Insider # 5.12: analogue of AirPods from OnePlus; battery for Huawei P40; OPPO Smartphone Processors (Topic)

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Insider # 5.12: analogue of AirPods from OnePlus; battery for Huawei P40; OPPO Smartphone Processors


This time the insider compilation will consist of three pieces of information. In the first, we'll talk about OnePlus' plans to create a competitor for AirPods. Then we will discuss Huawei's prospects related to the introduction of graphene technology in the development of batteries for its flagship device. The third block will contain information that has recently come from the ORRO mill. They thought about developing chipsets for the company's needs.

Blogger predicts the creation of another analogue of AirPods

Recently, the market for wireless headphones has been growing. Many manufacturers are trying to capture a share in this segment and get the maximum profit from sales. For this, new products are being developed and ongoing work is underway to improve existing ones.


The competition here is high and tough. Experts predict its further growth.

One of the insider bloggers Max J., known for his analyzes of Samsung products, is convinced of this. All the leaks emanating from him and concerning the activities of this company have always been confirmed. The authority of this specialist has recently grown due to the expansion of the scope of his activities. In particular, this was due to the truthful data about the company OnePlus, which it regularly provides.

Recently on his page in one of the social networks, the blogger announced the development of OnePlus completely wireless headphones, which can be useful in many cases: during workouts, when making calls, to listen to music in a normal setting.


In addition to this information, Max J. did not provide any other details about the new product. It is not yet clear what the design of the product is, whether there are any features. It can be assumed that it is unlikely to have many similarities with AirPods. The history of this brand in this direction is too short.

Most likely, the new OnePlus headphones will be something similar to the product of the Bullets Wireless line. Headphones of this type will almost certainly be equipped with silicone eartips to help them better fit and fit in the ear. Another advantage of this design is the ability to more effectively use the active noise canceling functionality. True, it is not yet clear whether the new gadget of this manufacturer will receive such equipment.

Other insiders have already expressed their opinion on this matter. They believe that the device will replace the currently sold Bullets Wireless 2. This will make some adjustments to the distribution of power in the segment of wireless headphones. The main competitors of OnePlus may lose some of their customers.

They see the main reason for this in the relatively low cost of the accessory. The price tag is $ 90. If it gets active noise cancellation and a number of other tweaks, the price could rise to $ 150-200.

Graphene battery under development for Huawei flagship

Experts say with confidence that the next promising flagship Huawei smartphone will be the P40 model, which will replace the P30 and P30 Pro.


Recently, leaks appeared on the network regarding its technical equipment. Information about the device's battery aroused interest here.

Network sources report that graphene technology will be used in the development of the Huawei P40 battery. It will increase the capacity of the battery without dramatically increasing its size and weight. There is also talk of a possible reduction in charging time.

An unnamed insider said the battery will receive a 5,500mAh battery with 50W fast charging (45 minutes to fully recharge).

The work on the technology of using graphene has been known for a long time. Many manufacturers have similar projects. In 2016, Huawei announced that graphene could help reduce the temperature of batteries in base stations.

It is also known that the list of advantages of such batteries includes a large capacity and a short time required for charging.

In addition, Huawei P40 is predicted to be equipped with a 6.5-inch OLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a dual selfie camera. To do this, the screen will receive holes at the top.

Its main camera Leica will have five sensors with a resolution of 60, 20 and 12 megapixels. In addition, a dedicated macro lens and ToF sensor will appear.

ORRO plans to launch processors

At one of the events dedicated to the announcement of the products of the ORRO company, the head of the enterprise Liu Chang announced his intentions in the future to start developing his own chipsets.

After that, several months passed and insiders began to publish leaks about this. One message made the Chinese manufacturer's competitors wary. It says that a new trademark, OPPO M1, has been registered with the European Union's Intellectual Property Office. It was classified in the category where there are developments related to integrated circuits, semiconductor chips, biochips.

It is also known that OPRO is actively cooperating with well-known chipset brands, including MediaTek and Qualcomm.

The company does not disclose the details of its plans, but it is precisely known about its intention to create a new principle for the production of microcontrollers. It will have to take into account the interests of consumers, not the ambitions of the processor manufacturer.

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