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Pricing question: how much should a smartphone cost?


Let's talk about the pricing policy of flagship device manufacturers and make you wonder how justified the race for a top-end device is.

Price question


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a starting price of $ 929, and this is such a high figure for most buyers that quite reasonable questions arise to the manufacturer: is the price too high? And how much should a modern phone actually cost?

Each new model in the Galaxy line from Samsung costs more than the previous one. At first glance, this seems justified: updated firmware, expanded features, more powerful hardware, etc.

But just a few years ago, the price limit for Samsung smartphones did not exceed $ 200.

Has purchasing power increased several times during this time? Hardly. Apple and Huawei are following the same path, with prices for their flagship models rapidly approaching the $ 1,000 mark.

Why phones are getting more expensive


The increase in the cost of raw materials and labor costs cannot dramatically affect the price of the product. If you were previously satisfied with the performance of a $ 400 smartphone, now a device of the same power will cost significantly more.

Apple plays on the egoism of customers and their desire to be in trend, and therefore for the first two or three months of sales assigns its flagships a clearly inflated price, which then decreases somewhat.

Naturally, the company does not bear any losses, and buyers who were scared off by the initial price end up still coming to the store, only a little later.

The fate of old devices


Many people consider it normal to give the old one to parents or children after buying a new phone. It turns out that teenagers walk the streets with a smartphone in their pocket, the price of which is comparable to the price of a TV or a whole furniture set.

We seem to be telling them: “Take him, he's old and I don't need it. You can throw it out. " What kind of caring for things can we talk about in such a situation?

So how much should a good phone cost?

Unfortunately, there is no exact price limit for the phone. But it's safe to say that in the $ 300 to $ 400 range, there are some great models that you can easily avoid using more expensive devices.

By changing your buying strategy, you will make major manufacturers wonder how much they are driving up product prices.

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Author: Jake Pinkman