "shooter" genre. But time does not stand still, and today the gamer reserves the right to choose a "weapon" to his liking. A modern computer is prone to compromise and is ready to work with any joysticks, if their manufacturer took the trouble to supply their products with drivers.

Like any other promoted toy, Destiny 2 supports socialization and communication of players. PC in this sense is also more interesting than consoles. Chat allows players to spend time together, hang out with old acquaintances or, even better, find new brothers in arms.

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Author: Jake Pinkman