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ZTE has released a smartphone in the form of a watch


The Chinese brand has unveiled a ZTE smartphone in an unusual form factor. Instead of the traditional design of the device, the new model Nubia Alpha is presented as a wrist accessory in a slim body. It can be worn on the wrist, while in the growing tradition of modern mobile devices, the ZTE Nubia Alpha has a flexible screen that wraps around the wrist like a bracelet. According to ZTE, the display can withstand over 100,000 transformations.

Smartphone watch does not need to connect to another smartphone to use basic tools, instant messengers, internet and navigation. Key features of the Nubia Alpha firmware are gesture control and voice guidance. The screen uses Multi-touch mode, allowing you to use swipes and simple actions to zoom in or out.

The manufacturer decided to use its own operating system, abandoning common options like Tizen OS. The proprietary OS has specific features, purposefully configured for elongated displays in a flexible form factor.


In contrast to traditional mobile devices of a familiar design, the new Nubia Alpha smartphone in terms of hardware characteristics is more related to the entry-class level. The device with a 4-inch OLED screen is powered by the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset. The smartphone has 1 and 8 GB of RAM and internal memory. Battery capacity - 500 mAh.

The dimensions of the display are provided for the most convenient use (at least, as the development team claims) navigation, video calls and taking selfies. For this, the smartphone has a 5 MP front lens for portrait photos. The camera can also read QR codes.


The simplified basic assembly of the Nubia Alpha contains modules for the wireless standards Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There is no cellular support in this configuration. Additionally, the watch-shaped ZTE Nubia smartphone has a more sophisticated version available, which provides for interaction with GSM, 3G and LTE. The eSIM standard is used to communicate with them.

ZTE's new watch-shaped smartphone can also be used as a sports bracelet, although the classic fitness tracker in this case will have a rather advanced display. The smartphone is protected from moisture. For those who love to keep an eye on their health, the Nubia Alpha features a pedometer, heart rate monitor, calorie tracker, tools for recording physical activity and tracking sleep phases.


Nubia Alpha will initially hit Chinese markets this April. A little later, his debut appearance on the European territory is expected. At the specialized exhibition MWC 2019 (Barcelona), where the smartphone was presented, the cost of the basic assembly in black was 450 euros. A complete set with support for a cellular module is also priced at 550 euros in a black solution. In addition, the smartphone has a top-end version, which was estimated at 650 euros. It supports the eSIM standard, has a golden hue and uses real gold in the design.

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