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Inside # 1.01: frameless Samsung TV; Apple Watch 5; NASA plans


The first edition of the 2020 Insider will highlight several events coming soon. First, let's find out the nuances of the technical equipment of the new Samsung TV. Then we will discuss the upcoming release of a new modification of Apple's smartwatches and NASA's prospects for finding habitable planets.

Frameless TV will be shown at CES 2020

An online source reported that engineers at South Korean manufacturer Samsung have developed a premium TV receiver that has no bezels.


This information was confirmed by the media edition The Elec. According to him, the announcement of the new device will take place in five days during the CES 2020 exhibition in Las Vegas. It is known that it received the approval of the company's management responsible for one of its activities.

One of the company's employees involved in the development, said that no one else in the world has a device of this design. According to him, the new TV received an extreme design. For this, a new approach was taken. The company's specialists have managed to create a frameless design technology that allows the front panel to be tightly fastened to the rest of the device.

This method of production will now be used by Koreans to create all of their high-end TV sets with screen sizes over 65 inches.

Experts and critics have already expressed their views on the new technology. They fear that it will not be able to provide the structural integrity of the entire device. Despite this, Samsung is confident in its development, so from February this year they plan to start mass production of devices based on it.


Not everyone knows that since 2006, the South Korean company has been the world's largest TV manufacturer. Its market share in this segment has long exceeded 20%. If we talk about sales of premium devices, then this figure is 50%.

None of the competitors have even come close to Samsung and will not do so in the foreseeable future.

New Apple Watch 5

Products of the American company Apple enjoy well-deserved success in the world. This also applies to the company's wearable devices. That is why the latest model of the company's smartwatches is very popular among users, as evidenced by the significant market share they occupy.

However, Apple has decided not to stop there. Recently it became known that the Apple Watch Series 5 will receive another modification. Its main difference will be the presence of a red dial.


Data on the development of this gadget was found by insiders in the Yabloko database. There is no exact information yet about whether the novelty will become the sixth series of the company's smart watches or it will be a modification of the fifth. At the moment, everything indicates that the new product will be part of the Apple Watch 5. Its developers hope that the uniqueness of the watch with a red dial will be exactly the factor that will promote it on the market.

Little is known about the nuances of the technical equipment of the device. All specialists are inclined to believe that they will not receive a new processor. It's worth mentioning that Apple doesn't bother about this. The Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch has the same chipset as its previous counterpart. It turns out that the company has not changed the mobile platform of the line for several years.

What is the reason for this position? It is possible that the desire to save money on the introduction of a new platform. Indirectly, this is facilitated by the presence of already good sales.

The latest leaks claim that Apple Watch PRODUCT (RED) will start shipping in the spring. This will strengthen the company's position in the market. Lovers of beauty will appreciate the harmonious colors of this product and the iPhone 11, also sold in red cases.

NASA wants to find an analogue of the Earth using a telescope

Our pages have already told about the plans of Elon Musk, seeking to colonize Mars. The downside of this project is the fact that this space object is not suitable for human settlement. Therefore, scientists are not abandoning their attempts to find a planet that will be habitable. It is believed that there are such in our universe. NASA hopes to find such with the help of a specially designed telescope of the Habitable Exoplanet Observatory project, or HabEx.

Its characteristics are similar to those of the Hubble Space Observatory, but there are some differences. They consist in using a mirror with a larger diameter: 4 meters instead of 2.4 m for its predecessor. In addition, the new telescope received a folding "umbrella", which is designed to fix the dim glow of distant celestial bodies and block the radiation of nearby objects.

With the help of a telescope, they plan to study the nearest planets orbiting stars that look like the Sun. Scientists will look for water or carbon dioxide on them. In parallel with this, they hope to create new maps of planetary systems using photographs created by the device. In addition, some space objects will be studied in the ultraviolet spectrum.

The most interesting thing is that HabEx will travel in space autonomously.


Its start may take place after 2030. The entire project will require at least $ 7 billion. An active search for sponsors and investors is underway.

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